you having trouble figure in life out
today? once we get stopped I’ll help you, man poor guy. I fits, I sits. just making a stop here think we’re just
outside of Bakersfield or just north of Bakersfield California and made a stop
I’ll find out what city this is but what we have here is what appears to be part
of an old column with a historical marker let’s see okay so it says this is
the site of the gossamer Condor flight this plaque at Shafter Airport
commemorates the world’s first man powered flight to complete the Kramer
Circuit August 23rd 1977 the circuit a figure eight around two pylons one half
mile apart was completed in six minutes 22 seconds the plane was designed by dr.
Paul McCready jr. and flown by Brian Allen a cash prize of 50,000 pounds was
awarded by the Royal Aeronautical Society London England
it would be neat if they had an example you could come in and see one of the
peddle planes that took a long time to get one of those pedal planes up in the
air though 1977 was the first one? What’s that funny event they hold somewhere
every year where they build like boxcars that are supposed to fly but of course
don’t and they just go into the water like that you know no those pedal planes
are pretty cool we are gonna stop here and have lunch I
think 81 degrees today probably just looks muggy to y’all but wait it’s been
a while since we’ve hit 80. Sweet! Alright, lets get some lunch. you know the campgrounds and the
national parks and any of the nice places in the woods in California are
fine but I’m absolutely just starting to hate California the only rest stop with
a dump station within 400 miles here I picked 99 instead of i-5 for this dump
station with water completely shut down closed no dump station no water and this
is the first time ever we are actually at a rest stop that does not allow
overnight parking at all that was kind of strange so you can see all the semis
leaving it doesn’t say how long you can stay here but you can’t even overnight
Park at the rest area in California I’m kinda bummed. I think we’re just
we’ll see I’m gonna go we’re gonna talk. see let’s why do you hate RVs so much
California? you’re a joke! Here in Tulare California and I just
checked all the city ordinances, couldn’t find anything
banning RV’s from the city so probably gonna find a truck stop or an open lot
this huge plane off the highway though we’re kind of looking through the fence
here and it’s called Preston’s pride. Will my camera fit through? here haha
yeah but those guns on the front. 4 engine Huge plane acutally. Wow another fighter
jet there as well a lot of airports around this area of California that’s
cool gonna go find a gravel lot and
then we’ll kind of regroup decide what we’re gonna do here all right it’s
getting dark guys but we are parked here in an approved spot got confirmation
from a local and also found this place thanks to free campsites net it is a
gravel lot for RVs and trucks to overnight for one night across the
street from an actual RV park it’s gonna work for the morning gonna get a fresh
start and just cut this video right back in in the morning actually want to point
out that big antenna right in the middle of your screen there up on a pole which
is aimed out that way out east towards Bakersfield you don’t see antennas just
randomly in the middle of a gravel lot so I decided to put my antenna up and
then I rotate it around in the same direction did a channel search of my own
and as you can see inside my RV on my TV getting some free TV there
watching some modern family currently but was shocked I’m getting a hundred
and seventeen free HD over the air channels parked right here
I have never anywhere in the country in any other city gone over a hundred free
channels that’s crazy right? cool. neat. I mean we’re gonna watch some Netflix
actually Angela and I found out that planet Earth the one I liked from nearly
nine years ago there’s a planet earth two with eight episodes now available on
Netflix and it’s fantastic guys you have to check it out if you’re interested in
nature and animals check out Planet Earth too but anyway I
want to cut this video off and get back with you in the morning so check back in
right now and just like that good morning now we may be seeing some rain
and thunder today Angela and I are looking for a place to
eat and nothing screams come eat some awesome barbecue like a freaking plane
restaurant is that cool what? pitties barbecue (copyright music playing – don’t even think about demonetizing me, YouTube) all right stop playing copyright music
there you go you can eat right instead of a plane yeah just starting to rain out there so
we’re gonna eat inside here’s the cockpit of the plane here that’s pretty
unique pretty cool so chicken chili beans and potato salad
Jax – I brought you leftovers yeah actually that’s probably too much for
you let me give you a little bit okay he’s like no I’ll take the whole thing
did the whole thing dad I’ll take it all how’s that? how’s that guy man? “excuse me… I believe there’s a whole plate of that.” It rained the whole way here and
then stopped as soon as I got off the highway this might be a tourist spot but
it says Bravo farms remember I was at one of those somewhere else in
California several weeks ago quirky old stuff also says vintage cheese factory I
think we should go check it out it’s over 80 degrees yesterday interested to
see what the bike looks like underneath the cover like is the freeway dirt and
water getting all over the bike and just caking it inside like the dust of the roads
I don’t know real quick I want to point this out to everybody for RVers
out there that boondock yeah don’t mind the poop right there but what we’re
looking at is this faucet right here guys do not ever drink from this the
water itself may be drinkable and just because it’s green does not mean it’s
safe to drink see that white pipe right there that is an irrigation style pipe
not meant for drinking so the process they have to get that water from there
to there is highly toxic I would be very mindful anytime you see water like that
would not drink it away from the buildings
that’s only meant for like gardening and water and not safe to drink Angela’s
over here all excited she found a fruit stand Wow oranges
whoa popcorn sign says open during construction here so they might be doing
some stuff with the little town Museum whoa it’s got really warm right here all
of a sudden and there’s some signs we’re in Traver California yeah that’s that’s
an old Coke machine there and Wow very old coin operated toy here too
alright, well we’re gonna go check it out this sign says welcome to the second happiest
place on earth see about that… they have this little
outdoor area here outside little gift shop but I’m more interested in this
huge tree house you guys already know I’m going up here
It’s like for hobbits and tiny people we’re is there as right now people have
a sign to their name all throughout the treehouse wow this
goes up really high yeah I gotta say it quirky gotta say it
again quirky right finally made it to the very top you can’t get any higher
than this I’ll peek out the window here a long way down I like it
like what’s this oh hey there guy. I really like the effort they put here
they have a little gun arcade area here this one’s pretty neat cool
and a petting zoo? What’s going on there dude looks like you’re about out
here I can’t help I know but it’s empty did you see I can’t there’s none
I can’t didn’t refill it don’t give me that look I can’t help hay hay is that
pretty good hay? It’s pretty good? okay this is why it’s called a vintage cheese
factory pretty old right now they’re just packaging up some cheese mmm can see something kind of funny from the
highway I’m here at public park I mean really original public park that’s what
it’s called this giant water tower of course that palm tree is gonna block it
hey go walk to the other side here like I got to stand back so you can at least
see the shape of the teapot itself there that’s pretty cool it’s a fun little
city here in Kingsburg the historic Kingsburg jail this way
oh cool. there’s another shot of that teacup kettle thing up there look how the Ivy or whatever you call
this plant runs up the wall it’s cool a funny little mural here outside the jail
making an escape there I like that let’s take a peek Wow look at that big black
rat on the bed back there sorry guys it’s a locked can’t help you
out That Johnny Cash in there? yeah this is the warden’s office in here
they have to put that note that says fire arms are not real so that people
won’t break in that’s that’s sad there’s some old iron keys hanging over
there too. Cool old jail so here’s what we’re gonna do
guys I’m gonna cut this video short and go spend the rest of the afternoon with
Angela and we’re gonna find a place to camp and if you’re new to my channel I
share my travels with Jax and I on the road if I happen to be traveling with
someone else that’s that’s their life they may be in the video if they want to
be or you might not see them for a whole day talking about Angela in case you
don’t know she does have a YouTube channel and an Instagram account she
keeps them updated periodically just for fun not not into it like I am and she’s
not here to be promoted or to be famous by association here she’s just here to
share life on the road with Jax & I, so I’ll put some links in the video
description of her channels if you guys want to subscribe to her youtube or
Instagram otherwise I’ll be back with you guys in a couple days. buh bye.