– [Reacher] If you’ve ever felt the need to get away from it all, but don’t want to leave your house, then you won’t want to miss this. This is Reacher, and here
are ten amazing boat homes and future houseboats. (upbeat music) Number 10. Designed and built in Berlin, the Nautilus House Boats
are bringing modern design to the waterfront. At two stories tall, it
offers plenty of room onboard. The first level has a living
area, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. The second level houses the master bedroom and a large upper deck, accessible by a curved staircase built right into the back of the boat. While the design of the beautiful
floor-to-ceiling windows alone is enough to prompt a sale, the base model comes with a few extras, including an electronic convertible roof, an integrated sound system, and LED lighting inside and out. Pricing starts out at around $230,000. (peaceful music) Number nine. Not only can you live on the water, but with this houseboat
you can live off the grid. Offering a new take on
the green lifestyle, this houseboat was made with
passive design strategies in order to be self-sustaining. Using solar panels and wind turbines, the design allows natural
heating, cooling, and ventilation, all while giving you control
at the touch of a finger using Smarthome automation which can be controlled
via your smart phone. Sizes range anywhere from 500 square feet to 2,000 square feet, based on the customers’ needs. The base model has two
bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom, living area, and a patio style upper deck for lounging. And with all it’s modern furnishings, this boat will definitely catch your eye. Pricing on these starts out at $115,000. (peaceful music) Number eight. Modern and eco-conscious, the Floatwing is the ultimate getaway spa or the ultimate lake party house. Completely modular in design, the final products is
decided by the owner. Sizes range from 32 feet
to 60 feet in length and can have up to three bedrooms. Designed to be completely self-sufficient, the batteries can last up to
seven days on a full charge. It has the option for a solar panel array to be mounted on the roof, as well as having a
water filtration system, fully equipped kitchen, and a pellet stove for
warmth on those cooler days. Pricing starts out at around $250,000. (peaceful music) Number seven. Moat Manufacture released
a new premium houseboat which is perfect for a weekend getaway. This floating hotel room
has a steel construction which is insulated and noise proof. The intelligent engineering of the boat allows it to be made according
to the needs of the user. The innovative modular
design can be arranged into an apartment with
sleeping for up to four, or you can have an apartment
with an office in the back, or even a sauna. And let’s be honest, we’re
all gonna choose the sauna. It comes standard with
eco-friendly features, such as systems for clean water filtration and waste water treatment, as well as having a 25-year warranty so you know you’re taken care of. Pricing on this one
starts out at $150,000. Before you get washed away
by these amazing houseboats, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and hit that bell icon to stay up to date on all our latest videos. Number six. Nautilus has created the only
holiday home you’ll ever need with this two-story design. The first floor has the
living area, kitchen, and a bathroom. The second level has the master bedroom and another bathroom. Ranging in size from 500 square
feet to 1700 square feet, it comes equipped with a hanging stove, water and sewer treatment systems, and under floor heating. A spiral staircase allows
access to each level, including the roof, which can be used as a sundeck
or space for solar panels. Multiple options of features
are available for this one, with a base price of around $220,000. The company also has a
project development team that can build you a complete marina with included floating homes built directly on your
shoreline from the water up. (peaceful music) Number five. Inspired by Ikea’s modular furniture, this build-it-yourself boat may be more frustrating to put
together than an Ikea table, but I promise it will
be much more satisfying. With 10 different types of sections, you can choose how each
space of your home will look. Each one is equipped with electric motors in order to reduce their carbon footprint. The standard unit includes a living area, kitchenette and dining
area, bedroom and bathroom, with everything being
customizable down to the color. With the company offering
designs for floating cafes, cargo transport models, and homes, the sky is the limit. Or the ocean is the limit. Whatever floats your boat. Or house. Pricing starts out at around $125,000. (peaceful music) Number four. Completely state of the art
and completely gorgeous, the Waterlovt is one of
the best-looking houseboats on the market. Made from recycled and reclaimed wood, it’s extremely environmentally friendly. One of the options adding
to its self-sufficiency is the ability to include solar panels to power your air
conditioning, washing machine, television, lights,
and kitchen appliances, as well as charging a battery for use even when the sun goes down. The entire boat is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass windows for a stunning view in
every room of the house. There’s even an option for
a basement to be included in the houseboat. This allows you to be on the
water for as long as you want and still feel like you’re
in any house built on land. Pricing on this one
starts at $1.2 million. (peaceful music) Number three. If you have a love for the life
forms that live in the deep, then this houseboat
may be your dream home. Hidden from sight, the underside of the boat
is covered in planters, which create habitats for fish while helping to purify
the water at the same time. The basement has a large window, allowing the occupants to
observe the underwater creatures without even having to get their feet wet. On the other hand, the inside is a little less fishy. With a very modern and spacious design, this boat is as gorgeous
as it is functional. It uses the water around
it for heating and cooling, as well as having a rooftop solar array that provides power to the home. Unfortunately, this one is privately owned and the owners have plans to keep it, but considering how awesome it is, you’ve got nothing to lose
by making them an offer. Number two. If you thought the underwater planters on the last houseboat were cool, then let’s see how you feel
about an attached coral guard. The master bedroom, positioned
in the underwater level of the Floating Seahorse, offers just that along with a
giant window to view it all. Talk about an expensive aquarium setup. With three levels, there’s plenty of room
for the whole family. It comes with four sleeping
areas, a large living area, a kitchen, two bathrooms,
and heating and air. There’s even an easy access
ladder to get back on the boat after you enjoy your
backyard swim session. There are three different
options for this one, with sizes ranging up to a
little over 4,000 square feet. Pricing on these start
out at around $3 million. Before we reveal out number one pick, we’d like to remind you to comment below and let us know which
one is your favorite. (peaceful music) Number one. If you’ve always wanted a
pyramid but hate the sand, then you’re still in luck, since you can go ahead and get this one that goes on the water. Inspired by Mayan and
Japanese architecture, these multi-level floating buildings are the basis around the
idea for a floating city. It has 10 different floors
and floats about 100 feet above the waterline. These floors create sections which overlap and sit on top of a floating basement that provides an entrance
for boats to dock and people to enter the building. The surface of each section
is covered in solar panels, allowing the entire building to collect and store energy. Water turbines are also used for power, ensuring that each building will be entirely self-sufficient. While an entire city is a lofty goal, I would love to see it
made into a reality. The project is set to be
completed by the year 2022. (peaceful music) – Hey guys, this is Katzy. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments below what you found to be the
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