climb Mount Everest, did you think you could do it all in one location? Well, you can. And I know it sounds crazy, but a new gaming trend is making all those adventure-filled outings possible. And who better to recruit to do this virtual-reality fun than Mark Nillson? Here he has “Let’s Play.” ♪>>Thanks, Janet. I’m here at Krypton VR Lounge in Lincoln Park. They just opened earlier this year. Here you have 40 games to choose from. You can play by yourself, bring some friends. Now, all you need is a pair of goggles, and then you rent a booth, and it’s game on.>>I am into ITM and ITI, and I’m into gaming, and I really like the concept when this company came out. And I thought that why shouldn’t we get virtual-reality gaming into the city?>>That was two years ago. Since the launch, Singh hasn’t looked back. He now has three Krypton VR Lounge locations, including this one in Lincoln Park’s Century Center.>>We have two open booths and three private rooms in this location.>>A booth rents for 45 bucks an hour, the room is $60, and after you get outfitted with a headset, you have your pick of dozens of games, like the kids’ favorite, Fruit Ninja. ♪>>They really feel that they have a sword in their hand, and they keep chopping the fruit. ♪>>I’ve always wanted to climb Mount Everest, and now I can. And guess what? It’s not cold. You don’t have to worry about heights. There’s no yetis. There might be a yeti. Let’s go find out. ♪>>You really feel that you’re holding the ropes, or you’re hiking the mountain.>>It’s a totally safe escape, but the goggles make it feel so real, your adrenaline gets pumping.>>You go on the 60th floor of a building and start walking on a plank. And they’ll really feel the experience that they’re gonna fall down.>>Whoa! [ Laughter ]>>For those with a fear of heights, you may not want to try that one… or this skydiving game called “Rush.” ♪ At Krypton VR Lounge, you’ll never run out of options for a fun outing with friends, even some high-tech father-son bonding time for Jonah and Skip here.>>He amazes me at what he’s good at on the system. Not only, we go out together and we do this, but then at home we’re also, like, coding the game together.>>I was lucky if my dad did a puzzle with me.>>It’s always a lot of fun, and it’s good for group experiences, too. Everyone gets a chance to play and hang out, too.>>You could be able to slow time down, do all different sorts of crazy movements and stuff, and it’s a very enjoyable experience.>>For all the Luke Skywalker wannabes, you can bash some blocks “Star Wars”-style in the game “Beat Saber.”>>So, you’ve got, like, blocks flying at you, and you have to chop them out of the way or duck from them.>>And quite the workout. I’m sweating. I’m not even joking. I am certainly sweating as we speak. ♪