– [Glen] Dome homes have
many structural advantages and have been built around
the world in varied climates. These have proven to be a stable and efficient form of shelter with a natural resistance
to external factors, like earthquakes, high
winds and flowing water. This is Glen and today we are bringing you 15 domes and dome suites
for living and relaxing. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Number 15. – [Glen] Tessa and Dennis, the owners of Natural Spaces domes, after getting married
in the Bear Creek dome decided to build one
like it for themselves. Their dome was built
using environmentally safe and earth-friendly building
principles and materials. They wanted a house that
exuded textural quality, had visual excitement and still
had warmth and livability. This is a 46-foot, eight-inch
diameter geodesic dome covered in copper-colored
Reinke aluminum shakes. If you would like to
see step-by-step photos on how the home was built, you can check out the
link in the description. – [Narrator] Number 14. – [Glen] Designer Patrick Marsili proposed a revolutionary solar structure
for DomeSpace by Solaleya. A dome house that can resist
winds up to 150 miles per hour and could also withstand an earthquake up to eight on the Richter scale. Erected over an elastomeric belt and raised off the ground
on a concrete pedestal that is solidly anchored
to a steel ring gear, there is no contact with the ground and these are ideal for lands that are typically harder
to develop and build on. These are built with 100%
ecologically certified wood that has no harmful
chemicals, large bay windows, a central chimney that disperses heat evenly throughout the home
and no penetrating humidity. There are three models
including the Harmonic, the Eclosion and the Transit,
all in wide ranging sizes. – [Narrator] Number 13. – [Glen] Located in the
heart of the Swiss Alps, the Whitepod Eco-Luxury
Hotel opened in 2004 and it aims to prove that
environmental preservation and hospitality can coexist to create a positive, unique
and quality experience. Whitepod has limited motorized
transport to the camp, controls the use of water and energy, recycles all waste that is created and all pods are heated by a pellet stove. In the lodge you can enjoy
skiing, local cuisine, a quiet walk in nature and
many other local activities. Family pods include a large king-size bed, two children beds on the
mezzanine, a large terrace and a bathroom with a shower and toilet. – [Narrator] Number 12. – [Glen] Dome of Visions in Gothenburg is a cooperation project between NCC, the owner of the building and the concept, Chalmers, Volvo Group and
Lindemann Science Park. The building was previously
located in Stockholm from 2015 until 2017 and
is now in Gothenburg. The architect, Kristoffer Tejlgaard, was inspired by architect
Buckminster Fuller who had far-reaching plans to build the central parts
of Manhattan in New York City under a dome in the 1960s. This is made of transparent
plastic and wood with a height of approximately 33 feet and a diameter of more than 65 feet. The interior building behind the shell was designed by Stefania Dinea, a master student at the
KTH architecture school and her minecraft inspired house got first prize in the
architectural competition. – [Narrator] Number 11. – [Glen] The Pearl, a
passive solar structure is designed by David Fanchon
and has numerous advantages. The roof shape along with the
use of thick wooden arches gives the structure resistance against high winds and earthquakes, was designed with both the sun’s daily and year-round course in mind, takes advantage of the
sun’s benefits when needed and protects it from the
sun’s heat when necessary. Large bay windows in
the front of the house take full advantage of the
sun’s heat in the winter while the adaptive roof
will keep the inside cooler during the hotter summer months. Inclining solar panels help to
provide shade when necessary, maximize solar energy and make the structure
more energy efficient. – [Narrator] Number 10. – [Glen] Custom geodesic
dwell domes by Pacific Domes can hold snow, wind and
rain with insulation, wood stove and climate control options, making them a perfect
shelter for all seasons. The geodesic dome is used by environmentally-conscious homeowners, eco resorts, retreats
and many yoga studios. Depending on the size of the dome you can create a place of
meditation or build a classroom while utilizing the subtle vibrations within the architecture of the dome to complement the philosophy
of spiritual harmony and physical well-being. – [Narrator] Number nine. – [Glen] Natural Spaces Domes MinneDome is the dome answer to tiny houses. The cost of the basic mini
dome kit is just under $20,000 but to build a complete dome and shell kit it will run you between 60 and $75,000. – [Narrator] Number eight. – [Glen] Biodomes, a company
based in Carei, Romania, can build geodesic dome homes
anywhere in the European union or outside the EU
depending on the project. Biodomes designs and creates
custom, one-of-a-kind, glass, metal and concrete geodesic domes. Their brand-new patented technology offers the highest quality dome homes from both the aesthetic and
structural point of view. – [Narrator] Number seven. – [Glen] EconOdome offers custom prefab building frame kits of assorted designs, new round and dome home technology and they do the computing and precision compound cutting for you. The standard phase for dome design may be fitted with arched trim boards above the doors and windows. This design’s accent trim
also acts as a reign canal to control rainwater flowing
over the surface of the dome. The phase three dome is a home kit with larger and fewer triangles. This frame kit is more
complicated, difficult to complete and do the necessary
extensions at the perimeter for doors and windows, it involves more on-site custom work. – [Narrator] Number six. – [Glen] Located on the
slopes of Olmoti volcano in a mountain forest, the
Highlands Camp in Tanzania consists of eight dome suites. Visitors can drive through
the conservation area which is home to buffalo,
zebra, elephants and leopards. Visitors can climb the Omolti volcano or descend into the
Ngorongoro Crater from camp. Each suite comes with a king-size bed, luxurious bathroom with
hot water and flush toilets and huge bay windows
overlooking the Serengeti. The eco-friendly camp
collects rainwater off tents and employs a full solar plant to minimize its ecological footprint. The geodesic domes are also efficient because their spherical shape results in more even airflow
and less surface area to make them less
susceptible to cold or heat. – [Narrator] Number five. – [Glen] DomeGaia is a
workshop where you can learn how to build your own,
structurally-reinforced, eco-elegant, high-quality
low-cost, AirCrete dome home with your own hands from scratch. During a level one 10-day workshop you will meet new people
from around the world while learning the fine art
of AirCrete architecture. These workshops usually
include time for music, dancing and exploring local attractions. You’ll learn how to use unique equipment to make and mass-produce AirCrete blocks, build forms for round windows and arches, use a compass to construct a dome and how to wrap your dome with a super-strong
earthquake-safe outer shell. – [Narrator] Number four. – [Glen] A Norwegian
family has built a dome made of toughened glass and aluminum around their off-grid house which is made entirely from a cob which is a mixture of sand, clay and straw in the Arctic Circle. Located on Sandhornoya
island North Norway, the 25-foot high dome has
a diameter of 50 feet, is made up of 360 glass panels and shields the entire
house allowing the family to grow their own fruit
and vegetables inside. They then built a water treatment system where all the water
used circulates in tanks and is pumped out into the greenhouse where plants clean the water
and take nutrients from it. Benjamin and Ingrid adopted Hjertefolger which means heart followers
as their family name and spent $435,000
constructing their dream home. – [Narrator] Number three. – [Glen] Completed in 2012, the Peoples Meeting Dome was designed by Danish architects Kristoffer
Tejlgaard and Benny Jepsen. It was intended to be a gathering space for the Peoples Meeting
on the future of housing in Bornholm, Denmark. By splitting the shape of the dome they created niches at the entrances that were oriented toward
the access to the site providing the framework for
the various internal functions and indirect lighting. All the wood used for the
interior, facade and flooring is local-grown Douglas pine. – [Narrator] Number two. – [Glen] Built by Mark and Valerie Sigler the Dome of a Home is located
on Pensacola Beach, Florida, and is an incredible monument of dome design and construction. This is 6,000 square feet and
provides spectacular views of the Gulf of Mexico
and Santa Rosa Sound. The home features advanced construction and design techniques to help defend against the forces of nature. Since the house was built it
has been through two hurricanes and a tropical storm and
has survived each one. – [Narrator] Number one. – [Glen] AURA frameless domes
are made by Viking Domes. They’re made of
polycarbonate hexagon panels that are connected by tiny screws, are 100% transparent and UV resistant. These will hold up to any kind of weather including rain, wind and snow. This frameless dome has glass doors with locks made of tempered glass, is well ventilated with
tiny gaps between plates allowing it to breathe
without letting in water and this will remain stable in high winds. (upbeat rock music) – Hey, guys this is Cassie. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments below what you found to be the
most interesting and why. Also, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to hit the bell notification next to the subscribe button to stay up to date with
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