In the Internet Age, it’s possible to order
almost anything from anywhere, but the candy bars on today’s list are not so common on
American store shelves. There may be some specialty candy shops that offer these delightful
sweet treats. However, these candy bars aren’t available at most USA brick-and-mortar shops. Let’s
unwrap 10 Candy Bars America Wished They Had – Part 2. Nestlé Mirage In Canada This delicious chocolate bar is a true Canadian
classic. In Canada, you’ll find it at gas stations, convenience stores, grocery stores
and tons of other types of retail outlets. Americans who want to sample this delicacy
from The Great White North may find Mirage candy bars at the world’s largest online retailer.
Other American websites offer it, too. This candy bar is distinctive because its shape
is trapezoidal. It’s also renowned for its bubbles. When you bite into a Mirage, you’ll
notice the many air bubbles inside, which may remind you of the bubbles in an Aero candy
car, provided you’ve tried Aero bars before. The air bubbles give this chocolate treat
a little airiness and contribute to its wonderful, silky, melt-in-your-mouth texture. If you’re
planning to visit Canada, by flying into the country or taking a road trip, be sure to
pick up a Mirage bar while you’re there. No matter how you get to Canada, you’ll find
that Mirage bars are readily available once you arrive. Nestlé Canada offers Mirage candy
bars and a range of other yummy confections, including Kit Kat, Butterfinger and Big Turk
candy bars. Cadbury Chomp In Australia This candy bar was available in Australia
and you’ll still find it in the United Kingdom. However, the two confections marketed as Chomp
candy bars were not exactly the same. The Aussie version had a caramel and wafer layer
inside, which was covered in a chocolate coating. It was a narrower and longer candy bar than
the United Kingdom Chomp. The Aussie bar weighed in at 30 grams. It was marketed as having
appealing chewiness, and the packaging was fun. Each Aussie Chomp bar came in bright
yellow wrapping that featured a cartoon dinosaur. Back in the 70’s, in Australia, these bars cost
just ten cents. Those were the good old days. In the Seventies, the bars were also sold
in Zimbabwe and South Africa, with different wrappers. These bars used to be produced in
England, until production was shifted to a Polish facility. The UK version of Chomp,
which has a red and blue wrapper, is available to Americans via the globe’s biggest online
retailer, but the bars are imported, so they aren’t cheap. It may be possible to find a
UK Chomp in a USA candy shop that specializes in selling imported treats. Sadly, the Aussie
Chomp is no longer listed at the Cadbury Australia website and it’s out of stock at most, and
maybe all, places that it’s been listed online. It’s a candy bar that many Americans would
have enjoyed sampling. Fry’s Chocolate Cream In The UK This tasty candy bar is beloved in the United
Kingdom. Fry’s Chocolate Cream features a fondant center and a dark chocolate coating.
This candy has been made since 1761 and it is still available today, so Americans may
be able to find it online or at candy shops that feature treats from overseas. As of now,
there are USA websites that offer this candy bar. Now manufactured by Cadbury, the candy
bar was originally produced by a company called J.S. Fry & Sons. Way back when, this chocolate
bar became the very first candy bar to be produced in mass quantities. While the original
Fry’s Chocolate Cream is delightful, there are other flavors available these days, including
candy bars with orange fondant or peppermint fondant centers. Some flavors of this popular
candy stayed around for decades, but aren’t available anymore. Examples of discontinued
flavors that were offered for a very long time, until they were discontinued, include
lime, pineapple and raspberry. The original flavor of this classic chocolate bar from
the United Kingdom comes in a sophisticated blue package with white lettering. Allen’s Mini Jaffas Block In Australia Jaffas are little candies that are available
in Australia, as well as New Zealand. These candies are little spheres with hard candy
shells and chocolate centers. The hard candy shells have an orange flavor. Jaffas have
been around since 1931, but the bar version of Jaffas is newer. This candy bar isn’t currently
available anywhere, because it was a limited edition product, but it may be brought back
in the future. Candy companies definitely revive discontinued candy bars now and then,
as doing so tends to create a lot of buzz and sales. The bar was made from milk chocolate,
as well as Jaffa candies. While the original round Jaffa candies, which come in a bag,
are fairly easy to find at some American websites, the candy bar is something that candy fans
worldwide just can’t access at the moment. The bar is still listed at the manufacturer’s
website, but it’s out of stock, because it was a limited edition. It hasn’t been removed
from the website, so there is a good chance that it’ll be available again someday, but
Americans may have trouble buying it in stores if it is relaunched. Fans of chocolate with
a touch of orange who live in the USA may wish that they could get their hands on Jaffa
candy bars. A trip to Australia or New Zealand would probably be the most enjoyable and memorable
way to try Jaffa candy for the first time, even if it’s the round Jaffa candies. The
candy bar was officially known as the Allen’s Mini Jaffas Block. Cadbury Starbar American fans of chocolate, caramel and peanuts
would probably really enjoy sampling Starbars. Unfortunately, when it comes to finding them
in U.S. stores, they are out of luck. The Starbar first became popular in the 70’s
in the UK and some other European countries. The candy bar was also once available in Australia
but it is no longer sold there anymore. What’s interesting is that Starbars are also sold
in Canada and Germany, but they’re sold under another name. They are known as Wunderbar
candy bars. So, Americans who travel to Canada or Germany should be able to enjoy the Starbar
experience by trying Wunderbars. Starbars (aka Wunderbars) taste fantastic and they
are fairly hearty candy bars. They are chewy and filling. The bar was once promoted as
“the munchiest bar ever”. Made by Cadbury, their chocolate has a distinctive flavor that
so many people love and the Starbar really shows off the special taste of this brand’s
chocolate. Wunderbars taste the same and they, along with Starbars are available from a few
different websites, so they can be accessed, but they tend to cost more than most want
to pay, because they are an imported treat. Is it worth traveling to another country to try
a Wunderbar or a Starbar? Maybe so. It depends on how much you love chocolate, peanuts and
caramel. Sampling the candy bars of other countries is certainly a satisfying activity,
because it’s a chance to taste something brand-new to you, rather than the same old candy bars
that you see at stores every single day. Of course, chocolate bars sold in America are
amazing, too. They are just very familiar. Nestlé Munchies In The UK This sweet treat has been around for a long
time, and it’s still popular today. It’s a UK candy bar that is actually a tube of smaller
candies. If you’ve had Rolos, you’ll find that Munchies are similar. While Rolos are
probably more popular worldwide, Munchies do have loyal fans. This tube of candies that
is hard to find in America is made from a biscuit, with a core made of caramel coated
in creamy milk chocolate. While these tasty candies are so easy to share, you may be tempted
to hoard them, if you can get your hands on them. There are specialty candy stores online
where Munchies may be ordered to be shipped to other countries. If you decide to order,
you may want to order a lot in one shot, to make the cost of shipping a better investment.
Munchies are square candies, in contrast to Rolos, which are known for their roundness.
Munchies was launched by a candy company called Mackintosh’s during the 1950’s. Later on,
during the 1980’s, Nestlé scooped up the brand. It’s so easy for chocolate lovers
in the UK to enjoy Munchies. Americans may need to stick to Rolos, unless they decide
to order Munchies or find local candy stores where they are sold. Balisto In Germany These German candy bars are very unique and
interesting, but they’re hard to find in America. A Balisto is made from a wholemeal cookie
bar and cream topping, plus a milk chocolate coating. Each package comes with a couple
of fingers, unless it’s a multi-pack, which has a lot of fingers in one package. Hungry
people in Germany may find that eating all ten fingers in a multi-pack is far too easy.
Of course, they can also be shared. You’ll find Balisto bars in Germany, as well as a
lot of other European nations, including, but not limited to, France, Hungary and the
Netherlands. These bars weren’t sold in the UK until 2011. The German word for, “dietary
fiber” is Ballaststoffe, which is why this digestive biscuit cookie has its distinctive
name. If you want a candy bar with more fiber than average, you may wish that you could
snack on a Balisto right now. Tons of flavors are available, although availability of Balisto
flavors varies from place to place. Examples of flavors include honey almond, hazelnut
and grain-mix. Some flavors may be limited edition, including the white chocolate and
yogurt flavor. This bar is pretty hard for Americans to order online, but there may be
a website out there that does offer it. It’s out of stock and unavailable at many American
websites that sell candy. Nestlé Blue Riband In Scotland This Scottish confection is made by Nestlé.
It first made an appearance in the marketplace back in the 1930’s. It was produced by a big
Scottish biscuit manufacturer known as Gray Dunn. Made from wafers with plenty of milk
chocolate taste, it is also coated in a slim layer of creamy milk chocolate. Each Blue
Riband contains just 99 calories, so these little indulgences don’t pack a big caloric
punch. It’s also a treat that’s free of artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors and colors. The
Blue Riband was taken off the market for a while, but reappeared during 2004. It’s pretty
easy for Americans to find this candy bar online, although they’ll probably need to
pay more for it than they do for USA chocolate bars, such as Baby Ruths. Those who are willing
to splurge may order Blue Riband candy bars online and enjoy their iconic good taste.
These bars are easy to find in the UK and Europe. They were originally made in a factory
in Glasgow, Scotland. Production was eventually moved to Newcastle, England. If the crisp
crunch of wafers is what you like, you’ll probably love the Blue Riband, and, hopefully,
you’ll get the chance to try it some day. Candy fans usually love experimenting with
candy bars from other countries, although they may go back to the tried-and-true favorites
that are sold in their own countries. Maltesers Teasers In The UK You may have heard of Maltesers. They are
very famous in the UK. They are round candies that so many people crave. There is a candy
bar called Maltesers Teasers, which features that classic and delicious Maltesers taste,
with the convenience of a chocolate bar. Teasers are chocolate bars with little chunks of Maltesers
candies embedded in them. Sounds good, doesn’t it?  So, what do Malteser candies taste like?
Why are they so popular that they’ve been added to the chocolate bars that are branded
as Teasers? Well, these candies have chocolate coating and airy, crisp centers. They are
so popular that they are sold in bucket form in the UK, in addition to being sold in single
sizes and other sizes. The good news is that Maltesers candies became available in the
USA in 2017, after years of being candies that were not easy to find in America. This
candy is one on the list that will be so easy to enjoy in the USA. Twix bars were also brought
from the UK to Canada and that whole experiment turned out to be a huge success. Since Maltesers
are still available in the USA, including Teasers, which are a little harder to find
than the round chocolate candies, you should give them a test drive, if you haven’t already. Cadbury Caramilk In Canada Caramilk chocolate bars are legendary in Canada.
They are loved by Canadians. Each Caramilk is a candy bar that contains hollow milk chocolate
pieces filled with creamy caramel. Canadians break up the Caramilk bars to eat the chocolate
pieces, or bite into the bars to release the luscious caramel. However people eat their
Caramilk bars, they love the way that they taste. These uniquely Canadian chocolate bars
aren’t easy to find in America. They aren’t sold online in the usual places where people
go to buy whatever they want. They may be available at specialty candy shops that stock
imported goodies. Even though Caramilks aren’t available in America, they are chocolate bars
that a lot of Americans have tried. That’s because plenty of USA residents cross the
border into Canada once in a while. If you’re planning on visiting Canada, you’ll be able
to find Caramilk bars almost everywhere that candy is sold. Stay right here and tap on another one of
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