it’s seven o’clock in the morning and I’m in central Tokyo running around the park around the Emperor’s house why I thought was a very good idea if someone looks out of their office window sometime in the next half hour you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a twenty nine-year-old British guy having a heart attack in the middle of the park [Music] a lot of people often ask me for ideas and things to do around the Tokyo Station area known as Maddon or Qi because odds are if you’re traveling through Tokyo it’s a district you’ll find yourself passing through at some point or another in this video we’re gonna eat drink and shop our way around and search of 10 things to do and to assist me in my exploration I’ve enlisted the help of a good friend and a former Tokyo resident who claims to be an expert on the local area here he comes take your experts surely some time today morning good morning hey dude why are we jogging realtor why is this a thing what do you want about this is number one place for jogging Tokyo the number one jogging spot in Tokyo yes I do I look like someone that needs to go jogging well yeah definitely I mean I’m clearly the your belly look at that and the cycle need to work out at all seriously I must admit though there are quite a lot of jugglers round there why is it so popular why is this the place to job well I mean I believe this is one of the nicest parks in royal kill and also there’s so many office around here so before they go to work they jog first and then they go to the office to where enough I mean usually when I come to take your business I never do any exercise because I think where can I job where can I get away by my jog way quite go as a result that’s what you got now but now I’ve got no excuse there’s actually a part where you can jog and workout history its discovery yes discovery I deal with a pretty good excuse though why I wouldn’t work out here and that is getting sweaty not being able to shower anywhere there is there’s a place to getting a good shot oh my god is it the place where we got the shirts from that’s right thanks to the miracle of Japanese convenience there’s a gym next to the path with lockers biked running gear and showers so you needn’t return to your hotel or office drenched in sweat after your early morning run the Maddon or chief I can run place in between take a station down the path you can actually not only rent shoes and t-shirts but also have a shower much needed after running around the parks on 27 degrees Celsius today outside say I’m pleasantly started walking freely whilst Maddon or she may look like a futuristic district of gleaming skyscrapers underneath the old place is still firmly rooted in tradition with old red brick buildings dying around and even a horse and carriage transporting a big important around town this is pretty cool this is the this is a basa der of some country when the ambassador of a country arrives in Japan they get to go and meet the Emperor and kind of sit down a chat and get to choose whether they go by car or by carriage and today this ambassador has chose become my carriage as he words to reap there what would you rather take car or carriage obviously carrot I feel really bad for like you to have Chris running from silico good morning so I’ve got some prison for him and here they are ours careers so this is white chocolate ice cream and there’s a Bailey’s in it and he’s you know Chris is half alcoholic anyway so he’ll love this and there’s a corn ice cream which actually this is my favorite and these are the actually best ice cream shops in Tokyo area Tokyo Station area and Chris mulatto oh here he comes oh you go look at these I give you this one it’s got Bailey’s in it Bailey’s yeah Bailey’s not barely sign it could work so is this actually alcoholic it is actually you know he said I don’t know under 20 no our twenties here how was that nice why would you get caught ice cream but you can have Bailey’s ice cream I was bromley they look good so they’ve stuck these statues all around Tokyo Station is the Rugby World Cup coming in a few months suppose that’s exactly what people want to see as amazing as Bailey’s ice cream ears unfortunately it’s no substitute for a real luncheon for that we head to support terrorism the sushi restaurant specializing in fresh fish from Hokkaido how fresh is it though well they quite literally flew it into Tokyo from Zappo’s morning doesn’t get much fresher than that beautiful it’s a masterpiece it’s obviously becoming around Tokyo Station there’s probably more restaurants around the Tokyo Station area than just about anywhere else in the world especially given Japan has got I think Tokyo’s got more restaurants than any city in the world and given the density of this area here pretty much we love to eat boiled for choice I think one of my biggest criticisms of people coming through panels they always go to the conveyor belt sushi truly and they do that they tick sushi off their list this job done that is not real sushi I can assure you the fish here is so fresh it was literally flown in my plane this morning caught at like 5 a.m. shipped to Sapporo flown to Tokyo and just arrived brought rice it down no one knows is that just a so you know it’s Chris happen to hear my what happened to my hair there’s a everywhere it’s like you know unbelievable he’s made fun of my way the cameraman told me that you referred to me as an alcoholic area and now my hair I’m looking through some comments on a previous video with you I’ve shown if robbers like Oh leave me alone you’re such a bully to him he’s the real bully but he’s getting away with murder no no and nobody’s calling him out on it I’m just always me I’m the bad guy he’s the bad guy look it looks like a low-class Bond villain we’re having fantastic sushi here with a disjoint here like what fantastic sushi with a destroyed hair exactly this is the fashion this is the fashion of London I didn’t know that I never seen that in London in London recently [Music] so in a couple of weeks I’m going back home to the UK for the first time in about a year whenever I go home my friends and family always hate me because I never have any souvenirs or get change instead of time I usually run through Neri to airport out of time so this time I want to do it right I don’t actually get them something good so their gifts appreciate having Naser as a friend and family member yes so I’m gonna hand over to you I want three to four things in this shot I’m happy that you trust me but let’s see what you come up with three to four things I know definitely this is the be the first one it’s called as Sabah this shoot it shoot me in sake Japanese are Cara and his Harbor means a mackerel right so I mean you need to drink this when you’re eating mackerel and that’s the only occasion you have to drink seems awfully specific I don’t know how many times my friend and family think yes what about like yours you have some macro feels a little bit too elaborate so interesting good if you having mackerel but no next thing this is dumb ah this is like cream cheese right but with missile this is my favorite actually cream cheese ever in my life called cream cheese tastes like a missile a bit missile flavor I assume that’s going in the no pilot I mean or something that’s a bit more just Japanese not cream cheese miss so not mackerel socket actually okay which is a cup of tea that’s the word all the British people use in a windy actually going to someone’s house exactly what we say exactly there’s a cup of tea anyway so look at this it’s a it’s a teapot so you put some you know tea grass in here he leave t3 sauce yeah any in there and it’s just put hot water in and wait for a few minutes that’s it it’s really I’m pleased to announce you finally found something real true that actually would go on my list so yes yes there you go guess what this is box of wood no it’s not alright do to you when you drink sake and in Japanese people often drink with this one right it’s a square wooden Sakia cause you put the sake in it yep and drink out and this is for me but for you this is it this one wrestlers and the whistlers or like this so for the people we work with Billy’s there’s a hefty side all right done yeah okay this is for you Cheers I’m not buying them so people always ask me the hidden spots places that the people don’t know about in Tokyo this is one of them this is why always coming for a drink cuz I did good craft beer and you can sit outside which is quite rare in Japan that is quite some reason sitting outside hasn’t really been invented in Japan yet but this is called pub Cardinal Madden or chase a three minute walk just three minutes from Tokyo Station him the few blocks away I’m impressed cuz real Troy doesn’t drink alcohol but he’s actually drinking beer that’s not not alcoholic beer that’s real beer but I’ve got an American Belgian style Pale Ale made in the craft beers becoming big in Japan recently it’s taken a while to get here I think Japan’s lagged behind Europe in America on this one but true they’ve finally caught up and it’s finally kicking off yeah it’s exciting time to be in Japan since when did you start drinking binge today now some people may be tired of Japanese food after traveling you know from Osaka killed to Hiroshima or displaces then come back to Tokyo before flying away back to wherever you’re from I guess you know this kind of place with a western food beer and it might be a help sir what’s good for ya so I don’t really know my way around Tokyo Station that well but why do know is I always seem to stumble across this little garden this is the Mitsubishi Museum garden square I never know how I get here I just tend to be lost amongst the skyscrapers in the hustle and bustle of Tokyo then I stumble across it and it is honestly like some sort of oasis in the middle of the city Tokyo can often feel like a concrete jungle which makes finding parks and gardens feel like stumbling across some sort of hidden treasure the Mitsubishi Ichigo car museum courtyard is nestled off of one of mananitas busiest shopping streets it’s here you can find restaurants coffee shops bakeries are more importantly and above all their peace and quiet definitely worth a visit you find yourself in the Madden or Chee area really nice place to sit relax and escape their traffic and chaos of Tokyo [Music] all right lunch like I said the seafood bowl for lunch and the fugu for dinner actually we are our luxury we are you how luxury we are the t-shirt design right there after a long day realtor and I decided to take advantage of Madan Ortiz towering skyscrapers to enjoy a dinner of fugu Blowfish fugu is a delicate fish requiring preparation by highly skilled chefs and with over a hundred years of experience you’re in good hands a tsuki Yama daya the restaurant has its origins in ITER Prefecture in Kyushu which is one of the homes of Blowfish in Japan realtor and I recently took a trip to nearby Yamaguchi Prefecture to try the dish firsthand but if you can’t get down to South Japan or you looking to try the dish in Tokyo this qiyamah daya know how to do the delicious dish justice whether it served up his raw sashimi and presented like a work of art crisply battered and tempura were boiled in a hot pot you’re pretty spoiled for choice so we got like deep fried deep fried foo goo and especially near fugu and we are waiting for the hotpot fugu so figure itself is to be flavorless it’s more about the texture it’s got this kind of chewy texture to it it all comes to a head once it’s dipped into the soy sauce vinegar pondered that is what unlocks it’s brilliant because it’s just bloated Norris vinegar I kind of see Figures bit an art form the way it’s prepared the way it’s sliced up and presented one thing I haven’t dried down is the harry hollien fugu nice crispy kind of you what do you think hmm compared to you know into raw fish get battered bit like fish and chips that’s right mmm it’s okay bro it’s my favorite cuz I’m from the UK Italy isn’t it that’s the only thing you’ve got there good [Music] walking through the streets of the Tokyo Station area at first may seem like there’s an absence of restaurants and bars however you’ll quickly discover they’re all concealed awake in the towers surrounding the area perhaps the trendiest of them all was the building immediately in front of the station the towering shimmery building which 197 meters it’s one of the tallest buildings of madan or chip whether you’re looking at grab a meal a drink or a good view from the expansive Terrace on the seventh floor it’s an excellent place to watch the Sun go down over the city and the station’s skyline is good but maybe just just cut the Pacer especially special job for a special boy I must admit what I’ve learned today is all the best bits of the Tokyo Station area hidden away in the skyscrapers surrounding the station each skyscraper is like its own city by understand you’ve got one last trick up your sleeve one last place on our list today what is it ultimate dating spy and success 100% guaranteed I think that’s the most awkward sentence I’ve heard you say all week so they have it guys our list of things to do around the Tokyo Station area hopefully the next time you find yourself around here you’ll have some ideas on things to do me up drink shop by doing anything you’d like to add any closing comments we got ray well I mean this ultimate and I’m getting spot the ultimate dating yeah I’ve been like in Tokyo I mean if you ain’t proposed your girlfriend here 100% success guaranteed yes you heard it here first hundred percent I know someone’s gonna watch this actually attempt it and then they’re gonna say all your fault but for now the matter where you might be watching from out there in the big wide world as always guys thanks for watching we’ll see you next egg you to do it to do it all over again to do it all over again which is a cup of tea that’s the word or the British people use