Gustav, I would do i like that, and then put the shirt out. and you take the scarf Tom, I can’t see your socks We’re looking like a boyband today! Yap, I’m a member too! Looking at the plates on the table this is the metaphoric percentage of money distribution in the band. a little a little more very much my plate is still getting prepared in the kitchen! They need to cook some extra pots for Georgs plate! If the beer doesn’t pop, the whole evening is ruined! The sound of Lübzen. I’m NOT nervous at all! You just told us about your “diarrhea-sausage”! I would have loved if it had been a “diarrhea-mouse”! Oha! A “diarrhea-MOUSE” haha! It’s nice that the suit isn’t even more tight after washing! STOP FOLLOWING ME! ONE LAST TIIIIMEEE! *german childrens-performance-song* one last time kids! hot ride! last dance! HAVE A LOT OF FUN! you never saw a beauty walking? I show you how it’s done! today, for the very last time we had an incredible tour I hope you guys enjoyed watching it, and if you like you can subscripe *berlin cheering*