Welcome to ALUX.com! The place where future billionaires come to get inspired. If you’re not subscribed yet you’re missing out. Hello Aluxers and welcome back! Whether you’re going on vacation, visiting family, or conducting international business, if you’re traveling more than a couple hours away, chances are there will be some air travel involved. Who doesn’t want to escape the realities of daily life by booking a wonderful getaway to spend some time at the beach or doing something exciting? But you have to get past the airport experience first. Airport travel can be such a drag especially during long layovers, but airports are looking for more ways to entertain travelers with unique amenities such as waterfalls, rooftop pools, movie theatres, and theme parks, among many other facilities. The airports we are looking at today boast of having the best facilities in the world for both leisure and business travelers. Believe it or not, the airports on this list will even have you hoping for a flight delay. We’ve compiled an exciting list of the most amazing airports in the world, and I’m thrilled to share it with you, so let’s get started already. Dubai International Airport radiates the same style and opulence as the Dubai we see in movies. It features a modernized Zen Garden that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. In case you feel like you need to take a nap, the airport offers a snooze cube that will make your stay comfortable in addition to the numerous spas located across all terminals that offer services such as massages, mani/pedis and body scrubs. The airport also has a sauna and Jacuzzi in case you’d like to get refreshed. You also have a wide selection of duty-free shops and eateries to choose from. Narita airport boasts of having the world’s first voice-powered airport guide app, making it very
convenient for every passenger. It has over 100 eateries spread across all three terminals with over 150 duty-free shops to feed your shopping appetite. In addition to that, the Raffine place offers massage and reflexology services to passengers at a fee. The Kabuki Gate offers a Kabuki themed gallery and shop that relates the joys of this artform to novices. The airport also offers a sky lounge in Terminal 2 that gives airplane enthusiasts an opportunity to observe planes landing and taking off from the runways. The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport is not only amazing but is also considered the world’s busiest airport. The airport hosts 11 musicians who play every day at different areas. You can hear everything from classical violin music to steel drums. It also features a spa lounge that provides foot and body massages to relax your muscles. The airport has a number of art installations, most notably the flight paths, a 450-foot underground experience that was inspired by Georgia’s forests complete with bird sounds and canopies. It provides a soothing experience as you move from concourse A to concourse B. There are also a wide variety of duty-free shops to indulge travelers who would like to spend some money. Vancouver International Airport in Canada has two aquarium exhibits that are home to marine life native to British Columbia. Each aquarium holds about 30,000 gallons of water and contains up to 5000 species of marine life. This provides a perfect opportunity for travelers to indulge themselves before they take their next flight. The airport also hosts the largest collection of northwest coast native artworks, which are curated by local artists. It also has a spa that gives you duration times for each service provided so that you won’t risk missing your flight. Schiphol airport has Holland Boulevard, which gives transit passengers a good opportunity to sample Dutch culture before they catch their next flight. In addition to that, the world-famous Rijksmuseum has an airport outpost, which offers great insight into 17th-century Dutch paintings. If that’s not enough, there is a library where you can sample a variety of works by Dutch writers translated into over 40 languages. You can also take a tour of the airport behind the scenes and get to see aircraft hangers, fire stations and other places normally closed off to the public. There are also several spas around the airport that offer a variety of services ranging from haircuts and massages to manicures and pedicures. To find out more about the fascinating city where this airport is found, click in the upper right-hand corner to watch our video the 15 things you didn’t know about Amsterdam. KLIA, as it is commonly referred to, boasts of an indoor rainforest, which provides the ambiance of a natural rainforest complete with the steamy humid atmosphere and jungle sounds. The jungle boardwalk takes you through the rainforest complete with a mini-waterfall. The airport also has two movie lounges in both terminals. The lounges have reclined seats, couple couches, and a kid section. There is also a wellness spa called the Thai Odyssey that passengers can walk into for massages and treatments. The airport has over 100 retail shops and 80 eateries where you can sample Malaysian cuisine Zurich Airport, found in Switzerland, is one of the only airports with an in-airport treasure hunt. Travelers with enough transit time can participate in the treasure hunt, which also gives them an opportunity to explore the airport. You could also opt to take a 75-minute bus tour of the airport, which offers an insider’s peek at the airport aprons and the airside center. Zurich Airport has over 60 in-terminal stores and boutiques complete with a number of salons, nail bars and beauty shops. It also has a fitness & wellness center that could offer a relaxing experience before you leave for your flight. Heathrow Airport in the UK is the 6th busiest airport in the world. It is known for how efficient and clean it is despite the high number of passengers passing through it every day. It has chic, modern lounges that provide the perfect relaxing environment for transit passengers. The airport is also known to have the 8th best shopping selection in the world with a wide variety of options from your favorite brand boutiques and shops unique to London. In addition to that, Heathrow is very supportive of local artists and boasts of a collection of works from up and coming British artists. There are a couple of spas available in the airport, and they provide a wide range of services such as massages, manis/pedis, facials and reflexology, all carefully curated to give you the ultimate relaxing experience. Chubu Airport in Japan has an amazing 300 meters long observation deck area that is perfect for airplane enthusiasts as it gives them an opportunity to watch planes land and take-off. It is also an amazing relaxation area for transit passengers as you wait for your next flight. The Grand Raffine Spa is an ideal place for you to relax, unwind and take care of your body. This spa is the only Japanese style hot-spa with a view of aircraft taking off and landing. There is also an indoor garden, the Center Pier Garden, which is on the first and second floor of the airport. This provides the perfect ambiance to relax before you take off. Munich Airport offers quiet work and office spaces for both business and leisure passengers who would like some quiet time before getting up into the air. The airport also offers an 18-hole mini-golf course that is perfect for relaxation. It is the only airport in Germany with a brewery, which provides you the opportunity to sample about 7 local beers. And in case you are looking to spend some loose cash, there is a casino within the airport that provides you with an exciting opportunity to do so. The Munich Airport also hosts occasional surfing competitions. This airport has been dubbed as the most efficient and convenient airport in the world by Skytrax. Once considered the most luxurious airport in the world, Hamad International in Doha, Qatar, offers a spotless, spacious and quiet environment for arriving, departing and transit passengers. Those annoying announcements you hear at the airport are a thing of the past when you get to Hamad International. The only announcements are those of prayer times. There is a gym complete with a 25-meter swimming pool open to all passengers for a fee, which also has a squash court and a golf simulator. There are 20 art installations throughout the airport with the most famous one being the Giant Yellow Teddy Bear found in between the terminals. For first-class passengers, the Al Safwa lounge offers state of the art facilities complete with a private cinema, bedroom, and spa. The Hong Kong International Airport is also considered as one of the busiest airports in the world and is among the most important hubs in Asia. It has the nation’s biggest IMAX theatres, which gives you an opportunity to catch a movie or two before your flight depending on the transit time. Hong Kong International has a 9-hole golf course within the terminal, which gives passengers a perfect activity to pass the time. There are also numerous spa & wellness centers within the airport for you to enjoy massage and other services. And if you’re traveling with kids, check out the children’s T.V. lounge where kids can enjoy themselves and take their minds off the long transit times experienced in airports. The best part about being in Tokyo Haneda International is that you get the best food. You have a unique opportunity to sample the local cuisine without leaving the airport. The best ramen bars in Tokyo; Setagaya & Rokurinsha have outlets in the airport. The Edo Market on the mezzanine floor, which is an imitation of the old town, gives you a unique insight into the history of Hong Kong. There are numerous retail shops throughout the airport together with an open-air observation deck. The Tokyo pop town also offers a wide variety of unique spaces such as the planetarium starry café with over 40 million stars, the only planetarium in an airport. Also considered the cleanest airport in the world, Seoul Incheon International houses a Korean cultural street which is a terminal full of traditional Korean art. The airport also has a museum of Korean culture. There are a multitude of performances that take place throughout the airport such as the walk of the royal family, which is a reenactment of the daily life of royalty in Korea’s historic Choson Kingdom. It provides the perfect opportunity for you and your family to experience Korean culture before you venture out. The prana spa & skincare massage center is the perfect place to unwind and relax. There is also an ice-skating rink, casino and virtual gym for you to enjoy. We’ve reached the top of our list Aluxers. And when it comes to airports around the world, we think you’ll agree this one in Singapore stands out above the rest. Changi Airport holds the largest indoor waterfall, known as the rain vortex, which is such a breathtaking sight. You can admire the waterfall as you walk through the 5-story gardens, including a butterfly garden spread throughout the airport. The entertainment desk offers a variety of activities to keep you occupied before you leave for your next flight. You could choose to soak in a Jacuzzi as you watch planes land and take-off. If you’d like to watch a movie, you could walk into one of the IMAX theatres. The ambiance, the many amenities, the beautiful features, and the wow factor of the waterfall make this the top airport to visit. And there you have it Aluxers, the 15 most amazing airports in the world. Are you ready to book your holiday? Make sure you chose one of these airports for a change and experience different cultures. Now before we wrap this up we’re curious: Let us know in the comments. And, of course, for sticking with us until the end, here’s your bonus: In 2016, the San Francisco Airport put together a ‘wag brigade’ of therapy animals to help lessen the anxiety of airplane passengers. Included in the brigade was America’s first airport therapy pig, LiLou, who greets passengers around the airport wearing a pink tutu and a pilot’s hat. Thank you for spending some time with us Aluxers. Make sure to like and subscribe so you never miss another video. We also handpicked these videos which we recommend you watch next. You can talk to us on all social medias or ask a question on our website ALUX.com! Thank you for being an Aluxer and we’ll see you back tomorrow.