What’s up Members of the Barrio? It’s Jon, coming to you from Manhattan And today we’re going to be exploring one of the most famous things in New York City Rooftop Bars We’re going everywhere from Midtown Manhattan Hotels To hip spots in Brooklyn To the beach in Queens Get ready In no order The Top 10 Rooftop Bars in New York City Guys, make sure to check out my other New York City Playlists linked down below Here we go.. Normally when you think of rooftop bars in New York City You think of cocktails But if you’re a wine afecianado.. Rooftop Reds is your place If you want unique You found it The first place in the world to grow their own commerically viable wine On a rooftop Is located here.. Just make a reservation online And head inside the Brooklyn Navy Yard For this hidden gem Half the fun is finding it You’ll need to walk inside a non descript factory building Head to the 4th floor But you’re in for a treat We were cooled off on a hot summer day By some incredible chilled Rose They have an expansive wine menu starting at 9 dollars a glass You can even drink their own rooftop reds selection My favorite part of the experience Was just roaming the active vineyard Which is transformed into a super chill area Great for a group of friends From playing cornhole To admiring the views Heck, take a nap like I did And enjoy the kind of experience You can only find.. In New York City 230 Fifth is the city’s most famous rooftop bar And while it does get the most tourists And attention I’m still a big fan This 2 floor establishment.. has a little something for everybody The 20th floor is where you go to dance And enjoy some skyscraper views from the large windows But my favorite thing is going to the top floor Where you can practically reach out and touch the Empire State Building You can even don a free red robe during the colder monthes I recommend you go during happy hour From 4-7 PM during the week For discounted drink specials And smaller crowds But if you want to be in the center of everything Come on a weekend night And enjoy some of their $14 cocktails With one of my favorite views in the city If you want a classic New York Rooftop With amazing martinis Castell is definitley the place Located a top the AC Hotel in Times Square Head to the 21st floor to find.. what you’d probably envision.. In a New York rooftop Amazing views.. check A stylish interior perfect for a group Check Incredible cocktails.. You guessed it.. check I hardly ever order Martinis But when I found out it was their specialty I just had to indulge My 18 dollar Vesper Martini mixed with gin, vodka, and Lilet Blanc Was worth every penny Team Adriana really enjoyed her Tropic Tango Pisco Pair that with very friendly service And there was something really cozy.. About a night out here I’d highly recommend it For a classy date That you won’t soon forget And if you’re into martinis You’ve come.. to the right place. Bungalow, I decided to get creative here And when you’re at Sea Level In Rockaway Beach Queens An elevated deck is as good As a rooftop Cap off any trip to the beach With some of the coldest beer in Queens Or so they say.. And with that gorgeous view of Jamaica Bay This feels more like the Jersey SHore Than one of the largest cities in the world But who can argue with cold $6 beers on tap And live music around sunset On a warms summer night Bungalow is worth a visit If you’re looking for a secret garden type of vibe Go to the rooftop of the McKittrick Hotel Home of Sleep No More And visit Gallow Green If you’re not familiar with Sleep No More It’s one of New York’s most interactive theater experiences. And well.. I’ll let you go see the show yourself But consider Gallow Green An extension of it Inspired by Shakespeare’s MacBeth Set in Scotland It’s outfitted as a vintage train station With actual tracks Flowers.. Herbs.. and hanging vines.. Heck even the cocktails are inspired by the show At 17 dollars a pop My sleep no more with vodka.. liquor and rose cider Was absolutely refreshing.. on a warm evening Adriana sticking to her Mexican Roots Loved the Summer Bees A great blend of Tequila, Watermelon, vanilla, and Lime It’s so fresh I recommend checking out the Club Car or Manderely Bar downstairs.. as well There’s so much going on at the McKittrick HOtel And having dinner or drinks at Gallow Green Is just one amazing reason to go One of the newest rooftops on the list Dear Irving on Hudson has.. some serious buzz For good reason Only open since January If you like amazing cocktails And great views Head to the Aliz Hotel.. located next to Times Square Hit the 40th Floor And you’ll enter a classy space That doesn’t take itself to seriously Unless of course we’re talking about the drinks And this is under the same umbrella as the Dear Irving Speakeasy in Gramercy Known for their incredible cocktails The menu with cocktails priced at $18 had some nice touches Like an ode to the Empire State With all of the spirits being made in New York I loved my La Paloma With Blanco Tequila Adriana enjoyed her Panaroma Daiquiri.. Made with rum and pineapple.. With quite the panaroma I have to say Insider tip if you make a reservation ask to be seated on the 41st floor Views are even better And the decor is just a touch classier Perfect if you have a big date or night to celebrate Any place that does cocktails as well as Dear Irving on Hudson Is a winner.. In my book.. If you want something hip and new In Bushwick Brooklyn Check out the Ledge It’s 1970’s themed And it has a really cool happy hour Until 9 o’clock during the week If you want to find the next trendy rooftop spot To hit up in Bushwick I give my vote to the Ledge I’m not sure what it is about retro themes.. But these guys nailed it.. With the Calfornia Dreaming angle Even the cocktails are west coast inspired With fresh fruit and veggies mixed in Our bartender made us 3 different libations A Watermelon Tonic Campari Sunrise And Cucumber Gimlet Nobody was complaining And the decor outside.. Very cool to hang out During those warm weather months As a cool bonus Head across the hall to their sister bar Gemelli.. and not only does it have nice views But also is a full service Italian restaurant This is a 2 for 1 roofop bar experience in Bushwick That needs to be .. on your radar If you’re looking for something relaxed, with a group of friends Very unpretentious in Midtown You need to hit up Cloud Social If you’re going to be near Koreatown in Manhattan Which is a worthy stop by itself Pop into Cloud Social Located on the 17th floor of the New York Manhattan Hotel Sneak a peek of the Empire State Building I highly recommend this spot for a big group of friends Or an after work activity if your job is in Midtown They have happy hour specials but you should order one of their strong summery cocktails At $15.. Our bartender was on point Team Adriana approved And hey look I was trying to be fashionable This drink kind of matches my shirt doesn’t it? I loved the chill social vibe here And am putting this right up there.. With the other awesome roof top choices In the Midtown Manhattan area If your’e looking for something classy after work At PHD Terrace to your list, especially on Tuesdays Especially on Tuesdays is right When they host their Aperitivo Tuesday Positano Edition Parties In the Spring and Summer The rooftop is transformed into a festive Italian theme And my favorite part.. Is the complimentary food.. That’s right.. have some small bites until 7PM On the house Including a cheese station And if you want to take advantage of the Happy Hour Until 6 o’clock.. There’s a $5 cocktail special The Spritz Violette You can also order $18 cocktails throughout the event And if you really want to go baller Order the $85 Spritz Flight Which includes a bottle of Prosecco And 4 different juices to make your own cocktails For a small group To me this is the best of both worlds A classy place where you can actually take advantage Of some great deals Which makes this one of the best rooftop Happy Hours In all of Manhattan The Magic Hour Rooftop Bar and lounge may be one of the most unique Choices on this video And you’re about to find out why It’s unique alright Head inside this quirky place located at the top of the Moxy Hotel In Times Square This bar is known for their outlandish food and drink choices Which automatically makes me a fan We sampled some crazy selections from their curiousities menu Like the $65 Rose Ole Margarita A 25 ounces it could easily serve 3 or 4 Or the Doctors Orders Two IV Bags of Bacardi Lime Rum At $60 Oh the fun you could have with these The Carnival theme continues on the other side of the roof Where they have a tiny mini-golf course Did I mention how photogenic this rooftop was yet? You can also order $15 buzz pops With tequila, rum, and vodka We had some fantastic appetizers Including my surprise favorite The New York Pretzel If you want to have a really fun outlandish party With a small group The Magic Hour Rooftop should be.. Your destination Guys I hope you got a lot of ideas from this video Make sure to tell down below in the comments which one of these rofotops Was your favorite? I’m curious And also watch my other New York City playlists All linked down below In the description Guys thank you so much for watching as always Until next time.