Whether you consider hotels an integral part of your overnight vacation or just a place to rest your head at night there are many things going on behind the scenes that you’re unaware of You might see housekeepers pretty infrequently and think of them as the people who bring you extra towels and make your bed But they’re privy to all sorts of things that you have no idea about We’ll share some secrets that housekeepers know better than to share with their guests And they might make you think twice before laying on that hotel comforter we hope you enjoy your stay with us here at the Hub Before we show you to your room be sure to press that subscribe button and enable Notifications to make sure you get the most out of your stay They touch your stuff Obviously one of the basic rules of housekeeping is to avoid touching the guest things however that’s actually easier said than done See most people tend to leave their stuff all over the place and this gets in the way of housekeepers doing their jobs So yes if you leave your stuff on the bed that needs to get me they’ll have to move it Do you know if your stuff is all over a floor that sorely needs to be vacuumed however once wax seal is broken Some housekeepers, admit to actually trying on clothes I guess brought with them So with your sweater seem to be a little bit stretched out when you get back to your room. That could be why? Some also confess that they’ve snuck a peek through a guest luggage if it looks like they might have something interesting and they may save Your toilet a quick scrub, but they’re also not afraid to use it as well Especially when things are busy sometimes it takes too long to run to the employee bathroom and why should they when there’s a perfectly good toilet right there if anything warming the seat up for you could be considered a complimentary amenities and going above and Beyond in terms of customer service coffee maker Few things are better than starting off your day with a fresh cup of coffee of course that coffee tastes even better when it’s free And made fresh from that pot in your hotel room well Not so fast because do you have any clue when the last time that coffee pot was clean was yeah your housekeeper probably doesn’t either Some housekeepers have admitted to using the same pledge infuse rags. I use for dusting to wipe down your coffee pot so if your morning cup of coffee has a Lemonade since that may just be why when 28 hotel coffee pots were swabbed, over four million Colonies of harmful Bacteria and mold were found lurking in the pot on the spout and in the coffee pod Compartment coffee makers are a warm moist environment which makes them perfect for brewing a cup of coffee or cultivating mold and Bacteria If the housekeeper notices that a coffee pot hasn’t been used she’ll generally thank your lucky stars that there’s one less thing to do and move on however there can be internal standing water inside the Pot meaning that it should be run every couple of days with a cleaning solution just to be safe unexpected sources There are a few hidden spots that you might not know about that can potentially be dangerous Instead of tossing your stuff on the floor you might ought to set your suitcase on the luggage rack like a civilized human being however If the luggage rack is made of wood you might want to avoid it Bedbugs are a huge problem in many hotels and since they’re evolving to resist poisons as fast as we develop new methods to get Rid of them
They’re especially difficult to exterminate if you spot a wooden luggage rack set your luggage on the non-Porous cabin floor instead provided that it looks relatively clean of course unlike the carpet bed and luggage rack the bathroom floor is likely cleaned pretty often so it’s A safe place that will make sure you don’t get bedbugs to bring home with you Another surprising source of germs is the TV remote it makes sense if you think about it since it’s something that everybody touches But nobody actually cleans. There’s also the possibility that a careless housekeeper moved it back into place right after they touch something unpleasant they are laughing at you as Long as you smile and Act polite towards the housekeeper’s they’ll do the same for you… heck in the interest of keeping their jobs They’ll smile and be kind even if you’re rude however There are a few things that hotel guests are known to do that give hotel staff a chuckle Microwaves and Safes don’t have much in common And most hotel rooms contain both however many housekeepers can tell you that more than one hotel guest has confused the two and angrily demanded To know why their microwave wasn’t heating their food if the housekeeper’s are pro They’ll keep a straight face and then laugh at you later with their fellow employees Another source of employee Merce is the do not disturb sign. Look if you don’t want clean towels They’re not going to force you to take some but you can’t have it both ways If you put that sign up housekeeping will skips your room that seems pretty simple But many guests are shocked that housekeepers don’t magically know that they still want their rooms clean even though their actions demonstrate They want the opposite They’re not always there it seems like Housekeeping is always there when you need them so most people don’t realize that most hotels don’t keep a cleaning person on staff 24/7 That’s right housekeepers stick around until the last room is cleaned, and then they generally take off There is a front desk attendant who can grab your towels and supplies if you really need them But you’ll want to schedule your messes for during housekeeping hours front desk staff. Generally aren’t trained for well versed in cleaning as housekeepers They also have to juggle answering the phones and checking in guests So they’re not going to be as prompt to fulfill your request because they simply don’t have the time not to mention that many housekeepers leave as soon as their last room is taken care of and management Encourages them to be speedy by giving them a limited amount of time per room if you know you’re going to need extras be sure To ask housekeeping for them in the morning or early afternoon while you can be sure they’re still around Take the soap if you’ve ever Waffled with the decision about wether or not to take the unsued soaps and shampoos from your recent hotel stay, go ahead and grab them guilt free now We certainly don’t advocate stealing things like the iron or luggage racks because hotels can and will bill you for those if they go missing We’re talking about things that hotels actually want you to steal these includes toiletries pens and those handy little note pads You’ll find by the phone in fact hotel staff have a saying that goes if you want something stolen put your logo on it They hope that the next time you write a note on your purloined note pad or suds up with their soap You’ll remember the wonderful time you had at their establishment You might feel sneaky squirreling away extra soaps But you’re really just buying into their marketing strategy looking for more stuff to take home with you Hotels generally keep a supply of trial sized items such as shaving cream razors and toothbrushes on hand absolutely Free all you have to do is ask a housekeeper or the front desk staff most people don’t do this because they aren’t aware They have the option Avoid fees Hotel stays can get pricey and paying money when you don’t even get to stay in the room You book is the work most hotels charge cancellation fees if you need to change your booking last-minute however There is a way around this if you’re clever Keep in mind this only works if you book your stay directly through the hotel and not via a third party website Call us the hotel and politely ask if it’s possible to change your reservation instead of canceling it
likely the hotel will be able to accommodate your request and push it back without you incurring a fee the most fees kick in if You’re canceling 24 to 48 hours before your stay so if you’re going to move your reservation out of that time frame then the next time you call ask to cancel and it’s likely that it can be waived without a fee because of the new cancellation date now obviously this depends on the hotel and the Flexibility of the front desk staff so it doesn’t hurt to be as polite as humanly possible. This is especially helpful If it’s a hotel that you do stay in a lot as your file will let them know that you’ve been a good customer in the past Shortcuts Very few of us can honestly say we never take any shortcuts during our work day. Don’t forget that Housekeeping staff are human beings and want to get their job done and clock out what is a busy day and management is breathing down your neck and guests are clamoring for an early check-in you can believe that a Lot of Corners are getting cut when it comes to cleaning the bathroom is one place That’s easy to simply pretend to clean Housekeepers have been known to just run the shower and rinse down the tub instead of actually scrubbing it out Did it was just turning on the tap in the sink if it’s not done too often and the bathroom was in decent shape to Begin with it’s unlikely that any guests will actually notice while some guests really do dirty up the carpet many don’t And some housekeepers even just make a few vacuum tracks on the rug to make it look like they meticulously Vacuumed every inch oh and cleaning and replacing those drinking glasses is a chore So they might just get a quick polish with whatever Rag is handy snooping The staff at your local hotel probably aren’t above snooping But it may not be as bad as you’re thinking when you book a room the front desk gets all of your personal information Making it a cinch to look you up on Social Media sure They may just snicker at your vacation snap but they can also use it to get valuable information Higher quality hotels will use this info to enhance your stay It seems that you have a preference for certain things if your Facebook claims that you’re a baker Don’t be surprised to see fresh cookies available in the Lobby when you check into a nicer hotel Those files that keep about you contain more information Than you’re aware of as the front desk staff will often take copious notes about you and your stay if you’re a good guest you Have nothing to fear, but if you’re a bad guest well You could just find yourself blacklisted and not just from this hotel hotels generally share information with one another Meaning that if you upset one hotel, another one down the street may be reluctant to open its doors to you as well. blankets are filthy The good news is that unless you’re staying at an extremely low end and unscrupulous Hotels the sheets and pillowcase are changed after every guest the bad news is that is not the case for the comforter before you plop? down on top of the soft fluffy top blanket You should know that those rarely if ever get washed comforters are expensive, so keeping tons of extras. Just isn’t practical They’re also bulky and take a long time to wash and dry So anytime one is in the wash is time that room can’t be rented out Meaning the hotel is losing money unless there is a visible stain there is no way housekeepers are going to spend time removing Washing and replacing the comforters Not only do the clean sheets protect you from making contact with a comforter but from the pillows as well. That’s right You probably shouldn’t peek under your pillow case if you want to be able to sleep gross Steamed pillows are frequently dressed up with nice pillowcases and kept in use not only are pillows expensive to replace But frankly most guests don’t ever take the pillowcases off so it’s easy to keep them looking fresh. No matter. How gross they truly are The next time you head to a hotel Avoid the comforter and splurge on a cup of Starbucks in the morning keeping tons of rooms clean and In pristine condition is a huge challenge, not to mention physically draining so cut your housekeeper some slack your next day Thanks for checking out the hub and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. Bye for now