– [Glen] Are you looking
to connect with nature? With today’s impressive collection, you can find yourself
camping like an explorer or a bonafide hippy or glamping like the Duke or Duchess of England. I’m Glenn and in this video,
I’m going to share with you some traditional, unique
and glamorous tents that will make you feel
at one with nature. (bright music) – [Announcer] Number 15. – [Glen] The Generation 3 Expedition is quite the vehicle Transformer
and you shouldn’t feel ashamed giving it an esteemed
name like Optimus Prime, although it won’t become a walking robot. With its lightweight aluminum construction and waterproof UV resistant material, it’s sure to keep you sheltered. The tough exterior is
capable of carrying gear like a mountain bike,
kayak or camping table. It opens and closes with ease and within a few short minutes. You’ll get some quality shuteye with its high density foam mattress. Its three entryways with bug nets give you a nice spectrum
of the outside world. There are even some handy
dandy storage pockets and USB and plugin points. Check the descriptions
box below for pricing and additional information for this tent and others in this video. (bright music) – [Announcer] Number 14. – [Glen] You can actually
utilize your truckbed as a bed with this tent, who woulda thought? Its clamp-on rail and
strong steel tube design keep your camping quarters in place. The five foot ceiling
gives it a spacious vibe with its five windows and covered entry. Two gear pockets are
available and another window gives you access to the cab. Its cotton duck canvas keeps you guarded from nature’s crazy weather and from bugs. In the Kodiak Canvas, you
get to acquaint yourself with nature without
having to be on the ground with the creepy crawlers. (bright music) – [Announcer] Number 13. – [Glen] If you don’t
mind X marking the spot of your camping site, then
the Crazy X may be for you. A unique design makes for a
playful atmosphere of four. You can crawl to the center to conspire with your rebel friends and search for the constellations
with the top’s mesh cover. The tent’s colorful camouflage
color makes it easy to spot. It’s easily compacted and ultralight, so don’t worry about breaking your back. (bright music) – [Announcer] Number 12. – [Glen] Do you like traditional camping without all the extra frou-frou and glam? This ultralight Zpacks
Duplex Tent does the trick providing you with all the essentials like a DFC material that
is durable and waterproof. It can accommodate two people,
has four doors and two full vestibules that give you a
healthy amount of storage space. If you find that you need more
space for your knickknacks, there’s two mesh pockets
just for the occasion. Setup anywhere on your
journey and rest easier with its bathtub flooring
and superior ventilation. (bright music) – [Announcer] Number 11. – [Glen] Let’s hear it for
all the North Face fans. Even the US Marine Corps
use North Face shelters so the quality is legit. Room for six people and 80 inches tall, the Wawona 6 allows you
to stretch your limbs. Its color-coded design
makes for a smooth pitch. This home away from home
comes with three doors, two windows, a vestibule and porch area. There’s room for all your gadgets inside with its 10 pockets. When you want to continue
the party after dark, utilize the Velcro lantern loop. Its large windows make
sure to keep your views of nature intact while
creating an easy airflow. (bright music) – [Announcer] Number 10. – [Glen] If elves were
real, it could be imagined that they’d camp out in the forest in this teepee designed construction. The Nordisk Alfheim had its name inspired from the Norse mythology
tale, Home of the Light Elves. It’s a simple one-pole
setup capable of holding up to eight people, you could
have a merry party in nature. You’re able to adjust the
rooftop from the inside making sure to have optimal ventilation or a clear stargazing experience. Tailored cabins are also
an available option, if you’d like a bit more privacy, or just a break from the
attentions of your tribe. (bright music) – [Announcer] Number nine. – [Glen] This one-touch tent was designed for a specific mission, being
for smelt fishing on ice. If you’re unfamiliar, smelts
are generally small fish with great health benefits to them. There’s enough room for a party of four in this tent’s bright interior. Its four doors give you
a sense of independence so you can throw your
pole into the icy depths whenever you’re ready. The circular submarine
windows give character and the ventilation window is completely adjustable on the inside. Its polyester material keeps
you dry in wet conditions and the steel frame helps it put up a fierce fight in high winds. (bright music) – [Announcer] Number eight. – [Glen] Whether you’re a lone
wolf or traveling in a pack through the forest, this
tent gives you versatility. The RhinoWolf 2.0 is wicked
cool with its builtin mattress and sleeping bag
and ability to connect with other RhinoWolfs. You can even linkup your sleeping bag with your favorite snuggle buddy. Only weighing 5.5 pounds,
it makes for light baggage, but it does not skimp on durability, being created with some of
the most hardcore materials out there to protect
you from the elements. Its seven foot long body also
comes with three color choices and two attachable flaps
for whatever baggage you don’t want in your personal bubble. (bright music) – [Announcer] Number seven. – [Glen] For you bohemian
souls that find a quick five minute setup appealing,
this trailer tent is ideal. This popup contraption is
capable of sleeping four coming with a slatted bed
and quilted mattress cover. There’s room to stash away
luggage under the bed. You’ll be able to keep
yourself immersed in nature with the Raclet Solena’s
large round windows or the optional awning
for a zen patio space. The lockable fiberglass lid
keeps your mobile tent secure as you wheel off to
conquer the next campsite. (bright music) – [Announcer] Number six. – [Glen] Move up a little
closer with the squirrels and the birds in the Mantis Hammock Tent. It can hold up to 500 pounds with its ultralight fabric configuration. Hiking is made easier with
it being a light carry and with its minimal impact design, you can worry less about disrupting the trees that elevate you. The mesh canopy ensures that
you’re protected from bugs and that you get a full view
of the starry Milky Way. If waking up feeling
rejuvenated without a stiff back sounds good, then hammock
sleeping is meant for you. Not to mention, it makes for
quite an adaptable campsite. (bright music) – [Announcer] Number five. – [Glen] This is a straw
hat and mimosa kind of upscale glamping experience. With its 12 x 18 foot space
and high 10 foot ceilings, you get a roomy design
that includes a king size foam mattress, dresser, couch and ottoman, outdoor chairs and more. The covered patio makes
for an elegant space to sip on your favorite beverage while enjoying the serenity of nature. Its five windows keep an open design and allow for the sweet
smells of nature to flow in. Delivery and installation even come with this topnotch luxury canopy. (bright music) – [Announcer] Number four. – [Glen] Bring your
whole circus of friends and glamp in a festive
way with the Luna Bell. It’s able to house six
adults with room to spare. And with the help of your party members, can assemble within 15 minutes. You don’t have to worry
about Mother Nature stopping the party either, with its
ability to withstand strong winds and its canvas being treated with UV, mildew, rot and water repellent. Its three air vents and
mesh windows and doors keep a good internal ventilation flow. The Luna Bell’s high walls
make it so you can jump around or if you’re feeling brave and
wanna test out the sturdiness of the center pole, show
off some gymnast moves. (bright music) – [Announcer] Number three. – [Glen] Exactly what it sounds
like, this is an indoor tent made to conserve heat or
just an introvert’s hideaway. However you wanna see it, its
polyester and cotton material are designed to trap
heat so that you can save on those winter bills, but you still get proper ventilation with the mesh top. The Room-In-Room goes the extra mile giving you a laptop and phone stand, which are both adjustable to the user. This is a great option as
well if you wanna share the same sleeping quarters with a roommate and want a little extra privacy. You’re kind of a hero in the winter too, helping the environment by
turning the thermostat lower and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. (bright music) – [Announcer] Number two. – [Glen] Matching diverse needs and being a lightweight pack-on, the Nemo
Dragonfly 2 has you equipped for your next camping conquest. Good for two people or a six foot giant, it’s an easy to follow setup with its webbing and poles being color coded. Its pair of light
diffusing pockets make it so that you can have a nice read before heading off into dreamland. The two-tone black and white mesh top are a wonderful way to adjust
your stargazing interaction. If you need extra
headroom, storage for gear or a vestibule area, then fear not for such needs are met
in this Nemo Dragonfly 2. (bright music) – [Announcer] Number one. – [Glen] If you were ever
a fan of pop-up books, or if you’re just a fan of your vehicle carrying the weight of your trip, then you’ll be a fan of the X-Cover. You can put more energy
into your adventure and less with camp setup,
being able to fold up and away within three minutes. When away, you can add
your favorite equipment with the crossbars on top of the shell. Roomy enough for four
people, it comes with a king size mattress and the ability to add an additional room or awning. Its shell is breathable, but
helps you where it counts when it comes to wet weather. Large windows are apparent with one being specific to watching the
stars blossom overnight. Screw the heavy hauling with this tent and get yourself kicking back
and playing with the elements. (bright music) Whether you have a modest
or posh camping style, there’s a tent to suit your personality. Let me know in the comments below which tent you’re favoring. You can find pricing and more details in the descriptions box down below. Thanks for watching, see
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