I tried to do a flip. Hey guys, it’s Rachel. I’ve decided it’s time
bring back the pigtails. So, I’ve been seeing waves
going around that was like, this amount of money versus
this amount of money. And it had me thinking,
like has anyone tried to find a
really nice dress and looked on some like
random, sketchy website to find it because
it’s so much cheaper? And they used the
exact same picture as the nice dress’ website. So you’re under this
impression that, oh my gosh, I’m getting such a deal! Well– so a month
ago, I was looking around those sketchy websites
to find those beautiful looking dresses with those super
professional looking pictures. And I ordered them. And I back-image searched
on Google Images, and found the real dresses– that were significantly
more expensive. I still have all the receipts. So four weeks later, the
dresses all came yesterday. Because those sketchy
websites are usually really far away in the
world, so the shipping takes a really long time. So I finally have them. And let’s see if we can get
this video to 500,000 likes. Do you think we can do it? Right now, go press
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just like a slice of pizza. 500,000-person pizza. Also, comment down below
which of the dresses is your favorite. We’re going to start
off with the first ones. I’ve got everything in this box. So first, we’re going to try on
this red one, which is probably my favorite, just design-wise,
it’s more like my style. And this was $438. Prom dresses are a lot. OK, I’m trying it on. It fits pretty well. It’s a little small in the
top area, but let’s be real, that’s everything with me. Blessing and a curse, people. Blessing and a curse. Let me just tell you, this
thing was like impossible to put on by myself. Mainly because of
this neck piece, you have to like button
it in a weird way and it just– my arms just
couldn’t reach that way. I like this one. This one was $15. Which honestly, pretty
good dress for $15. But this is also
before I try it on, I don’t know how
it actually looks. It has like the
weird-looking mesh that I would buy at Michael’s
and make into a tutu. And all the flowers are
kind of sticking up. There’s like strings of
fabric being broken off of it. But also, it’s a $15 dress,
I can’t complain that much. It’s a different color and
definitely a different flower pattern, All in all,
doesn’t look that different. But let’s try it on. Oh. I think the main thing about
these sketchy websites selling the same dress for
cheaper is that they just fit completely differently and
the materials are completely different. That is the most obvious
statement I’ve ever said. Let’s move onto the next dress. This one is the
$1,000 dress, which is ridiculously expensive
for a prom dress, or a dress in general. Feels really soft. For $1,335, this dress better
turn sugar into cotton candy, let’s be real. It’s a nice dress. I think it’s probably expensive
for the material it is. It feels really soft. So let’s see the dress that uses
the same picture but is $10. OK. Definitely a different material. Let’s try it on. OK. This dress is nice and
it fits pretty well. So I don’t see any
issues about it, besides the fact that it’s
nothing like that picture. This is literally the picture
that they uses on their website to sell this dress. Next dress. This dress is like a
princess-looking dress. This one was $795. It fits nicely. I’m going to keep
the tags on though, because I’m going to return it. It has like this fabric
that you can see through, so it has that nice flow. This one is the
cheaper version of it. This was $10.00 but they used
the same picture as this one to advertise this one. Now clear difference is that
they are different colors. But let’s try it on and
see like, clear difference. I had to put this
bandanna thing over here because if I didn’t
put it here, this shirt is cut so far apart that this
video would be on restricted. It also has the
flowy thing and it’s like see-through and pretty. But another issue is I had
to put this slip over it because this is where
their slip ends. I definitely would not want to
b showing my tushy to everyone at prom, but if you want to,
girl, you do you, you’re good. It;s fine. And then I have one more
dress to show you guys. OK. This one’s $221. Let’s put it on. It’s very pretty,
it has a nice back. I like it. So that’s that dress. And now let’s try on this
dress/ this one was $10, but of course advertises the
same picture on the website. Here’s the dress. I could tell the
difference in material. It kind of feels like–
you know no-show underwear? It feels like no-show underwear. It fits OK. The first thing I noticed was
that it’s like ripping already, and I literally just took
it out of the package. This one is like
a hard fabric that wouldn’t stretch if I tried. And this one– I think what I’ve come to learn
from this whole experience is that prom dresses stink. I’m happy prom’s over. OK, so that’s all
the prom dresses. Yay! So request any videos that
you want to see in the future down below, and I’ll see
you in my next video. So, I hope you guys
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