[Music] [Applause] [Music] well you guys asking this question the most how to start what would be my first move or first routine there is no better time than now and today guys I will show to you first ten moves that you should learn if you just get an inter learning bar-chix always start with a napkin and this one is really simple so just start holding it like this is the napkin hold it in your left hand and place it on top of your fingers try not to make the moves really short and try to do like this one and two put it upside down and the second version of this move is also really simple so let’s say you take napkin like this from bar Kelly and then you place a fingers on top and try to do like this one two one two so once you grab it like this put it upside down and it just end up on top of your fingers and you place on top of the bar super smooth and easy one more time see the napkin you take it – now we need to ice it up the glass and you see I picking it up and then just do this movement you see it’s like a full rotation and one two and I’m just pretty much ready to put ice so it just this is the movement one to try a few times maybe just like with with empty hand also the same move could be done with shaker one so next is shaker and instead of just take it like this you see what I do I’m gonna hold my hand here ready to a catch and basically just tap the top a little bit so it’s fallen to your right hand so you see and it looks really different when you come one two okay next you move it into your left hand so just try to do it a few times this move is so good you guys will be able to do with everything eventually you will be able to do it like with liquid so you just pour a little bit and then you will be able to do this the same with ice you need to put one scoop of ice and do this rotation try not to do it slow just like this you can do it one and then bring it on top of the bar but once you get better you’ll be able to pretty much do this you put scoop of ice and bring it straight on top of the bar so next we need to put a cheater shaker on to chill so there’s two ways the easiest one you can just do the same way just like you did with your left hand so you can do this one and place it like this or if you put just slightly more effort you can just do this little throw so you see it’s super super simple it’s like not even full rotation don’t throw it too hard so basically this is the grip this is how you hold it and then you do it like this so and you have shaker in your hand and then just try to do two times try not to hold it lower because you will have less control of catching it so like it’s kind of little cheating if you like hold fingers like you’re ready to catch so and this is how you do it pom pom first of all easiest or the second version and now we’re ready to pour so you just I would recommend before you start using liquid of course practice with plastic bottle and this is the grip right hand hold it between middle finger and index and hold it like this so and try to do rotation you see a 360 from here to here and pour so this this looks really nice one two then cut and pour again and cut this probably is the most challenging from this routine because it will be little different depends on amount of liquid so I’m going to show to you with full bottle and you will see how it looks to the grave you grab a bottle just like this like top of the neck and you do full rotation and into the poor do the cut and then to put a little bit more of course if you get it cut again and when you finish here you can bring it back to the well or you can just do full rotation like this if you have less than half full you could get the only wrist working and you just do this move if you have like completely full bottle what you can do is just you need to make this move little wider so you see it like this one to make you for example half like a little bit less than half full but you see we have like water here and you can just do it like this palm poor take it straight from the well and then you do the move one do this up the easiest a little bit harder when you have to do two stop and the third one the hardest next would be moved with jigger and I can tell you it would look the best and easiest to do with the Japanese jigger so what you need to do is just for example normally you would just pour ingredient and pour but now we’re gonna pick up jigger with index and middle finger and try to do this rotation this is the easiest version reverse grip you put upside down and then pour but the second version where you can just do them roll over the thumb with your fingers you push it over and it also end up in this position so you see like this doesn’t matter what part you can put it like this or upside down but what I would recommend to do is combine this with the roll over the thumb but do it at the same time and look how beautiful it looks so you have ingredient you pick up jigger one two and then you ready to pour pretty cool right so next would be moving spoon I’m gonna use the long one or a little bit shorter but you guys will be able to do with any spoons okay so this is for example if you need to stir for example or if you would like to add ingredient like I show to basically this is the move you can hold this is the basic one like this just between your index and thumb and then do one single rotation your middle finger push it and this is one full movement you see it’s just one two and bring it back and ready to steer so a I can tell you that it would be a little bit easier if you actually use a long spoon so you see it one two and you’re ready to stir but to make it look even better instead of just holding it like this I would just recommend to hold it horizontally that’s why it would look better if you do it this way one two so you see this is exactly the same move one two but we just hold it this way and you see I don’t start it right away straight we’re looking left I move it a little bit even more so you see I started here and did full rotation and end up here this option number one and option number two I also forgot to mention did you can just make it look even better if you like move it from left to right or if you just move it up and down [Music] so now it’s time to get to the water from this shaker and next comes trick with the strainer well this is probably the easiest one in this routine all you need to do I’m using by the way this strainer and I love it but you guys will be able to do it with any strangers you just place it like this so and then you do rotation 360 with your index so this is the move you just do like this one and then you’re ready to strain you also can make this move look a little better if in just instead of like do it here you can move it from left to right like other moves too so like this one – like for example if your sink is on the right side you pick it up and then just do it like this and then strain next actually takes little more practice so that’s why I would just recommend to practice with ice so now we have this set up where you need to add ingredients on top of fresh eyes and we normally just pour close it and start shaking but this is what I would recommend to do so let’s say you have liquid here let’s put some eyes and now look just try to practice a few times this really cool move again instead of just doing traditionally where you pour ingredients close it and start stretching so now we’re going to do it this way make sure you have plenty of room nothing around you hold shaker like this on the bottom your left hand sort of like support in here and not super obvious but just slightly supporting and try to cover it few times so it’s supposed to look like this again just without ice like this pretty quick but now with ice the same way just you need to do it a little bit fast bomb cover it and it’s not gonna make any difference if you put liquid now it’s just for practicing because your goal is just basically cover it really quick and we use in standard Boston shaker 28 ounces and 18 ounces to do shaker so they fit perfectly into each other this is our drink this is our fresh ice keep in mind guys you will be able to incorporate this tricks into any cocktail so if you make a Negroni old-fashioned and classic or modern cocktails so thank you so much for watching as always please consider subscribing don’t forget to hit the like button like this and I will see you guys [Music]