World’s Top 10 Strange Hotels Hello friends
Today we have brought for you some of the world’s hotels that are very unique and strange, but knowing about whom you would like to know that at least once in your life, stay in these hotels Our luxury living nowadays is very different than earlier times. Today we need everything different and we need the best things to eat, clothes or hotels. The first thing to hear about the name of the hotel comes in mind, a luxurious room, healthy foods to eat swimming pools and so many luxuries, so that you can make your travel experience even more special. Know what’s special in these hotels Subscribe Top 10 Hindi now.. 10) Gaudiva Chocolate Sweet Who does not like chocolate? This is something that everyone will agree to eat. If you find out that the hotel you are staying in is not your whole room, but everything kept in it it is made of chocolate. I will go crazy after this this chocolate hotel. But this is not a dream. The Brian Park Hotel in New York has the same room where the walls, pictures and other are made with chocolate This hotel included this chocolate room at the time of Valentine’s Day in 2008 and 2009. Interesting …!! 9) Panda Inn, China According to a survey, till 2004, only 1600 Pandas were left in this world. Maybe you will not get a chance to see the panda but you can surely enjoy the panda theme. China’s Panda Inn Hotel is going to be loved children as well as adults. Here you will find the panda in your room beds, every wall, furniture and not only the staff here will also welcome you in panda dress. Knowing all this will make you feel like going here. So when are you going here? 8) Poseidon Under Sea Resort Fiji In our list we have included this hotel in number 8 Poseidon Under Sea Resort which is in Fiji, this unique hotel is located under the water. Where you can see the colorful fish lying on your bedroom. or roaming in front of your rooms Imagine, you are in a transparent room and you are roaming around the water Thinking about it makes the mind happy. This hotel in Fiji is the only one such hotel. It is rented not only to stay but also on rent for marriage, birthdays and other occasions. If you also dream of staying in the sea and seeing this sea life closely , then go to this hotel. 7) Sandcastle Hotel, Weymouth, UK From the sand you must have built castles or palaces too many times but have you really got an opportunity to live in the sand house? No, then this hotel is suitable for you. This hotel is made of sand totally and the workers have worked very hard to make it. The special thing is that there is also this facility you can spend your night watching in front of them in the shade of stars. If you do not like to take a bath in the sand or if you like indoor toiletries, then this sandcastle hotel is not made for you. 6) Nachura Vive Peru This Peruvian hotel is unique in itself, in which each room is built on different mountains. It is not just about reaching this hotel, because to reach here, you have to climb the mountain. After such a hard work, when you arrive in the hotel room, you will feel like heaven and it is worth looking at the outside. If you like to do adventurous work then you can come here and enjoy a different hotel 5) Zakkajervi Ice Hotel, Sweden This entire hotel is made of crystal clear ice with everything in the snow. Here the ground frozen snow has been used In this hotel you will find many different types of rooms according to your convenience. The restaurant in this hotel is also made of snow This hotel was started around 28 years before and today it is one of the world’s most unique hotels. One wonderful thing about this hotel is that the temperature here is kept in minus. Knowing about it started getting cold, I think it is good to go to the hotel in the summer. What do you believe ? 4) Magic Hotel, Huilo (Chile) The special feature of this hotel is its size, which is in the shape of a volcano. There is a waterfall flowing above it which falls on the entire hotel. A bridge has been built to reach this hotel, which is the only way to reach this hotel. You can also enjoy the views of the forest from this mountain-made hotel Here you can find more than one luxury such as Hot Bathtub, Ski Towers, Water Rafting and Golf Etc. 3) Raigayong Hotel, North Korea Built in North Korea’s Pyongyang, this hotel is also called the world’s tallest hotel, with 105 floors and 3,000 rooms. This hotel is popular not only because of its height, but also the building of the weakest design. There were so many hindrances in making this hotel that it was known as ‘Mangoose Hotel’. It took twenty six years to build this hotel. Although there are 105 rooms here, there is no single person in it till date. This luxurious hotel is waiting for years to open for public. 2) Crazy House, Vietnam Just like its name is telling that this hotel is absolutely crazy. This hotel looks more like this ghost bungalow. After seeing its shape, you will be surprised for once. The stairs of this hotel are made from tree stems and made of wood. This hotel’s furniture, windows and other accessories made with wood. This place is not less than a charm for tourists. Every hotel in this hotel has been built on a different animal theme such as cheetah, kangaroo or termite. 1) Atraprap ‘Reyes, Bubble Hotel, France.In the episode of weird hotels, we have placed no.1 on the French Bubble Hotel, which is a unique experience itself. All the bubbles in this hotel are made from Recycled materials. . These bubbles have facilities for AC and private bathrooms, as well as other facilities. However, some parts of each bubble are covered with bushes and trees so guests can get some solitude. Thanks for watching our video Please Like our video, comment on it and share it. Be sure to subscribe to our channel. If like you liked this video, You will also like our other videos