There’s nothing better than a dry aged
steak. Since now it is possible to dry aged at
home I’ve been addicted to it. At the same time many people have always asked
me; Guga can you dry aged only one steak? I’ve never been able to answer that
question because it’s not even a thought for me. Dry aging takes time and spending
all that time in only one steak it’s definitely not worth it. But at the same
time if you want to try it to see if you like it that’s a valid question and
today I am putting that to the test. So let’s do it! To ensure there will be no variation
between steaks I am cutting everything from the same piece. I’m aiming for one
and a half inches thick ribeye steaks. Once I was done cutting I was left with
four beautiful choice grade ribeye steaks. I’m giving these ribeyes what’s
called a super trim. This part where you see there’s almost no meat and I love to
use it for my burgers, so I’ll be completely removing this one. Once the
trimming was done I was left with four beautiful steaks. My goal is to resemble
what you will find in your regular grocery store. Since I have four steaks
I’m not gonna be dry-aging every single one of them. We’re gonna do three
different styles. This is an UMAI Dry bag. Even though it’s called a bag it is a
membrane and the great thing is that it allows you to dry aged at home without
any special equipment. Depending on the kit that you choose it comes with large
bags. You’re also able to find smaller ones and says I’m dry aging only one
steak I’ll be using this one today. The great thing about this membrane is that
it allows moisture to escape without allowing anything bad to get back in.
Since these steaks are completely cut we need a special setup.The first thing I
need to do is choose the steak for the dry aged and I’m feeling this one will
be great. As you can see the top of the steak there’s no moisture if I just put
it in the oh my dry bags you won’t have great content you want the meat to stick
to the membrane and the way to do that is to get a little bit of water on top
of the steak. And here’s how to do it just get the surface nice and wet with
cold water, be sure to apply it to both sides and add the steaks to the bag. The
kit comes with this special fabric which allows you to suck all the air out. Using
any regular vacuum sealer just seal as much as you can. Once I was done
vacuuming you can see there still a few air gaps and that’s okay. Now there’s
left to do is put it on a cooling rack to have a dry-aged. Normally I will
dry-aged a whole piece for no less than 35 days but if I do that to this one
steak there’s not gonna be anything left. So I’ve chosen to go 14 days. Now there’s
nothing else to do but leave it in my regular refrigerator until the time is
done. The very next steak we’re gonna be using as a control now to preserve the
steak as fresh as possible I will be freezing it. If I leave it inside of the
refrigerator for 14 days it will be wet aging that’s not what we want.
As a control it would be frozen and then slowly defrosted. It is the closest thing
that we can get to a fresh steak. Our next experiment is very interesting I’ll
be using butter and fish sauce together. If you are unfamiliar with fish sauce
there’s a lot of people that swears by dry aging it with a few days is amazing.
And here’s how to do it; to the bowl I added three sticks of room-temperature
butter followed by two tbsp of fish sauce. Then I mixed up everything well
until everything was combined together. I started by spreading one side as much as
possible. It is important that you cover every single piece of the steak. If you
don’t, the parts that are uncoated will be completely oxidized. Then I laid it
down on some parchment paper. This part is crucial because it ensures me that
the bottom is completely covered with the butter. Now all there’s left to do is
spread the rest on top and on the edges and my fish sauce butter dry-aged is
ready. The very next one is pretty similar but instead of using fish sauce
I decided to use the thyme then I combined everything together with the
butter until I made a nice herb paste. I’m doing the same exact process of the
previous steak which is coating the first side then laying it down on
parchment paper and then finishing it off on the top and the edges. Once I was
done you can see no part was left uncoated. Now that we have both steaks
ready all there’s left to do is put it on my regular refrigerator and wait 14
days. After 14 days I took out of the
refrigerator and this is what the regular dry aged steak looked like. Even
before opening the steak there’s a huge dent. It shrink the steak tremendously
especially on the eye section. This is expected and what dry-aged does it
allows the moisture to escape from the meat. Then I quickly opened it up and
this is what it looks like. Once I hold it in my hand I can t ell you that it feels hard and it’s also pliable.And smelling it oh wow it smells nice. I
would say this is a perfectly dry aged steak. One of the biggest fear I had
dry-aging only one steak was the amount of loss we’re gonna have. So I started by
trimming the edges off. I have never been so careful trying to remove as little as
possible. When you are dry aging a big piece you really want to take out as
much as you can and with this steak I was really careful not to take too much
out. A lot of people have always asked me; Guga why don’t you just leave it and
eat it with it? Guys it’s not good it is great for something like a long cook
like a chili or maybe it even making hamburgers out of it. But to cook it
medium rare and a steak it is not ideal, trust me you will not like. Once the
whole trimming was done I was left with a tiny little steak. I would normally trim even more, but I
feel like if I do then we’ll have no steak left. It used to be an inch and a
half thick,I would say now is less than an inch. After doing so many dry ages in my
life I can also tell you that it feels just like a real regular dry aged steak.
It also smells wonderful and I can’t wait to find out what it tastes like. By
that time the herbs and the butter dry aged ones were also read. The
interesting thing about the butter ones is that it becomes a crust and you can
just crack it open like a nut shell. You can easily peel it off like nothing.
Once I smelled it it just smells like regular butter nothing else and this is
what it looks like. Even though it looks a little bit of oxidized in some parts I say that it’s perfectly preserved. Then I jumped right into the herbs one, and as
previously it cracks like a nut shell. A lot of people have asked me before; Guga
can you reuse the butter that you dry aged with? I am not sure if you can I
recommend not to. Even for basting I don’t recommend using it it is best to
discard it. After removing it you can see that is slightly oxidized as well. But
the wonderful thing is that no trimming is needed. I would say the steak remained
the same exact size it started with and that’s a plus on my book.
The control steak was also defrosted and it remained the same size. Once that was
done this is what they looked like. To make sure I really tasted the steak I
only season them with salt and pepper nothing else. Now that I have all these
steaks seasoned I’ll be using my wireless thermometer to ensure they’re
all cooked to the exact same temperature. But now I say it is enough talking and
it is time to cut down so let’s do it! Alright everybody we have our beautiful
steaks here. What do you think Angel? Well they’re a lot better than last week.
That’s right! Today I got a big, what? Crust. We are the crust
people if you don’t make a steak with a crust it’s not good do you agree? Yeah.
Yeah and last time I did it last week we had the pineapple steak and didn’t have
a wonderful crust and crust is important. Very, very important. What does that face you like that pineapple. That pineapple was so bad. Don’t go watch that video, please. Anyway
they want to see us try a steak Angel. Are you ready to try it? Sure let’s see. So we have an
experiment here we have steak ABC and D. I want to know which one you like best
and what is the difference between them. But I say is enough talking let’s give
them a try. Yeah? Cheers everybody. Cheers! That’s a good steak. That’s Guga steak right there my brother. That’s what I’m talking about. Way better than last one. That’s a good one!
That is phenomenal everybody absolutely fantastic. It’s time for the second one
you ready? Always ready. Dig in. Cheers everybody, second one. Mmmm, that’s a good one! That’s nice!
More tender. Mm-hmm. Super juicy I’m about to go like this. Man oh I like that one.
It tastes almost like if you marinated it or something. Yes it’s true. You
marinated it? No I didn’t. Oh I thought you were saying like yes cuz you did. There’s no
marination whatsoever but you can definitely feel a different
additional flavor like there’s some additional taste in there like some herbs.
Yes. in there or some marination in there. There’s something going on here it doesn’t have
an even the aftertaste is a little bit… It has a nice aftertaste in the end and
that taste is nice and… And it lingers. Yeah it stays there in your mouth that
is wonderful. Okay. Ready for the third one? Yes! Go for
it Angel. Dry age steak let’s go! What do you mean dry stake why are you
saying that? Just because it’s smaller? No! I’ll know for sure after I try it. Look, Angel is becoming a steak guru you know I give you and trick him anymore.
Just because the steak is smaller you automatically assume that it’s dry aged.
Next time you gotta cut them all nice and small like that, like they’re all like that. Third one everybody. Um huh…oh man. What happened Angel? It’s dry aged steak. The dry agedness is there. Um hum. You can feel that dry agedness right away
hits you it’s not an overpowering taste. It’s a it’s an amount that is perfect
for me, if you ask me. So how many days of that? How many days of what dry aging? I
can’t even trick him anymore everybody he’s getting too smart on me. I’ll tell
you after we try all of them sounds good? Alright. But yes you’re right it is dry aged.
Alrght Angel let’s go for the last one. This is gonna be a good one? Best for last?
Cheers Oh. Well. You say best for last. Well I was wrong. What happened? You didn’t like that one? I must say. It wasn’t the best. Super
tender. It is tender. But it has an off flavor.
Yeah the aftertaste on this one was a little… Describe it to the audience will you feel on that one.
You immediately go to the second one You see my face?
No, no description necessary? If I have to describe this one… Tell me. I will say
everything I love about this one is the opposite in this one. It’s the opposite. The opposite flavor of this one. Alright are
you ready to find out what it is? I mean I know this one. You know this one right
here, so all of these… I wanted to do this video to give an experience to somebody that never dry aged before to let them know to try only one steak dry-aging.
Is it worth it? Yeah for sure! it works! I think you know what I think that’s awesome
yeah that’s a good idea. It works you can give it a try that I
would recommend a little bit thicker steak though because this is a little
bit too thin you know and… But then if they go thicker then maybe they have to
go longer but regardless I think if you’re trying like let’s say you’ve
never had a dry steak before…. A lot of people ask me all the time Guga what
does dry aged feels like It’s very difficult to describe. If you never had, then one steak
by itself you put on a bag dry age it for 14 weeks? It is not a big commitment
everybody and you can give it a try yourself home. Wait, how long, how long was that? 14 days. Oh days I keep saying weeks. Dang 14 weeks Angel are you crazy? We don’t
recommend this one everybody the fish sauce. Do not put rotten liquid on your steak.
That’s right and if you are wanting to try and not have a big commitment with a
big piece of meat this is recommendable and it is worth and it works. I like that one yes. I would
say I cut my steak one and a half inches thick
just cut it maybe two inches thick you have a better yield. But this worked out
great. Anyway guys these are the results I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If
you do enjoyed this video, make sure you give it a thumbs-up. If you’re not a
subscriber be sure to subscribe for future videos. Remember if you are
interested in anything I use, everything is always on the description down below
thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you guys on the next one. And as you
can see you’re going straight for the dry age. I cut I cut some for both of us I’m a nice guy.
I see that very nice oh you’ve got we got to where the thermometer was. What are you
gonna do? Don’t matter thanks for watching guys we’ll see you
in the next one take care everybody bye, bye. Mmm so good. That is my favorite one. You?
I’m between this one here and this one here. I have to go this one just cuz it’s
the perfect amount of dry aged for me. But this one is so good if this wasn’t
here it would have been this for sure 100%.
There you go everybody our favorite is this one second one is definitely the
herbs. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you on the next one take care everybody. Bye, bye.