welcome to Papa Jake’s crib all right this is top of Jake $10,000 bought forth got a nice handle here got the nice gold trip cause you guys come and I’ll show you the crib guys Papa Jake you from Syria we are back with a brand new video and today we are doing another box for challenge I’m in the studio we got like white lights very messy over there we are going to be doing a box for challenge today we are doing the $1.00 box for versus the $1,000,000 box for that’s right you boys getting a new house and it ain’t a regular house gets a box court house if you guys like the box for videos be sure to smack that like button down below oh we get 5,000 likes on this video if we get 5,000 likes on this video guys we were getting ever so closer to us during the 24 hour box for challenge in the woods it’s going to be outside guys so we’re starting out here with the O on a dollar box for it now in order to make the 1 dollar box store we cannot spend any money other than a dollar so this is one dollar worth of tapes and all these boxes came free I mean we had to order stuff off Amazon to get some but other than that they’re pretty much free but yo guys so last time we did a box for challenge video we took up five rules of this tape for our one dollar box for because we’re only spending one dollar on it we only have one roll I don’t really know how this is doing dolo he’s already starting back there shake this out is the brand new knife we just got in it’s like a csgo knife know what is going on so far bro this is have to fit both of us I don’t know so maybe what we do do is we go for like more of like a lean-to with like the front open Jake you’re gonna survive in this yeah this is our $1 box for it so consider we have very little budget for this he’s facing oh god now but I’ll be blood it’s not coming together and you want to do this is good this is good it’s coming together it’s a one dollar box for what we’re here for to be honest guys this is way harder than I thought it was going to be it is really hard to make a box for with $1 bro we have no one supplies it’s so hard I think we can do this dad I believe and what what’s up guys just holding in the box cord so basically orange oh guy okay car entire $1.00 box board is being held up by this I would you want to call it but if I move my hands right now this thing’s gonna fall on the box was gonna fall on us so Logan you need to grab the stick while I tape it down what looks good gentlemen all right guys I present to you the $1.00 box board we only spend a dollar on it we’re using recycled boxes from Amazon purchases I’ll take you into this beautiful inhabitant here we have a floor which is ripped up piece of the box it’s not great and it has a weird smell to it becometh now it’s not very spacious in fact you’re not kneeling you’re lying down to get in this one but that’s okay oh yeah you got really cool to get in here and don’t touch the walls because it’ll come crashing down yeah don’t touch that it’ll fall down now in terms of what we can do in the box for it not much activity room zero and we’ve got this great here that has air coming out of it sometimes not always in fact it might not have any air we have no air so no air conditioning no music no lights no room to move around this is truly a one dollar box for Logan this is for two people get in the box for it bro all right guys so we just finished up with you one dollar box for and Dan that was hard to make but now it is time to make be 1 million dollar box fort that is right Logan get off your bum Marino and get over here because it’s time to make this baby yo this is solid gold duct tape was it silver we are literally using silver duct tape and gold duct tape bro this is expensive and these are the boxes we’re dealing with all right these aren’t used these are brand new double thickness legit boxes and we got a bunch of them slogan look look look we gotta build this box for broken back Oh got a busy drop site so I think we should start with the floor guys let’s get the floor kind of like figure it out man all taped in all right guys so we’re in sauropod building actual blocks for or we’re going to go here and relining everything with this silver paint all right we’re not using any of that blue tape this is pure silver we’re saving the gold for some of the detailing but already this floor is costing more than our last box for the next bits gonna take a bit of time so let’s speed things up we’ve got the expensive gold trim we already have through the wall done here we sell a bunch to go but I will show you guys what it looks like when we add the gold trim on the way a gold trim oh my god oh yeah this is going to look good this gold is almost like 30 grand this is legit Hey I’ll use a bit y’all think fit man dude perfect so one of the car so one of the crazy pilots so one of the crazy things about this port is we’re putting a mini-fridge in it extremely heavy but we are putting it in the middle of the board not only so we get a nice cool refreshing drink but also we’re using as the structural so I can go back to bed back to back we’re also using as the structural integrity up for the roof and of course for the drinks yeah we got drinks on Trey alright guys so now we’re on to the roof which I’m going to do completely in this goal because i want the roots to just look straight baller and once you’re done with the roof and everything else we’re going to go ahead and just put like a lot of gold trim on this place make it look fan like alright guys we have a delivery coming in alright so we are almost on the box for when we decided to get things started we are going to install the TV as well as the chill area alright alright dude I think that’s where the TV is going to go in traditional box for style we have our nice chill area being padded with some bubble wrap delivery I want to play video games alright guys that was the riff have done it we officially have made this door and of course we’ve got Papaji patented door down there and it’s a slider so the slides open it slides open like that but guys this is it are you guys ready to check out the 10,000 dollar box for it we’re going side we’re rocking gold exterior on this box for it guys and we have not scared a single expense the thing is decked out with every single piece of hardware that we own but not only that guys we also install in elevators oh yeah this is it it is officially time to check out the 10,000 dollar box for you guys to see the $1 box for but now welcome to Papa Jake’s crib alright this is top of Jake’s 10 thousand dollar box for got the nice handle here got the nice gold trim why don’t you guys come in i’ll show you the crib you can put the shoes down here come on in alright first things first you’re going to notice that we’ve got this area over here this is how I like my waiting area you know I got a lot of people coming over here checking me out here and they want to hang out with me I say yo wait in the waiting area while I get ready in the back of the box for we also got this bad boy over here he’s mr. room room he’s gonna make sure the box board stays clean you know you don’t want a messy box for check that out alright looks like cleaning up everything guess we’re here you go back to sleep you just chill over here all right back here is the of course living quarters this is our next level premium bubble wrap okay this stuff is very nice good support for your button but um I know it’s a big you know long hallway but if you guys just ran past this hallway you might not notice a bit not only is just built into the house itself but it is also a fridge we’ve got tons of drinking here we got water if you guys we got Bud Light hashtag sponsor leave this bad boy open it acts as air conditioning but come on come on come down here I know it’s a long walk away so let’s get down here guys into the main area of course we’ve got our surround sound speakers which can blast the music alright check this out there all gasp I’m a letter good oh yeah all that goes out I’m late dude you can’t spoil out song after a new rabbit that’s Papa Jake’s new rap song yeah you didn’t hear that close your ears that’s coming out very soon this is my Yeezy 350 boost box but you know we use it to store other stuff we got so many of these lying around for all the uses we have in this box for and of course we love boxes so it just has been put in here what we got boom Nintendo switch because of course you want to play some video games on the Gulf yeah so we play Zelda in the box for on the Nintendo switch yo this is some next-level stuff guys if that’s not enough for you we’ve got something else alright once you’re coming here and you’re chilling out you know maybe the Nintendo switch is not your thing we’ve got a fully working flat-screen TV over here with a backlit view lights you guys can change those lights to whatever color you want Logan is of course in the sleeping quarters over there having a grand old plan if you guys want to play this we have the steam machine that’s right we’ve got our steam machine here so we can actually link up and play any game on my computer from the other room which means we’ve got access to all of my games and the power of a full gaming PC Logan only sleeps on the year above the computer set alright guys so this has been the $1.00 box for a purse is a d-10 $1,000 fox for guys if you enjoyed this video be sure to smack that like button down below hit that subscribe button and destroy that self button so you never miss a brand new video and let us know what we should do in our next box for videos you guys have an idea posted in the comments down below I’ll see you guys next time sudden pop of Jake and Logan Jake Scott is Ocho but guys guys let me know in the comments what should my outro because I don’t know what to say at the end of a video I’ll be reading your comments so let me know what I should say as my outro down below