Hi everyone, this week I wanted to share
some of my top travel tips with you. My favorite country during my travels was
Indonesia. So today I wanted to go over ten amazing experiences to have in Bali. Get hashtag blessed. Yes I said that. Bali is Hindu and you see that in every aspect of their life. One thing you
can do when you visit is go to a priest and actually get blessed. We’re about to be blessed. So blessed. Yes. Essentially they’ll say some words, end up tying this little string
around your wrist, which represents the three gods. The whole concept is that
you wear this and the gods always know where you are and they protect you so
once it falls off and I guess you’re not protected anymore. The other cool way to
get blessed is through visiting Pura Tirta Empul. This is a unique
experience where you actually visit a temple and you go into their sacred
waters and you go there, you go under 13 waterfalls and each one blesses you in a
different way. It’s almost like a meditative experience.
There’s a lot more history about it if you google it and it tells the story of
how the spring, the natural springs, got there. It’s been a ritualistic place for
thousands of years in Bali and it’s definitely worth visiting. It’s open to
the public. If you’re going to go I recommend going in the morning because
the lines in the afternoon can get pretty intense and you really want that
individual experience when you go there. If you’re going to Bali you need to
visit Ubud. Ubud is all those classic Instagram shots you’ve seen of rice
fields, all the greenery. When you go to a Ubud and you go to the rice terraces my
favorite one is Tegallanlang rice terrace this one’s really beautiful. If you go
just make sure that you don’t pay the locals to enter because some people end
up paying and it’s actually just a tourist scam that people will stand there and they’ll say “Oh to get in you need to pay
entry”. You don’t need to pay entry. Anyone can enter. Definitely go during sunset
it’s unbelievably stunning. Staying in a bubble hotel. In Bali there’s this
company that, it seems like no one really knows about them, so insider tip. You can
only book these bubble hotels through Airbnb and they only have five of them.
Last time I was there at least it was only five. Essentially, what it is, is you
hike down this cliff. It takes about 30 minutes. You get to the bottom and it’s
just your bubble hotel and there’s literally no one there. It’s a private
beach so you have this amazing view to yourself. They can set up a campfire at
night, they can bring you all sorts of customized. There was a romantic package
where they would put like rose petals on the bed. There were cooking packages
where they could bring you a little food to cook, a grill. There was a lot of
different packages and it was a cool experience. Really recommend doing that.
The link below to their site, which is just Airbnb, is in the comments. Watch
traditional Balinese dance. There are two great places to see Balinese dance while
you’re there. The first one is in Ubud, where Balinese dance was first created.
That’s where you’ll see the most authentic experience for dance. They do
it inside Ubud Palace and the tickets are literally five dollars. Number two is
Uluwatu Cliff Temple. This one was my favorite. It’s a performance that
tells a story of the gods, and they do it in this Coliseum that overlooks the
ocean and they have a group of fifty men that make all the noises from nature and
then they have actors that danced out this traditional story of the
gods. Just so stunning. They perform it at sunset. There’s a fire component as
well. So if you go to one of one or the other I definitely recommend going to Uluwatu before Ubud Palace. You’re in Bali so obviously you need to experience their
party scene, which it almost feels like Ibiza vibes at some points. It’s beachy,
it’s fun, it’s cheap. You have some of the most stunning pool bars that are on
beaches that I’ve ever seen in my life. The Lawn: which has a pool overlooking
the ocean and it’s a really good location for sunset. Ku De Ta: which is
actually the highest ranked cocktail bar experience and restaurant in Bali.
Sundara; which is inside a five-star resort. They have these lounging
areas by the pool and they serve amazing cocktails. This one is called La Laguna,
and this one does not have a pool, but it’s definitely worth visiting because
it’s a gipsy vibe. They have this massive lawn and it’s just this giant lawn party. They have a DJ that’s inside of an old
school like gypsy circus car and they play great music. They have epic parties. Those four places if you want to check out the nightlife scene in Bali
are epic! Like there’s nothing like it anywhere else that I’ve seen. For that
price, I mean for that price it is so cheap. Just the variety of beaches they
have, specifically hidden beaches. My favorite hidden beach that we discovered
while we were there was Bukit Badung Beach. That one is really unique
because you can only access it when the tide is low. When the tides high it’s not
even something you can go to so on the top cliff portion of it there’s a little
restaurant that you can dine at and the waters unbelievably blue. There’s little sea caves. It’s a place you want to check out.
Snorkeling and the Gili Islands. Now I know that the Gili Islands are
technically not Bali, but they are a quick weekend trip from Bali.
I stayed in Lombok when I was visiting them and from the hotel that we stayed
at we could rent this amazing Dragon Boat, traditional dragon boat, that was
carved from wood and go to the different islands. And it was literally only a
hundred dollars to rent this private tour and boat experience where you could
like have unlimited drinks for the entire day! So that’s the thing I really
like about Bali, it’s so inexpensive. The Gili Islands when we were snorkeling we
saw turtles, we saw amazing coral, tons of tropical fish. It’s some of the best
snorkeling I’ve ever seen and I love snorkeling. One thing I always do no
matter where I am is do a cooking class. I think that cuisine is really a way you
can learn a lot about a culture. I always take a cooking class. I took one in Bali
and Lombok. The one in Lombok was amazing because they set up this gorgeous beach dining area. Check out this video of it. You’ll see what I mean. This is our
dinner for tonight. Around here they’ve lit tiki torches. It’s just beautiful. We
just made this meal, it’s all traditional Lombokanese cuisine. Go to hotel Tugu
in Lombok or Bali. This is my favorite hotel there. It’s the best place to stay,
and it’s totally reasonably priced. The cool thing about these hotels are that
they’re literally a living museum. Most of the artifacts in the hotels are all
antiques, they’re originals, and they have themes. The hotel in Lombok is
themed towards Indonesian legends, and this is a room tour. Check this out.
This is the first doorway, I thought this was the doorway to our room. Turns out
it’s actually the doorway, to the doorway to our room. There are bowls of flowers everywhere,
filled with hibiscus. Everything in here has history and meaning. It’s like a
living museum, so it makes it super, super unique. There’s beach hats, there’s robes, towels. Come through here, look at this tub! Do you see this? It’s a rock that they
carved the inside out of, then put tile here. I’ve never seen anything like this
before in my life. The shower is equally impressive, this is a rain head
shower. The bedroom. We have this beautiful canopy here just fresh flowers
everywhere. My favorite! This bed, I mean this is
so thick, like this whole setup is just so beautifully carved with flower designs and all of that. Let’s take a look outside, where we have our own private pool. Day bed here just for
lounging purposes, if you want to have some nice tea, or coffee, you can sit here
and enjoy the view. That overlooks the turquoise waters of Lombok island and this
is a beautiful sunrise spot so that’s the tour of our place. And number 10. You
know I can’t give you all my secrets in this video so I do have several guides
on visiting Bali, Lombok, the Gili islands on my website, SarahFunky.com, so make
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