>>Today’s episode is
brought to you by Petal.>>Head on over to Petalcard.com/rogue. That’s R-O-G-U-E, and
there’s a T in petal. P-E-T-A-L! [knocking] Security! I’m coming in. I don’t know what’s going on.>>JASON: Hello, Brian.
>>This is, this is– [laughs] No. What is happening? [laughs] You’ve got five more sunglasses
on you and I know it. [laughing] Janneman Sta–I’m going to sit over here.>>Okay, that’s fair.
>>Hello, Mr. Murphy.>>Hello. You travel a lot.>>Yes.>>You know your way inside and out hotels like nobody else I’ve ever known.>>Yeah, dude.>>What do you do when you
have to hide stuff in a room?>>I never do. There are some people who
think that they’re moving into a hotel room and
they put their clothes and all that stuff. Not me, not ever.
>>That’s crazy. In this room… there is $1000, and its all yours if you can
find where I’ve hidden it.>>This is the best new–we’re
going to make so much money. This is the best game show of all time!>>And that’s what I was saying!>>We should pitch a
game show where it’s like, we go into people’s houses
and put $50,000 in there.>>Yes.>>And say, it’s in there somewhere. Whatever you get in the
next hour you can have. Hand them a sledge hammer. So dudes are just
trashing their own house, because they don’t know
if we like drilled a hole and stuck it in there. You didn’t drill any holes, right? You didn’t damage anything?>>I didn’t damage anything.>>Okay.
>>I didn’t da–I don’t think.>>All right, you got to
give me a time limit. Do you think eventually I
would get to all of them?>>I think eventually you
could find everyone of them.>>Okay, pick a number that you think I’ll get at least [prolongued] ha– two thirds of them in.>>30 minutes.>>Cut that in half son.>>Yeah, 15?>>15 minutes, give me 15 minutes.>>There’s some sneaky stuff. There’s some invasive stuff,
but there’s nothing hidden behind the dry wall or in the ceiling
or something like that.
>>Sure, sure. Give me 15 minutes, count it in.>>Okay. [deep synthetic rumble] [electrical pop]
[gentle vinyl static] [rising chime]>>JASON: Okay, you
have 15 minutes and go.>>All right, first of all drawers of course they’re not going to be
in the obvious spots. You’re going to have to take them out. Okay, no, no no no. Okay, nothing. There’s a lot of–wait. Yep, nope, okay. That’s fine. [sustained and rising]
No. [grunting] There we go, there we go,
there we go. [strained]
Okay. [grunting] Crap! [disappointed murmur] Shut up, shut up, shut up!
>>Zero dollars so far.>>Shut up. You’re only saying that
because you know I’m close.>>Clock’s ticking.>>Okay. No dead body, that was good. [grunt] [sigh] Where did you hid this [bleep]? [laughter] ♪ ♪ Nope, nope, nope. Boo! I swear to god if I get no dollars, this is going to be a bad episode. [laughter] Why is th–this is plugged in and there’s a battery spot.>>JASON: Your mind is
working in the right way.>>Wait, wait. Ah!
[laughter] $100 sucker.>>JASON: $100. [whoosh] ♪ [light samba] [whoosh]
[groans]>>Nope, nope, nope, nope. ♪ ♪ [repeatedly, under his breath]
Nope. [repeatedly]
Nope.>>JASON: It’s like he is tossing
the house, like your a–>>You’re goddamn right
there’s $1000 in here!
>>-the FBI.>>Are you kidding me‽ [laughter] I only got a hundred. [blowing raspberries]>>JASON: 12 minutes.>>Ah sh– [strained but whimsical vocalizations] [grunt] No. Here we go, okay,
I’m feeling better–>>Hey! Hey, hey! That’s a hundred bucks. [laughs]>>JASON: $200.
>>BRIAN: All right, 200, 200. ♪ [light samba] [whoosh]>>BRIAN: I shouldn’t have said 15 minutes. [laughter] [the kind of clattering that elicits concern] ♪ ♪ [repeated numerous times]
Nope. ♪ ♪ Nope. [sigh]
No. Time?
>>JASON: 10 minutes.>>BRIAN: Okay [bleep]. ♪ ♪ [laughing] 300!
[whoosh] ♪ [light samba] [airy whoosh] ♪ ♪ Ha! 400!
400 sucker. Put this with the rest.
[whoosh]>>Ah, that’ll work. ♪ [light samba] [whoosh] ♪ ♪ ♪ [lively music] ♪ ♪ Nope. [repeated in quick succession]
No! [repeated under his breath]
No. ♪ ♪ [clattering] Missed opportunity, Murphy! [aggrivated]
Ah! This would be good. Nope, okay. [light sigh] Missed opportunity, Murphy! Okay. Ha! 500, 500 sucker. [laughter]
[whoosh]>>Of course… ♪ ♪ [whoosh]>>JASON: You’ve got 7 minutes.>>Nope. Another missed opportunity, Murphy. There’s a thing down here. ♪ [lively music resolving to a close] Hi, can I get a wake up call
for like one hour from now? Yeah, going to take a quick nap. Okay, thank you very much have a good one. All right. Okay, all right. Gaps back here. [repeated]
Nope. I’m at 500? There’s a bug, that’s a bug.>>JASON: Not that kind of bug.
An actual insect?>>Yeah. [maniacal laughter] So long suckers! ♪ ♪>>JASON: Well I didn’t expect that.>>Okay there’s no money out here. I’m back. This doesn’t seem safe
they shouldn’t do that. [in disbelief]
>>JASON: No! I can’t believe–okay.>>Uh…>>JASON: Oh let’s see.>>Oh, hey! 600, 600, eat [bleep]!
>>JASON: There it is. [whoosh] ♪ [light samba] [airy whoosh]>>JASON: Four minutes, 30 seconds.>>Okay, yes, yes, this [bleep]
was replaced poorly. [stammering]
I’m hesitant to touch it. Should I touch it?
>>JASON: Don’t touch it.>>Don’t touch it. Okay great,
that was the fireman’s fault not yours. ♪ ♪ No. I don’t want to… Maybe this one,
[mumbling] because I guarantee I– Ah! [laughs] What are we up to 700‽>>JASON: You got 700.>>700.
[whoosh] ♪ [light samba] [whoosh]>>JASON: Three minutes and–>>Wait, wait, wait, whoa! [laughter] You mother–[triumphant cackle]>>JASON: 800.
>>800! 800. I’m going to guess you
didn’t do the same thing more then once, but I don’t
trust you so I’m going to just… No, okay, all right, all right. Nope.>>JASON: Vigorous, how exciting!>>What‽>>JASON: I’m just excited. This is like you’re tossing a house.>>Um.>>JASON: I’m glad that didn’t break. [breaking]>>Nope. ♪ [an absolute bop]>>JASON: Nope.
>>Nope, wait, wait [trailing off]…>>JASON: No.>>Oh. Okay, I was getting
ready to really work. Oh, underneath this mattress thing? That seems like something you would do. If I lift up… Aw crap!>>JASON: You’ve done really well.>>Oh, oh! There’s a thing
with a screw thing in it!>>JASON: Nope.>>Okay, never mind. [easy tapping] ♪ ♪>>JASON: You know you’re going to have to use all of your
winnings to tip the maids?>>Yeah, I am aware of this. [laughing] That’s it, I guess I only got 800.>>JASON: Okay.
>>I *only* got $800.>>You did really well.>>Give me my 800!>>800.
>>Boom! There’s two more and a bonus one. $1,100 around here.>>All right. [alarm]>>There it is.>>BRIAN: Yes.>>You did really well.>>Eight out of ten is not bad. [ambiguously]
>>Hmm. [laughs]>>[stammering] You’re disagreeing?
>>JASON: Yeah, it’s really not bad. You were really thorough.
You ransacked the place. You did a lot more damage than I anticipated.>>Well I didn’t know
where you were going to hide any of this stuff, right?>>That’s fair, that’s fair, yeah.>>And I would say if you had more time then you certainly could
have unscrewed things and then put them back in and all that.>>Well.>>But every time I went
to grab for something, wait a minute, what!>>I left these out for a reason.>>Oh you bastard.>>Now, you would have used these in two different places. The other one you just overlooked. There are actually three more bills here. $1,100. There was $100 bonus in there for you. And you missed what I
thought was going to be one of the more obvious ones. Especially since you were really close.>>Okay, which of the ones that I did get did you think would fool me?>>I thought maybe the
kleenex box would fool you. The two that you didn’t get, I was pretty sure were going to fool you, so I left these hints out. You want to see where they are?>>They’re in the freaking thing. Are they inside?–yeah.
>>Oh in the screwdriver? No, no, no.>>Oh okay.
>>That’s really clever.>>So there are ones that require the screwdivers to get in to?>>Yes, that’s why I left those out and I left clues for you as well.>>Oh you’re a bastard. [crosstalk]
All right, walk me through this.
>>Aside from just leaving the screwdriver out. I thought if you saw the screwdriver you would realize, “Okay I
have to unscrew something.” So, come over here.>>Okay, all right. You know what’s funny?
Is I saw those screws out and I thought that I had
[bleep] it up somehow. [laughter]>>No, I left these out.
>>That was your hint?>>I left these out for a reason. Now, you actually kind of, you got really close. You were saying, “Oh Murphy
you should have hid them in there.” But if you unscrew the bottom of this, and I left them very loose as well.>>You’re just rubbing it in huh? ♪ ♪ Oh, that’s great. [whoosh]>>This reminds me of
my phone phreaking days. ♪ [light samba] [airy whoosh]>>Yeah, and what’s funny–like weirdly, this weird base thing that popped out, that ended up serving
as like a false alarm. Where it’s like, once it
popped out I was like, “Well okay, its not a thing
that’s hidden in the phone” because if it was, it would have been in this easy to remove place.>>Right, right.>>Oh, that’s good.>>Okay, now they’re all
actually right here. This little area was your blind spot.>>Like in the pillow? Or no-no-no, I guess more screwdriver stuff?>>More screwdriver stuff.>>Oh geez, wow, that’s another good one! [whoosh] ♪ [light samba] ♪ ♪>>I think this is the first time I’ve ever felt like a legitimate spy
when doing this show. [whoosh] [comically sustained]
>>BRIAN: Wow.>>Find another $100.
>>So that takes us to 1000. Where was the mystery bonus 100?>>This is the one that you almost had. That you should have had. [rising whoosh] ♪ ♪ [whoosh] It’s taped to the bottom of the drawer.>>All right.>>You found the one taped
to the bottom of the couch, and so I thought for sure,
especially when you were disassembling the drawers over there. You open this up and didn’t quite feel it.>>Well and–I’ll tell you what, it’s one of those thing where,
I’m not going to lie, part of me was like
reading your reactions. And once I didn’t get
anything from the first one, and then didn’t get anything
from the second one. My guess is he’s playing a different game.>>Most of my reactions were honestly, “Oh my god, he’s destroying this room.” [laughter]>>Fair enough, fair enough. So what are the big takeaways? Like for me, the most
effective places were the ones that you had to do
something transgressive, unscrew a something.>>Yeah, again, not breaking anything. We didn’t really do any
damage or anything like that. I think those are among the best ones. You really want to avoid places
that housekeeping will go to.>>Will naturally encounter.>>Like, under the mattress
I think is like really obvious, right? Maybe even the kleenex
box because, you know they could come in here
and replace the kleenexes and there they are.>>And keep in mind,
I knew that you weren’t going to damage anything in the room. So its like I wouldn’t have looked for any kind of slice in there that you could stuff,
stuff inside the mattress. And then same thing where its like, there are certain things
like the fire thing. I looked and I saw that thing
cattywampus and I thought–>>Yeah, that looks like something
would be hidden in there. Right?>>Right, right. But you run the risk of messing, if you mess with those,
you know, alerting an awful lot of people that you’re up to something.>>I even had, on this one,
there were some wood shavings right here where I had unscrewed and I thought, “Oh he’s going to see these I’m going to leave them right here.” And I left the screws out
hoping that you would see them!>>I think weirdly I
gave myself an advantage by insisting on a shorter time frame,
because you were going to give me 30 minutes and I
think I would have paid more attention to little clues. But when you know you
only have 15 minutes, I just went full on DEA raid and just, everything has to move. This is something I tell
my kids all the time. When they tell me that
they can’t find something, I was like, “Did you look for it?” They’re like, “Yes I looked for it.” I was like, “Did you move anything?” And they’re like, “No.” I was like, “If you didn’t move anything, you didn’t look for it.” And so the idea is move
literally everything as fast as you can. Now we have an hour of
resetting all this garbage.>>Yeah, to say the least. [laughing]>>Because it’s definitely
in your name, right?>>Oh yeah, and they’ve got my card.>>So like if they’re upset it will only go to you and not… I’m just saying have a really–here is $300. It won’t take you too long
to clean all of this up.>>I’m going to leave–>>They like it when you fold the little towelettes into triangles at the end.>>At least I’ve got
something to tip them with.>>It’s fine, I’ll take this other stuff off your hands, don’t you worry.>>I don’t even think this is real.>>BRIAN: It’s good.>>JASON: Good job.
>>BRIAN: It’s good, you’re doing great.>>Okay. This is going to take forever. [door closes]>>Do you remember what it was like when you had to start
building your credit?>>I didn’t even know what it was. I was trying to buy a car and they said, “Okay we’ve got to check your credit.” And I’m like, “…cool, is that in my wallet? “Is it somewhere on my driver’s license? I don’t know what that is.”>>The old days, the only way to do it was to check you FICO score, right? Which is a bunch of people who are not you and don’t have access to your bank accounts saying what they think
they know about you. Petal does it right. They partnered with WebBank
who’s an FDIC member to get a visa card for people
who have no credit whatsoever. And get this, it is an awesome card because there are n-n-n-no fees.>>Yeah and they’ve got
variable APR rates of, right now, 15.24% to 26.24%.>>Yeah, so as the host of Scam Nation, you know I tend to be suspicious. So when I first read all of this, it sounded too good to be
true and then I found out that part of how they’re
able to pull it off is that you tie your bank accounts,
electronically because we’re on the freaking internet now. And they’re able to see
your payment record, your history, how much
money you have in the bank, and then they use that to determine how much credit you should have. Anywhere from $500 to $10,000, whether you have credit or not.>>It is a great way to
start your credit history, really easy and it eliminates all of that weird voodoo guess work.>>And when they said no fees, they mean it. We’re talking no annual fee,
no foreign transaction fees.>>No late payment penalty.>>So you might think they’re like, “Oh, I hope they miss a payment so we can charge them all the interest.” No, they prefer that you
pay everything in full every month, so you get to
automate your payments.>>JASON: There are no traps.
>>You just pay everything every month and you’re totally covered.>>Go to petalcard.com/rogue
and sign up today.>>Yeah that is the one challenge,
is that there are two words that everyone wants to
misspell its R-O-G-U-E there is an O-G in rogue, and P-E-T-A-L Because it’s tea time.
>>Like a flower.>>Tea time like a flower. Your credit blossoms like a lotus.>>You brought it back, I’m impressed.>>I did.
>>That was good.>>There’s a T in lotus. — CC BY REV —
** MODIFIED BY BIZARRE MAGIC **>>I don’t know what happened next the camera was on the floor,
Seth’s head hurts, and Brian was on the floor!>>MAN: I would say that’s not good.>>JASON: These are a good time,
this is going to be a good time. All I kept thinking,
when I was in here I was like, man this is almost as bad,
when watching you, it’s like, this is almost as bad as when you fell through the ceiling.>>Yep, yep, yep. [laughing]
>>BRIAN: Oh wait, wait, hold on.