Epic10List When buildings get old in Las Vegas, we don’t
renovate them.. we blow them up. Here are 10 hotels in Vegas that were imploded. Let
us know in the comments below if you’ve ever visited any of these hotel. 10. Dunes Hotel
When Steve Wynn’s Mirage Resort’s bought the Dunes for $75 million in 1993 the decision
was made to implode the Dunes to make way for a new hotel. The hotel which stands where
the Dunes once was is the Bellagio. 9. Landmark Hotel
The Landmark opened in 1969 and was imploded in 1995. Footage of the implosion was used
in a scene of the alien movie “Mars Attacks”. Today, the land where the Landmark once stood
is now overflow parking for the Las Vegas convention center. 8. Sands Hotel
The Sands Hotel was the 7th resort on the strip. It was opened in 1952 and is an iconic
fixture of Las Vegas history. Over the years, various people owned the Sands including Howard
Hughes. The Sands was imploded in 1996. 7. New Frontier Hotel
In it’s glory days the Frontier hosted Elvis Presley’s first Las Vegas performance. The
Frontier met it’s demise through a controlled implosion in 2007. 6. The Stardust
When the Stardust opened in 1958 it was the largest casino in Nevada and it’s 1,000
rooms made it the largest hotel in the world. After decades of successful operation the
hotel casino was sold to Boyd Gaming in 1985. In 2007 The Stardust was imploded to make
room for Echelon Place. 5. The Aladdin
Originally opened in 1966, the Aladdin had it’s share of ups and downs. A handful of
people owned the property and the original Aladdin was finally imploded in 1998. The
implosion was to make way for a new $1.4 billion resort which would keep the original name.
Financial issues continued to plauge the resort which led it to bankruptcy. The resort closed
and then reopened a short time later as Planet Hollywood Casino and Resort. 4. The Boardwalk
The Boardwalk Hotel and Casino originally opened in 1968. It was designed to appear
like Coney Island. The Boardwalk met it’s demise in 2006 to make way for MGM’s “City
Center”. 3. Desert Inn
Steve Wynn was at it again when he purchased the Desert In on April 27th, 2000. Mr. Wynn
imploded it’s towers between 2001 and 2004 to make room for his new Mega Resort named
“Wynn Las Vegas”. The Desert Inn opened in 1950 and was closed in 2000. 2. The Hacienda
You may recognize the iconic neon horse and rider from the Hacienda hotel. While the Hacienda
was imploded, the horse and rider now decorate the intersection of Las Vegas BLVD and Fremont
Street. The Mandalay Bay now occupies the land where the Hacienda once stood. El Rancho
The El Rancho was originally named “The Thunderbird” and then the “SilverBird”
and the name was finally changed to El Rancho after Ed Torres bought the property in 1981
for $500,000. In 2000 the property was sold to Turnberry
Associates and was imploded that October. The land is now home to Turnberry Towers.