well it’s 3:00 a.m. in the morning and
I’ve just arrived and this city don’t really feel like paying full price for
a hotel for the night so what I’ve done is booked myself in to a capsule , a wee
pod as you might know Japan is famous for it’s capsule hotels. As you might also know
by just looking around here I’m not actually in Japan, I’m in Colombo, Sri Lanka
so we’re gonna find out what a capsule hotel looks like in Colombo. Let’s go have a wee look. Hello Let’s see if this tuk tuk that’s stopping is going to scam me or give me the fair price. Checked on Uber, it should be 200 rupees. Hey how much Colombo 3, Galle Face Road? Galle Face Road? Yeah, how much? Colombo 3? Colombo 3, yeah yeah. This Capsule Hotel, yeah this 380, number 380
you know? Colombo 3?
Ehh, uhh, three-ehhh, four hundred. I checked on Uber. Uber 200 for tuk tuk. Yeah Uber 200, this normal price, right?
Give me Uber price 200, ok? Colombo 3 sir….. 200 yes, 200 ok? 300 200, this Uber price. I wait five minutes for Uber. okay 200, okay thank you I thought I’m gonna go cheap stay here
Getting stalked, 3:30 in the morning, by tuk tuks. Ehh, thought it was going to be a cheap stay here,
but apparently not There’s a bloody casino next door. As long as
I stay out of there it should be a cheap stay. Right, let’s go in, see what’s going on here. 8.8 they’ve
got on Booking.com. Dunno if they’re even open. Bloody better be open. Here we go, just wake the guy up.
Everyone’s sleeping at this time. hi sorry to disturb you at this hour but
I have a reservation yeah yes website was in dollars right? You want me to pay
in rupees right? 3400 okay yeah okay 3400. 1,2,3…. 4 okay I’m whispering right now, because it’s 3:30 a.m. and I don’t know how soound proof these things are,
well, take a wee look around. I’m gonna do a wee 360 you can see what’s going
on here. That’s the door, it’s locked so we are secure and private. so let’s have a wee look around
Reading light, you can change the brightness of the light, which is nice.
same with the mirror. You’ve got the sleep mode there, which just turns everything off.
Place to charger your phone. Headphones, because obviously no speakers on this, I
think respecting people’s right to a quiet night’s sleep and what else, there’s actually
two headphone jacks. I guess, maybe sometimes two people sleeping in one of
these, although it seems of a small . Anyway for this little pod
I paid $19. 19 American dollars or maybe $20 depending on what exchange rate is
right now. They had a more expensive one for $25, it’s about 50 percent
bigger than, that’s as a double room but there’s also one that’s cheaper than this,
about 14 or 15 dollars and it just doesn’t have the TV, so if you really wanted a
cheap night’s sleep. I don’t even think I’ll use the TV, I probably just
wasted five dollars but I’m going to have a wee sleep right now and see how comfy this
is. As you can see my whole body does fit in this pod. If you were any taller than
me though, like I’m 185 centimeters that’s about six feet one or so, if
you’re any taller than me it might be a little bit small, but for me
it’s grand, it’s perfect the bed is nice and comfortable, it’s firm
it’s medium to firm, that’s how I like it after many years weather in Asia and
yeah nothing more say than have a wee sleep
and we’ll see how I rate it in the morning Good morning. How was my night’s sleep? Well let’s
see, I slept for actually this is wrong this is the real time here. I slept for about
six and a half hours, maybe a little bit less, and how did I sleep? Well my back is
feeling a bit stiff and the reason for that is, I just realised this mattress is not
very thick at all, it’s basically like one of those memory foam mattress
toppers rather than an actual mattress so yeah, it’s not brilliant. A couple of
other features I noticed about this pod that I didn’t realise last night, was there is
the alarm clock there, but I cant’t be bothered setting that to the right time so that was
useless and there’s pretty nice air conditioning. It’s not that noisy. Coming
out of here. I found that very comfortable I found the air very comfortable and what
else I’m realising is I feel really parched because I don’t have any water
with me and they didn’t provide you with free water like a hotel does, but not a
big deal, I could have went and bought my own water if I wanted to,
although no food and drink in here No food and drink in here because I
guess they don’t want to clean it properly and something else I realised, I was like
looking under here to see how clean is this and there’s like bloody
fingernails clippings and crumbs and stuff yeah so they don’t even clean the place properly
yeah a couple of observations are it’s A couple of other observations are it’s
definitely not so soundproof you can
hear people coming and going this is just thin plastic basically so it’s
not soundproof at all, and another thing is it’s not lightproof either. If the I turn off
the lights here you can see from the edges light gets through. Only a little
bit of light but your man right here likes it pitch dark to get to sleep.
Wasn’t a problem last night but if I was staying here and there wasn’t a
absolutely knackered as I was last night I it might have given
me a bit of difficulty okay so I just checked out of
that capsule hotel. Didn’t really fancy taking a shower there.
It’s the first time I’ve stayed in something that’s basically a hostel
and I’d literally fancy the idea of the the whole shared shower thing and those
showers in there it was like little cubicles where there
was a toilet and a shower in the same cubical and it smelled like
crap and yeah I’m not gonna take a shower next to where somebody’s just
taken a big dump, so what I’m doing is I’ve got another hotel that I can check in.
It’s supposed to be 2 p.m. check-in. It’s now about 11 a.m. I’m gonna walk up to my
real hotel and see if I can check in. As for the capsule, 8.8 on booking.com I
don’t know if I’d give it eight point eight. I’d probably give it a five to be
honest. Would I stay there again? Aye, maybe if I just wanted like literally five or six
hours sleep to save money on a hotel room. I’ve never stayed in a hostel
before, I guess that is a hostel so I can no longer snobbishly say oh I’ve
never stayed in the hostel before which is good because it’ll make me seem like
less like a snob when I’m talking to people about travel.
yeah I’m not a snob, I just have always had the money to
stay in half-decent hotels and I don’t like sharing bathrooms and stuff like
that so I’ve always went for that but I’m not beyond roughing it a bit. I did take a
rather packed 300 rupee bus ride from the airport to Colombo fort
at like 2 am, just to save a couple of thousand rupees. Here we’re getting stalked again
hello hi no worries mate I’m having a wee walk aye cheers
Anyway that’s my little review of that wee capsule hotel, signing off, see ya. Still getting stalked No, I’m having a wee walk mate. For one, ahh two, ahh one hours
Five dollars. No I don’t need one hour,
I’m just having a wee walk
up the road Where road? Ahh I’m just walking up the road.
Going for a wee walk mate, no worries. OK, so hopefully that’s not gonna be a
feature of staying here. Seeya.