Well you’re finally on that long-awaited
vacay, and the only thing on your brain is fun (and food if you’re like me!). But what
you’re forgetting is that you’re a prime target for thieves, who love to hit that cozy
hotel room you’ve settled in! So how can you outsmart the bad guys and keep your stuff
safe? – First of all, leave your prized possessions
at home! I’m sure you have an important something you don’t wanna part with, but,
hey, do you really need that pair of diamond earrings or fancy watch on a beach vacation?
And how exactly are you planning to use your pricey laptop on a sightseeing tour? If you
don’t need it, leave it at home and only pack the essentials. – Make use of that safe! Even if you’ve
decided to leave your precious things at home, you still probably have your passport, cash,
and debit or credit cards with you (none of which you wanna take with you if, say, you’re
at the beach!). Luckily, most hotel rooms have a safe where you can store your valuables.
Even if you have to pay for this service, it’s usually worth the money.
Just don’t assume that in-room safes are foolproof. The thing is that almost all hotels
have an emergency way to open them, be it a master code or a master key. And, yes, those
things can fall into the wrong hands! Also, most hotels warn that they’re not responsible
for any theft that occurs in the room, even things stolen from the personal safe! (Yeah,
the nerve!) Luckily, there’s one exception. If you leave your belongings in the safe behind
the front desk, it will be the hotel’s responsibility should something go missing. – Use a lock for your electronics. Let’s
say you’ve decided to lug that laptop with you. Maybe your job requires you to take work
with you on vacation. (Ew, no thanks!) Anyway, most laptops can be secured with a laptop
cable lock. Just attach it to something immobile like a piece of furniture or a radiator. Then,
you can even leave your computer lying on the desk in your hotel room! Although, I still
wouldn’t be that bold… – Ask for a room on a higher floor. It may
not always be possible to choose a room when you check into a hotel, but if it is, go for
the third floor and above. By all means, try to avoid a first-floor room, especially if
it doesn’t face the hotel’s parking lot. If first-floor rooms are the only ones available,
it’d better be one that opens to the hotel courtyard or even interior hallway. And no
matter what floor your room is on, keep the windows locked and the curtains closed whenever
you head out. – Keep your room tidy. The problem with leaving
things lying all around the place is that either the cleaning staff or people outside
will see your belongings. But you’re on the 4th floor, so you’re good, right? I
mean, I did just tell you that! Eh, not quite… Don’t underestimate the lengths (or heights!)
thieves these days will go to just to get their hands on some expensive stuff. So always
lock your things and souvenirs away in suitcases, even if you’re just going out for a few
hours. You can also take security luggage cables with you – they’ll let you tie
your bags to some stationary thing. Again, furniture, radiator, take your pick as long
as it doesn’t move! – Make your room look and sound occupied even
when you’re out. You can leave the radio or TV on, and don’t switch the lights off.
Just make sure the noise doesn’t disturb your neighbors – keeping the volume low
but audible is best. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Uh, there are hotels where you
need to insert a key into a slot near the door to make everything work! What then, huh?!”
Well, in this case, ask reception for a spare key! – Make sure you’ve locked the door every time
you leave your room. Hold on now before you call me Captain Obvious. There have been times
when I felt like I pretty much slammed the door closed when heading out, but then (living
by my own advice here!), I checked it only to find that it opened right up! Also, don’t
leave your door open or even slightly ajar if you make a short trip down the hall to,
I don’t know, help some elderly person with their bags or something. It doesn’t take much
time to sneak into a room and grab a cell phone from the table! – Lock up everything you can, not only before
you go out but also when you get ready for bed. By “everything” I mean the room door,
balcony doors, and windows. In a lot of hotels, balconies are right next to each other, and
a thief can easily climb across to get to your room. Don’t leave anything important
out on the balcony for the same reason. And one more thing: when you’re in the room,
use the additional lock at all times. Not just to prevent crime but also to keep other
guests from entering your room when you’re completely unprepared for an unexpected visit.
(Yep, such things DO happen when they make a mistake at the front desk and give a new
visitor the wrong key!) – Keep the “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door
at all times. Obviously, it’ll keep the cleaning staff out of your room. (Hey, unfortunately,
there are those with sticky fingers!) But it also helps prevent someone else from sneaking
into your room while it’s being freshened up. And if you decide to leave it off because
you really need to have your room cleaned, take all your valuables with you or lock them
up securely. However, you should know that the “Do Not Disturb” sign can’t guarantee
the cleaning staff will stay out of your room. To make sure nobody goes in there while you’re
away, call reception and say you don’t want your room cleaned. – Ask for a new set of electronic keys, not
a duplicate, if you’ve lost yours. This way, the lock on your door will get reprogrammed,
so anybody who finds your lost key (or the person who purposely took it!) can’t get
in. And don’t assume that these high-tech doors can’t get “picked” or hacked into.
It does happen, so it’s best to use all the other tips too in case your room gets
broken into. At least the burglar won’t find anything of value if they do get in! – Don’t flaunt your money. No, I’m not talking
about “making it rain” in the hotel lobby. I mean don’t count your cash anywhere in
public. Also, even if you’ve bought something awesome, don’t pull it out of your bag to
show your friends or travel companions. You’re pretty much announcing the fact that you have
disposable money to spend! Get it? – Always be on the alert. If you hear someone
knock on your door saying that they’re from the hotel staff while you haven’t asked for
room service, call the front desk. Open the door only after they confirm the person behind
the door is indeed a hotel employee. Don’t just count on seeing someone in a hotel uniform
when you look through the peephole – you can never be too sure. And if you’re still
suspicious, don’t unlock the security chain when you open the door. It’s not paranoia
– it’s just being careful and alert! Now, just to prove that all these tips can
really make a difference, check this out: about 42% of people who were victim to hotel
theft left their belongings lying around the room; 45% didn’t use the in-room safe; and
almost 30% were bathing, lounging in the room, or sleeping when the theft happened. So, stay
cautious at all times and don’t let the relaxing vacation atmosphere cloud your judgment! Other
than that, have fun out there! How do you protect your things while on vacation?
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