– I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve had a really long week and my skin definitely feels it. So, I’m going to grab
Chantel and Freddie and we’re gonna go on a Ladylike
Worth It skincare adventure. Let’s get some facials. – A dog with two legs. – We’re going on an
adventure. Suit up, let’s go. – Suit up? – [Safiya] Let’s get out of here. – [Chantel And Freddie] Okay. (sign squeaking) – I was thinking that
it’s been a long week, and my face is feeling
a little discouraged, and so I thought it would
be fun to do some facials. – Oh! – So, we’re going on a facial adventure. We’re going to do a cheap facial all the way to an expensive facial. Yes, we’re doing the Steven
Lim classic Worth It episode. I was going to do it in
one day, but turns out that’s really bad for your skin, to do more than one facial in one day. You’re supposed to wait at
least a week in between, so it’s a three week long adventure. (cheering) – When I was a teen, I got
really bad acne like all throughout high school, and so I would go and get facials like every month and it actually helped a lot with my acne. – [Freddie] Actually, I think
the first facial that I did was when we were at
Chantel’s house before. – [Chantel] That was your first one? – [Freddie] Yeah, that was my first one. – You popped your facial cherry! – I did. – I’ve had a few facial treatments done to my face before, but the problem is that a lot facial places
are just so expensive. They’re just really not that affordable, and it’s just like, it’s hard to justify that kind of expense. So, for the cheap version, we’re going to do it to each other. We’re going to DIY it,
so I went to Target, and bought us some fun stuff, and we’re going to give
each other facials today, in the least sexual way possible. (laughing) (intense music) – So, we’re here at
Chantel’s apartment, the spa. Should we all go to the bathroom together? – I have my robe, I can put it on. – You should put your robe on. – [Freddie] So first, we’re gonna go in with the Kale Detox
Deep Cleaning face wash. Now Chantel is going in with the removal. – Steaming’s next, to the stove! We’re going to be steaming our faces, putting our entire face in the water. Ready Chanti? (moaning) Is it too much? Oh, it is hot. Whoa! (laughing) – Wow! – Show us your fresh face. Oh my god! Oh my god! – [Safiya] Alright, so this
is the Pore Refine Deep Detox mask, and it says leave
on for five to 20 minutes, and remove with water. Everything smells so good. – Yeah, which I think is
a key point in a facial. You need stuff to smell good. – Okay, so we’re going to
take Chantel’s mask off just with some water. (moaning and singing) – I know, we need Enya
playing in the back. – [Freddie] Can’t use that. – It’s just Freddie,
hold the candle Freddie. (Freddie humming) She’s doing it. (laughing and singing) Okay, now I’m going to put on
this Cucumber Calming mask, it’s a sheet mask, and we’re
going to leave it on for, as it says, 10 minutes. – This is, yeah, tingles. – But it feels kinda good, right? It’s been kind of a, more of
tingly mask than we expected. – [Freddie] I feel great now. – [Safiya] Now that it’s off? – Yeah, but I still feel
the tingling though. – I still do too. – I feel tight. – [Chantel] Yeah. – Tight! This is our final step. This is a oil free moisturizer. – It’s always so cold. – Look at me. Don’t turn away. I feel like when you have
your friends to do it for you, it’s less lonely than doing it alone. You are kind of, like, getting treated. – [Freddie] I didn’t realize that we were going to be doing so many steps. When you said DIY masks at
home, I thought just like, one sheet mask and done, you know? But we did like the
whole nine which was fun. – What do we do now? We just sit here? – Should we nap? – We could nap. – Yeah, let’s curl up. – Facial number two. We’re going to Face Haus. They’re an express facial place, and they call themself
the “dry bar of facials.” Price point of Face Haus starts at 55, and then you can do little add-ons. Facial fact! Have you guys ever heard
of the vampire facial? – I just know Kim K. did it. – Okay, so the vampire
facial, essentially what it is is that they draw your blood and then they put your own blood that they’ve
drawn back onto your face. Apparently the platelets in your blood will help reduce the signs
of wrinkles and aging. – I am Katie, and we are at
Face Haus in Studio City. We provide express facials. Facials start at $55
and we have $10 add-ons, as well as 20 and 30 dollar add-ons. So we don’t compete with
the higher end spas, we are specifically targeted treatments. There’s not a lot of
fluff with our facials. Fluff is good, but here,
we wanna get you in and get you out, and
take care of your skin. – So tell me a little bit about your skin. – So I have very dry skin. – Well, in that case, I think
we should do the Haus Special. It’s our hydrating, moisturizing,
red carpet glow facial. I would do the Pore Me add-on
so we can do some extractions. – I have a little bit of congested skin. I don’t always have
breakouts, but I very often have just little black and whiteheads. – I think we should do the Face Plant, which we’re gonna use
all organic products. And I’ll customize it to your skin needs. – Awesome. I’m into that. – So growing up, I had really bad acne, but since being an adult,
it’s kind of leveled out. – Okay, so I think we should
do the Haus Special today, and that one you don’t
get any extractions, and we’re just gonna do
a nice, hydrating facial, and it’s gonna really calm the skin down. – Okay, so right now,
I’m gonna do an enzyme on you right now. What enzymes do is they
dissolve the dead skin. And it’s gonna prep your
skin for extractions. This is a pineapple enzyme. Pineapple’s actually a natural fruit acid. Okay, so I’m gonna do extractions now. I’m just gonna put these
goggles over your eyes to protect them from the light. – [Safiya] Is this a good look for me? – [Katie] I think you look beautiful. I’m actually going to do
some high-frequency on you. High-frequency is another
way to kill some bacteria, it’s a little bit deeper. So it is creating a ozone gas, and ozone actually kills bacteria. – Whoa! – You’re gonna feel a little zap. I’m gonna lift it. – Whoa! Whoa!
– This is called sparking. (quiet buzzing, zapping) So I’m gonna put the mask on now. It’s gonna feel a little
cool on your skin. It’s a cocktail mask, it’s a mixture of our clear skin probiotic from Eminence, and then a strawberry rhubarb, and that is great for hydration. So this is gonna feel
really cold on your skin. – Okay. – But what this is good– (squealing) (laughing) This is really good for calming
the skin and inflammation. So you’re gonna feel air and a mist. Just relax, keep your eyes closed. So cold is really good for the skin. – Oh yeah, it is cold. – This feels really nice. – This is like a BB
cream, so it has, like, a moisturizer, your SPF,
and a small amount of tint. So it’s not full coverage, but it’s just like nice evening, and it has 20% zinc oxide in it. – [Facialist] How do you feel? – Like a queen. – Wow! Also I feel like I look like
I’ve just slept for 20 hours. – Wow, I just. – I feel like heaven. – I feel new. – [Freddie] There was a
lot of sensory overload, there was a lot of amazing
smells and things happening. – [Safiya] So much
lavender, I was so pleased. – [Freddie] Chamomile,
pineapple, strawberry rhubarb. I think the cooling globes may
have been my favorite part. – The cooling globes were
probably the most unique part, where I was like, wow, this feels like something good is happening. – My skin still feels,
it doesn’t have that same tingly sensation, but it
just still feels fresh. – Ready for the next one? – [Chantel] Next up! – Well, we have to wait at least one week. – Next week! Cleopatra. – [Safiya] Okay, you guys, Gold Elements has sent us a town car. In fact, I was like, oh
we don’t need a limo. And she was like, no, everyone who gets the Cleopatra facial gets a limo. – The funniest part about it
is that we’re five minutes away from the spa, and we have a town car. Which I’m not mad about.
I’m not complaining. – Okay, well, here we are. – We’re doing it. – It already smells
like a spa in this car. It’s quite luxurious. – [Safiya] It smells amazing. – [Chantel] Who knew we were going to be treated like queens. – Like Cleopatra. – Midnight pampering. I’m into it. – It feels kind of naughty. – Yeah, it does. – So there’s the Cleopatra facial, which is the $750 crazy, crazy. They also have, which I
feel like is a running theme in Worth It episodes, a truffle facial. – It is! – People love truffles. I’m one of those people. (classy, glamorous music) – Hi, welcome to Gold Elements. We’re so happy to have you. Please enjoy our great sushi
and wonderful champagne. Enjoy, enjoy. – My name is Jill Max, I’m the owner of Gold Elements here in Hollywood. Gold Elements has over 50
stores all over the world. We offer luxury skincare cosmetics. Our products have the most
incredible ingredients. Which contains black and white truffles, we call them the Diamonds. Gold, 24 karat of real gold. Today you’re gonna be pampered with the most expensive
facial treatment we have. – [Safiya] Cheers with our sush. – Everyone get your… – Oh I dipped mine. (laughing) – So the Cleopatra treatment starts with a very deep cleanse. (lilting dreamy music) This is the foaming cleanser, also contains 24 karat of gold. We’re cleaning the skin and preparing your skin for absorbing the mask. Now we’re gonna use the steamer, and we’re gonna open the pores. – Feels like a little sauna on my face. – [Jill] The peeling mask is next. It’s also contain 24 karat gold. So this one is actually peeling layers of dry and dead skin. It’ll also get rid of a lot
of blackheads, whiteheads. Cleopatra is actually named
after the Queen of Egypt. Her regiment was using gold daily. We actually took that regiment and we’re using it for our customers. Gold is a very powerful anti-aging, producing your own collagen that will reach the deepest
layer of the carotine level. That’s actually gonna give you the perfect results really fast. (laughing) – Oh my god. So you’re gonna massage it in and it’ll just dissolve into my skin? – Yes. – That’s so wild. – [Facialist] This can replace injection. When you do injections to skin, you have some bruises, you can’t go out, but with such treatment, you know, you can look amazing right after. – Oh wow. I kinda look like a baby. – So our other facial is the truffles. White and black truffles. The truffles are actually
taking care of discoloration. Balancing melanin. Plus it’s
giving you a major lift. This is really gonna lift your skin. This mask will actually get kinda warm. You’re gonna feel your skin burning fat, because the heat is really
kind of shrinking the skin. So after, we’re gonna take off the mask, we’re gonna apply the serum,
and the cream to finish. – [Safiya] Wow! – [Jill] Do you see it? – [Safiya] I do see it, actually. – [Jill] We were talking
a little bit about the scarring of old acne.
– Like acne scars, yeah. – It gets rid of it
permanently and completely. – Wow. – This one’s very special. Magnet mask. The Magnet
contains essential ingredients. Gives a smooth and younger-looking skin. – [Freddie] It does feel like mud, but like, all the smooth parts of mud. I don’t feel any grittiness or debris. – [Jill] With the
magnet, we’re actually… Everything’s going to
jump towards the magnet. We’re pooling a lot of the
dry, dead skin and bacterias, and that’s how we’re
leaving only the ingredients that we want, and getting rid of everything from deep
inside that we don’t want. – [Freddie] So right
now, this is taking out all the bacteria and bad stuff. And leaving the good stuff. – [Jill] Look at her skin! Look at that! It’s amazing. – I still feel a little
bit just like, in a daze. – Yeah, totally. – From all of the things that we were greeted with at the
door, sushi, champagne. I kinda forget about
that after the facial. – [Safiya] I just can’t
believe I was like, literally covered in gold foil. – [Chantel] I’d only ever
enjoyed eating truffles, but I might like them more on my face. – I had little spikes sucked
off my face with a magnet. My face started off a grayish
hue and ended up gold. – The party never stopped. We were given these
luxurious gift bags as well. – I’ve always aspired to play Cleopatra in the Shakespearian tragedy
Antony and Cleopatra, and I think today I got one
step closer to that dream. So for that I am very grateful. So that was fun. – I had a blast. – It was so good. – Oh my god, the best
three weeks of my life. – I know, what a fun month-long adventure. Which one was the most worth it? In my head I was like,
the gold facial is like, an amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You’re only gonna get
covered in gold once, and it’s extremely expensive, but maybe once in your life
you could make it happen. – I mean the sushi was great,
the champagne was great. I really enjoyed Face Haus, I feel like they really got
the gunk out of my pores. – I kind of liked going back to my place and doing it with you guys, you know? Where else are you gonna
get soft, friendly fingers and Freddie’s chants in the back? – [Freddie] We really bonded at home. – I think I honestly had the
most fun at home, for sure. So I feel like they were all
worth it in their own way. – [Freddie And Chantel] Yeah. – Lady tested. – Lady baby-faced. (chill music)