Welcome to New York City. I’m Sarah and
I’m going to be your New York guide. As a local New Yorker I’m going to share all
my insights and tips with you so let’s get started. If you want to take a photo, don’t just
stop where you’re walking right away to take it. I know there’s a lot of
beautiful sights but people will be really annoyed. Instead step to the side
and let them pass, take your photo and nothing will happen and everyone will
love you. That’s it! It’s very simple people! New Yorkers are kind of known to be rude but in reality they’re not. If you have questions on
directions, all you need to do is just ask. They’re so nice! I’m telling you
don’t be afraid to ask. Times Square is a massive tourist trap. Other than taking a
quick photo or seeing a Broadway show, just avoid this area at all cost. If you’re looking for a really good place to eat, I recommend checking out the
reviews on Google Maps with restaurants and cafes, or downloading Yelp. Yelp is
what most New Yorkers use to find cafes, restaurants, bars, or dessert places and
it’s fantastic. Now this is probably the only thing I really hate about New York
and that is that it’s extremely expensive to eat here, to live here, to
pretty much do anything here. So just prepare yourself for that and the prices
you’ll expect to pay for a drink, an alcoholic one, would be between $8
(normally for a beer) sometimes it can be cheaper if it’s happy hour and anything
up to 15 to 20 dollars for a cocktail. It can get really pricey so just prepare
yourself in advance. Restaurants for dinner you’re gonna be paying around
twenty to twenty-five dollars a plate lunch is ten to fifteen dollars a plate,
and breakfast can be around five to ten dollars per plate. So mentally prepare
yourself for those prices. There are cheaper options they can be a little
tricky to find. If you love pizza there are tons of dollar pizza places so that
could be a really good option. Other than that just save save
save when you come visit the city. Be street smart. New York is generally safe
for the most part but there are certain areas that even I don’t go to but in
general you’re fine here just be aware of your surroundings if you have a bag
keep it zipped up and you’re good. New York is a great place and that you’re
gonna love it. Don’t forget to pick up a guide book when
you come here because it will really help you while you’re out exploring. My
favorite is Marco Polo guidebooks I’ve been using these guys all over the world.
They’re great because they come with their own interactive app that has tons
of information on where to explore. They also have suggestions on activities, food
and drink, shopping, entertainment, and really good tips to help you plan your
trip to New York. So pick up a copy of these guys. I can vouch for it I’ve use
them all over the world and they’re so so good. Don’t take any photos with
costume characters. A lot of the time what happens is they’ll come up to you
try to get your photo and then charge you like five to ten dollars just be in the
photo. It’s crazy! Just don’t take photos of them. Make sure you visit the other boroughs when you’re exploring the city. For example, Brooklyn
and Queens are so much fun and there’s so much to do there. My favorite place in
Brooklyn is Williamsburg. This is Astoria and Queens and they have amazing restaurants. My favorite is Queens Comfort right here
it might not look like much on the outside but this place has been covered
by so many TV shows. I love this place because they have really, really unique
combinations of food. For example they’re “down by law” which is what I got right
here, it’s so so so delicious. It has bacon jam, roast chicken, sriracha mayo,
avocado. It’s so good but the other stuff they have here is unbelievable. They have
Captain Crunch crusted tilapia. They got a bacon jam thing. It’s just a
really unique place. It’s been featured on a lot of popular TV shows and this
place is almost impossible to get into on a weekend so if you can I recommend
coming during the weekday when there’s literally no one here. We just had a
delicious meal and now we got the receipt. One thing you have to keep in
mind here is tipping is essential in New York and anywhere in the USA actually.
The reason for this is because waiters don’t get paid a lot of money, so
they heavily rely on tips to pay for their very expensive New York City rent.
This bill was $28 you’re gonna want to tip around 20 percent on that. It’s
gonna be about a $5 tip. Other things that you need a tip on is taxi’s, spa services,
hairdressers, tour guides, you need to tip all of them here it’s pretty
much required. If you need to exchange your money when you come here in the US don’t, under any circumstances, go to these exchange services. They have really terrible rates. Especially in Times Square area or near
hotels. I recommend just going to an ATM and take your money out there
just first check with your bank and see if they have any partnerships with local
US banks because then you could avoid foreign transaction fees. You’ll save a lot of money this way. You finally got to New York and now you want your cell phone to work here. Well, I recommend taking the T Mobile Plan right here. They have an amazing plan. It is $30 for 3 weeks of unlimited data here in the US. All you need to do to prepare for this plan is to call you cell phone provider in your home country. Tell them to temporarily unlock your phone And then you can get a local SIM card when you arrive. And then you can use Google Maps, you can use everything you need to get around the city. It’s the best way to get around New York
so make sure you do that when you’re here. Public restrooms are pretty hard to find
in New York City. Most places won’t let you use their bathroom. What I always
recommend is either find a Starbucks because they’re literally on practically
every street corner or Grand Central has a really good public restroom. It’s clean,
it doesn’t smell, which is a rare find in New York. Just do that. But mainly just go to the
bathroom before you leave your hotel or museum or whatever you’re doing and you’ll
be good to go. Getting around New York can’t be challenging to someone that’s
not from here but there are two main ways to do it. The first way is using a
taxi and you can tell if they’re available, if you look at that taxi
right over there, the numbers are lit up that means it’s
available and if I just go like this with my hand, the guy will actually come
right over here and I can get in the taxi. If the lights are off
that means someone is in the car. The thing about taxi’s though is that their expensive and
sometimes it can take more time using the taxi then using the subway. So
really subway, in my opinion, is better even though kind of smells in New York and
it’s not the cleanest but it’s a more efficient way of traveling so let’s go
check out the subway now and I’ll show you how to buy a MetroCard. One of the really cheap ways to get around in New York
City is actually using our subway system which although it’s not the cleanest in
the world and it doesn’t smell that great it’s a pretty fast way to get
around so I’m going to show you how to buy a MetroCard. The key to knowing this is that you got to do it as fast as you can because New Yorkers
don’t like to wait. Let’s start. Choose your language. If you’re here for a week
I recommend doing – so get a new card – see it’s a $1 fee that applies. It’s kind of
ridiculous but that’s what they do. Get a regular MetroCard. I recommend doing
either nineteen or twenty six dollars and that’s because you can just add more
as you go. I want to go ahead and do $26 and you can do any of these
options. I always like credit card. If you are not from the US make sure to have
your card charged in USD. It will save you money with the foreign transaction
fee. I’m just gonna dip my card here. Hit enter and then just hit okay. It’s
gonna process that payment and then shoot out a MetroCard right here and
then you have your MetroCard. So how you use this MetroCard. Make sure the black strip is face down and facing towards you. Slide it through like this. It will tell you right there. And then you’re in the subway! If you’re looking for cool
things to do, make sure you head over to my website it’s linked below. I’ve done
so many things as a New Yorker and my favorites are on my site. That’s a
wrap everyone. Those are all the things that you should know before visiting New
York. Thank you for watching, subscribe, follow me on Instagram @sarahfunky, and I will see
you next time. you