When you choose to eat fast food, you know
you’re not going to be presented with a gourmet meal on a silver platter. But you at least
expect a few standards to be upheld. Sometimes, though, disappointment happens. Here are 10
funny fast food fails that will make you want to eat at home. Some Assembly Required at McDonald’s This McDonald’s customer decided to give in
to their Big Mac craving and hit up the drive-thru, only to get home and see this poorly constructed
creation. We see a lot of lettuce and onions and two very empty buns put together. Clearly,
someone wasn’t paying attention when they assembled this burger. Now, we know that
not everything you get at any restaurant, fast food or otherwise, is going to look like
the advertised picture. Most people don’t expect picture-perfect fast food. But this
is another level. This is clearly the work of someone who either didn’t care about their
job or was too busy trying to pump out a million orders to pay more attention to one food item
at a time. Subway Takes Extra Pickles to a Whole New
Level Pickle juice is becoming an in-demand ingredient
to add a twist to a lot of classic things, from alcoholic drinks to slushies. But if
this feels obsessive, there’s apparently a scientific reason that people are so obsessed
with pickles. It has to do with the addictive quality of salt and its correlation with the
reward center of our brain. Salt has also been connected to dehydration and electrolyte
imbalances, which means some of us just crave pickles because something’s amiss. So,
when it comes to fast food, there is always that one person that has to ask for extra
pickles. Well, Subway decided to indulge this particular customer’s obsession by completely
loading their sub with a massive amount of pickles. Clearly though, since Subway does
make the sandwiches in plain sight, this pickle lover was okay with it. The McDonald’s Extra Crunchy Hashbrown There aren’t a lot of things in this world
more satisfying than a greasy, crispy potato for breakfast. However, sometimes fast food
breakfast can be more than disappointing. This poor, unfortunate soul was chomping away
on a McDonald’s hashbrown when they noticed something was crunchier than normal. This,
ladies and gents, is a dead cockroach on this person’s hashbrown. Someone actually deep
fried this hashbrown and put it in a bag and either didn’t notice or didn’t care that this
disgusting bug was hanging on for the ride. Bugs found in the food is not actually an unheard
of complaint from fast food restaurants, unfortunately. McDonald’s itself is no stranger to reports
of bugs being found in their food products. And a lot of it seems to be found in their
breakfast products. Now that’s what we call a McFail. Chemical Condiments at Taco Bell Instead of giving the customer their fire
sauce, Taco Bell decided they could use some floor cleaner instead. Imagine the surprise
when the customer came home and discovered that not only were they given dangerous chemicals,
they were also now missing their fire sauce. That’s like a double-whammy of disappointment.
At least this person didn’t actually eat the floor cleaner and noticed it just in time. When
you really think about this, it’s hard to imagine how it even happened in the first
place. Was the worker who was making the food just bored and decided to cause a little chaos?
Or was this a genuine mistake that happened because some people decided not to follow
basic restaurant rules? Either way, we’re a little confused. Everyone who takes their
food safety training course, or even any workplace safety course, would know that you should
never store dangerous and potentially deadly poisonous chemicals so close to the food you
are serving your customers. Because things like this can happen. And it could have ended
up being a lot worse. Either one of two things would have happened. One, a trip to the hospital
after calling poison control or two, a pretty cool origin story for a new superhero – Tacoman
perhaps? This Undercooked Popcorn Chicken From Sonic Speaking of things that could have been a
lot worse, this undercooked popcorn chicken from the Sonic drive-thru is slightly frightening. When
you order food from a fast food restaurant, you don’t expect it to be the highest possible
quality. But you do at least expect it to be cooked to the point where you’re not at
risk for salmonella poisoning. It’s one thing to have a bit of pink in your burger, but
raw chicken is not acceptable. Anyone working in a fast food restaurant, or any establishment
that sells food to paying customers, needs to go through food handling and safety training.
This person clearly failed theirs or just stopped caring altogether. According to popular
opinion, Sonic is best left for the milkshakes and ice cream and not for the actual food.
This picture proves that. The silver lining, though, is that at least you can tell it’s
real chicken, right? A Burger King Burger That Was Missing Just
One Thing Looks like someone forgot the part of the
burger that actually makes it a burger. It looks like the Wendy’s slogan “Where’s the
beef?” could come in handy right about now. It’s understandable that these mistakes happen.
Everyone is rushing around trying to get orders out in a short amount of time. But imagine
how you’d feel if you’d been craving that juicy beef patty all day and then got home
to find out that it wasn’t there at all. Especially when the price of a burger has been going
up steadily within the last few years. It’s hard to say you got your money’s worth when
you didn’t even get home with a patty. This is more like a salad on a bun. You would think
that a missing burger patty would be hard not to notice before wrapping it up. I mean
Burger King is the name of the restaurant and the “burger” part is key there. When
the actual burger is missing, it is just a sandwich. A pretty plain and boring one at
that. A Subway Sandwich With a Free Kitchen Knife Imagine your surprise when you open your sandwich
and see a knife poking out at you. That’s not really something that goes well with your
ham and cheese sub. This also could have been pretty dangerous if this customer was one
of those people who just rip the wrapper open to get to the sandwich. If that happened there
would be a serious injury on that person’s hands and could result in some pretty dire
consequences for that Subway and the employee who did this. Do we even know the last time
that knife was properly cleaned? What if there was hot pepper juice on that knife and then
the customer cut themselves trying to open the sub? That could be really, really painful,
even if they just end up with a small cut. Now, there are a lot of theories that could possibly
explain how this knife ended up in this sandwich. Most realistic, is that the employee just
used it to help roll up the sandwich and forgot to take it out. If we’re being completely
honest though, these are pretty decent restaurant-quality knives and we could understand if the customer
just kept the knife. The Extra Bacon That Wasn’t Very Extra at
Wendy’s If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s
that extra bacon is never a bad idea. Bacon is just one of those foods that goes with
everything, whether it’s a dessert or a main course. You can get bacon ice cream, bacon-infused
alcohol, bacon popcorn, and a variety of other bacon flavored creations. There are even entire
festivals dedicated to bacon now. It’s especially delicious when it’s on your fast food sandwich. However,
when you order extra bacon, you generally expect to get more than half a piece of bacon.
You can reasonably expect at least one solid piece of bacon, even at the cheapest of places. It’s
safe to say that this particular Wendy’s customer was pretty disappointed with the actual amount
of bacon that they got when they asked for extra bacon on their chicken sandwich. Instead
of biting into a delicious flavor combination of bacon and fried chicken, this person decided
to double-check before they went through that disappointment. In fact, it almost looks like
someone deliberately ripped a piece of bacon in half to add to this sandwich instead of
just putting the whole piece on. For a fast food joint that boasts such staples as the
Baconator and the Bacon Deluxe, it’s pretty disappointing that they would skimp out like
this when the customer is paying for extra bacon. With their all new Crave menu that’s
loaded up with more bacon than you can fathom, we know there’s enough bacon in Wendy’s
kitchens to go around. Makes you wonder if whoever served up this burger had a grudge
against this customer for some reason. Well, more bacon for the rest of us! KFC is Fresh as a… Feather? That’s really taking fresh to a whole new
level at this particular KFC, but we’re more disgusted than anything. One particular KFC
customer was surprised to see this feather stuck to a piece of fried chicken. And we
don’t blame them. Who knows how long it’s been sitting there. There’s also another issue:
bird feathers are known to be capable of carrying tons of diseases that can easily spread to
humans. In fact, they can carry any number of viruses, parasites, and germs that cause
those diseases. This person could have gotten really sick if they accidentally ate this
feather, regardless of where this one came from. Then we’d be talking about a much more
serious situation here. We have so many questions about this. Just how, exactly, does a feather
even get on a piece of deep-fried chicken? What could the explanation possibly be for
this particular situation? Something is very, very wrong here. Maybe someone dragged it
in on their clothing and it somehow ended up in the chicken. Whatever the reason may
be, it’s not the worst that could happen, but it’s certainly not an ideal situation. Someone Missed a Step at Taco Bell We don’t really work at Taco Bell, but we’re
pretty sure you’re supposed to take the Doritos taco out of the cardboard wrapping before
it gets put in the soft shell. Taco Bell always has their signature crispy menu items, but
we don’t really think they mean it this literally. This is the sign of an employee that just has had
enough or simply just forgot to pay attention during that step. There’s really no other
explanation for it because they would have had to prepare the Doritos taco in the paper
before they put the soft shell on top and squish it together. We don’t know what time
this happened at, or where this happened, but maybe it’s safe to say that someone was
a little tired working the graveyard shift and just could not care any less. Either
way, it’s another one of those not-a-big-deal situations, but it would take quite a bit
of work to separate those items and restructure it properly. You’ve got your cheese already
melted to the cardboard. So, when you remove it, you’re losing a lot of cheese unless you’re
planning on licking it off the wrapper. Sure, you could rely on the cheese inside the taco,
but let’s be real. That’s just not enough. Hopefully, this person was still at the Taco
Bell and they could exchange it for another, and that they didn’t make it all the way home
just to find this in their take-out bag. Help yourself to more and tap that screen
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