(Trip to the small cities in Canada) (Icewine winery) – It’s a luxurious trip with the helicopter. / – Right. This was unexpected. (Niagara-on-the-Lake) (A quiet and small city by the lake) (A big vineyard near Lake Ontario) (A beautiful village with nature and wine) – It’s real ice. / – Wow, look at that ice. They have an ice room. (Niagara-on-the-Lake) There’s a special place where you can sample wine. – What is it? / – You’ll see. – I’ll see? / – Yeah, you’ll see. Don’t be shocked. I’ve never been to an icewine winery like that. – I’m Dylan. / – Dylan! – Nice to meet you. / – Nice to meet you too. – Already? / – Thank you. Our Vidal Icewine infused into the bottle. (He pops the cork like magic) It’s rose. We used 100% of the grapes from Ontario. Cheers. It smells like champagne. (Hey! Hey!) – What? / – She can’t stop! She likes it. I turn red even after one drink. – So I shouldn’t drink. / – Yeah, you don’t drink. But the wine was so good, I kept drinking. (So delicious that she chugs it down) You don’t need a straw? It’s so good! This is so good! – This is good. / – I like it. (Now it’s time to tour the winery) (Roses at the entrance of the vineyard) Roses. They’re bigger than my fist. There’s a reason why that rose bush is there. Rose bushes are really important to a vineyard. – Oh… / – Because… A rose is susceptible to disease and insects very easily. So if there’s anything wrong with the rose bush… Questions 1 through 17 are English listening. Listen carefully and answer the questions. It really felt like an English exam. Workers know that there’s a risk to the vines and can take action quickly before the grapes are damaged. These are pretty… It’s the Canadian mentality. (He can’t believe he just said that) – The roses are weak… / – Easily. But they plant roses here because the roses are the first to react if there are any pests. So this shows the condition of the vineyard. Workers know that there’s a risk to the vines… The roses are the first to react if there are any pests. And can take action quickly before the grapes are damaged. So this shows the condition of the vineyard. They look very healthy. So the vineyard must be healthy too. So everything here should be healthy. Yeah, that’s right. No pests. Say it in English. Let’s go! Don’t make me speak English. My mind goes blank when I try to speak English. – Grape? / – Yes. It’s growing. – Those are grapes. / – Still babies. I had no idea that wine was famous in Canada before I did research for this trip. I heard that icewine was famous here. Icewine… – It looks like “Frozen.” / – Right? So it keeps freezing and thawing. Wow, I bet it’s delicious. So, for icewine… You drink it with ice in them like iced Americano. So, is icewine cold wine? No, it’s not like that. Icewine can be drank cold. But the best temperature is 7 to 8 degrees. – So that it’s chilled. / – Chilled. All these barrels are filled with wine? A little wine in here? Actually, the equivalent of 300 bottles of wine in each. Wow, there is wine in these barrels. We have to wear this. – Isn’t this a Canadian brand? / – Yeah. You have to put on a coat to try the wine. Is this a gift? In a way. Because you’re going to want to be wearing that. We’re going into our 10 below icewine lounge. And it is -10℃ in there. – Ice room? / – Yeah, an ice room. It’s -10℃ in there. You have to wear one then. Wow, this is crazy. So this is why you said this was special. -10℃ since it’s icewine. (Where will they taste icewine?) Look at her face. Great reaction from both of them. – I didn’t want to come out. / – So nice. Yeah! This is what I said was famous! They’re frozen in ice. – They’re in the ice. / – Yes. Is that real ice? I’m starting to sober up. It’s really cold. (Everything is ice) We carved it out of 30,000 pounds of ice. We have to rebuild it about every 2 years. Cold! Very cold. But the perfect spot to try… – Our signature series Vidal Icewine. / – I like this! (How would it taste?) – So, because it taste sweet… / – More, more. – That’s the famous one, right? / – Yes. More, more, more. Let’s start with one and go from there. So… – Cheers. / – When you drink this… Because you taste sweetness… This is what I’m talking about! I love this stuff! He’s excited now. Hongki is finally happy after 3 episodes. Don’t drink it all at once. Sip it. From your tongue. He’s good at doing what he’s told. He likes it. That’s what I’m talking about! – This is it! / – You said you don’t like sweets. But this is wine. – Is it different? / – Of course. There’s honey in alcohol! It’s not honey. The grapes are just really sweet. (I love wine) Hongki’s finally showing some reactions. – Like a baby that was just fed. / – That stuff… It’s the best wine. The sweetness differs depending on the vintage. The one on the wall over there. During winter 2013, it was so cold that we measured the highest possible sugar content in grapes. From 2013? They were able to make 1,500 bottles. – It’s incredible… / – It must be really expensive. It’s very difficult to turn it into wine. (Limited edition icewine) – 1,500 bottles. / – You can try that too? – Limited edition. / – No, not that one. You have to buy a bottle. – Can I buy? / – Yes. – How much? How much? / – Really? $500. – Around $500. / – $500? Are you serious? If they sold that in Korea, they’d charge like $1,000. Of course. It’s good. It’s really good. (He has another glass) Thank you. Man, it’s cold. – This is so nice. / – Let’s get out of here. Just wait. Let me taste my wine. Then I’m leaving first. It’s cold! – I can’t take this anymore. / – He’s not happy anymore. Fine, I’ll join you after I finish mine. – You should keep drinking. / – You should’ve waited! – No, it was nice and quiet. / – He should’ve stayed. It was nice to get some alone time. It’s so nice and quiet without Hongki. My gosh, it’s raining. See? I told you so. – Call a cab. / – Yeah, we should. Old Town… Done. Hello. (Going to downtown Niagara-on-the-Lake) (It looks like old England) So pretty. Where is this place? This is Niagara-on-the-Lake. – It was the former capital of Canada. / – It was? If you go there, you can experience Canada and Europe. You can experience the UK. – And you can go to the U.S. / – That’s great. (Very European due to British colonization) There are many British-style buildings here. I heard this hotel is really famous. (They see an old hotel along the path) – That’s a hotel? / – Yes. Queen Elizabeth II visited here during Victorian era. Let’s check out this pretty hotel. (Victorian style interior from 18th century England)