• What hotel leads the pack in appearances
on TripAdvisor’s dirtiest hotels list? What budget hotel actually ADVERTISES being
the worst in the world? Here are 10 hotels around the world you wouldn’t
want to spend an hour in, much less a night. 10 – Tropicana Resort Hotel, Virginia Beach,
Virginia • Here’s an excerpt from a user review of
the Tropicana Resort Hotel in Virginia Beach, from a traveller who got a free upgrade to
his room. • “The jacuzzi leaked, the television
had no cable, the carpet smelled, and there was a mattress outside our door the whole
weekend.” • Other people have complained of broken
elevators, a strange smell in the hallway, and a total lack of anything resembling “service.” 9 – New York Inn, New York City
• The New York Inn is one of the most run-down hotels in the world. It’s not just that it’s dirty, it’s that it’s
in absolute disrepair. • Reviewers have complained about the size
of the room, the rotting, broken mattresses, and of course, the rats eating out of the
trash. • Apparently, it also lacks a heater, which
is actually a pretty serious issue in New York City. • Despite all this, it’s not even the worst
hotel in its own city. 8 – Whiteleaf Hotel, London, England
• Unlike some of the hotels on this list, this is a dirty hotel trying to pretend it’s
of mid-range quality. • It’s possible to pay over 100 British
pounds for a room with broken beds full of maggots. • That’s what at least one guest reported
upon staying at the Whiteleaf. • On the bright side, if you don’t mind
sleeping on maggots and waking up with strange red rashes and bumps, it’s located near downtown
London. 7 – Hotel Namaskar, New Delhi, India
• Indian budget hotels are, in general, not the cleanest locations in the world. • On the bright side, it’s easy enough to
find a place to sleep for 10 dollars a night. • But even in this wild world of cheap and
dirty hotels, the Hotel Namaskar manages to be a regular on lists of the dirtiest and
lowest- quality hotels in all of India. • The trek to get there apparently involves
a number of small, dark alleyways, at least one of which contains an open urinal. That doesn’t help the whole cleanliness thing…
though it’s at least better than people just peeing on the floor. 6 – Hotel Carter, New York City
• The Hotel Carter has a great location on Times Square, and a long-standing reputation
for being the most disgusting hotel in New York City. • It is a regular near the top of TripAdvisor’s
list of “dirtiest hotels in America,” and doesn’t seem particularly interested in
doing anything about it. • Bedbugs are in the rooms more often than
people are, and the average room looks basically like the setting of a horror movie. Probably one where torture is involved. 5 – Balmoral House, Brisbane, Australia
• The Balmoral House in Brisbane, at one point, featured zero positive reviews on TripAdvisor. This was despite boasting a reasonable price
and one of the best party locations in the whole city. • One guest said he arrived in a room where
the window had no glass – only metal bars. People also frequently complained about the
owner, who was unresponsive to any requests and once even demanded a guest clean the entire
kitchen. • It’s doing a lot better now that it’s
been renovated and renamed the “Amelia Hotel.” No word about whether it’s also under new
ownership… but it’s probably safe to assume it is. 4 – Aspinals Hotel, Singapore
• The Aspinals Hotel in Singapore is the kind of place where everything is kind of
just falling apart. • Wallpaper is gone from most of the walls,
the ceiling is peeling, and the doors are busted. • Multiple people have complained about
rude staff, and the tiny size of the rooms. Some people didn’t even have room for their
bags. • Basically, this is another crap hotel
trying to skim business off the bottom because it’s in a good location. 3 – Centaur Hotel, New Delhi
• The Centaur Hotel boasts a whopping 1.5 stars on TripAdvisor, on more than 230 reviews. Only 16 percent of guests said their stay
was at least “average.” • Problem is, this appears to be an airport
hotel that a lot of delayed travellers get pushed off to when their Air India flights
are delayed. • So even though this hotel is terrible,
they pretty much have a steady inflow of customers from the airport. • Cockroaches around the bed, mold in the
bathroom, and a leaky roof are among the more upsetting features. 2 – Town House Motel, Tupelo, Mississippi
• It’s a nice budget-priced motel near the birthplace of Elvis Presley. That’s the good news. • The bad news is that it appears the bed
bugs are unavoidable, and one guest was welcomed to his room by a puddle of fresh blood in
front of his door. • Numerous guests have complained of faulty
wiring, barely-functional air conditioning, and the likelihood that drug deals were going
on outside. • On a note that may or may not be related
to those complaints, this place was recently on fire. 1 – Hans Brinker Budget Hostel, Amsterdam,
Netherlands • The worst hotel in the world is basically
undisputed, because it’s about the only hotel that advertises being terrible. • This is actually a hostel near Amsterdam’s
red-light district with taglines like “now with beds in every room,” — “More honesty. Less of everything else,” and “Proudly
ignoring standards since 1970.” • The rooms are dirty, they come with basically
no amenities, and there’s very little of any kind of service. • But what do you want for 22 dollars a
night in Amsterdam? The price and the unusual honesty the hostel
displays have actually made it a big hit with young tourists and students, even though there’s
no hot water. What’s the most disgusting hotel YOU’VE ever
stayed in? Tell us your story in the comments below,
and we’ll pin our favorite to the top.