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lifetime I’ve got one for you it starts November the 11th 2021 it’s a hundred
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on the harmony of the Seas December 6 2020 details just below alright you’re
going on a 122 Day holiday it is a combination cruise jets and everything
else it all starts in London England you’re gonna get on the a380 airplane
from Emirates you’re going to fly first-class to Dubai this is the plane
that has the shower on board so you know you’re gonna take a shower on board with
a nice once you get to Dubai there’ll be a private helicopter to whisk you and
your guests away for a three night stay at the burj al arab hotel it’s a two
bedroom suite when you get here with butler service and everything else no
traffic you’re gonna fly and land on the helicopter pad and enjoy yourself in
this 5-star if not a six star hotel you’re gonna have a day to see a luxury
desert safari you’re gonna go out you got to spend the other time here enjoy
the private beach get a massage enjoy the spa it’s going to be lovely once
you’ve spent three days in this luxury you going to go back on your helicopter
back to the airport in Dubai and you’re gonna catch a private jet and you’re
going to work your way over to Hong Kong the object that you’re going
to be on it could be something like this right here like a Gulfstream 500
something like that at ten thousand bucks a day for this holiday they’re
gonna pamper you with the best so the interior of your plane might look
something like this and for the two of you plenty of room uh you can stretch
out relax and enjoy yourself you’re gonna get to Hong Kong and when you land
in Hong Kong you’re gonna stay at the ritz-carlton for a four night stay you
can enjoy a 180 degree panoramic view from the hotel room that you’re gonna be
out looking out over the harbor and the bay and the the area of Hong Kong
absolutely fabulous you can have a day of leisure all to yourself you’re gonna
get a private land to Island tour then you’re going to finish with Hong Kong
and you’re gonna catch up with your cruise ship you’re gonna catch up with
the region seven seas Explorer cruise ship and you’re gonna start a 32 ultra
luxury vacation you’re going to be staying in the regency explorer suite
the region suite which is 4400 square feet you’re gonna start in hong kong
work your way through Saigon Bangkok Singapore and you’re gonna end up in
Sydney Australia in Sydney Australia after 32 days of cruising you’re going
to be in a park hyatt hotel for 13 nights and you’re right beside the
Sydney Harbour Bridge the rooftop hotel of course as you have access to your
pools and Jacuzzis butler service everything you’re there for 13 days you
have 12 hours everyday of a chauffeur driven limo to take you wherever you
need to go you’re going to take a tour on the 27th of December to the Blue
Mountain tour you’re going to go to see the Blue Mountains on a private tour
beginning with a cable car journey across the jamison valley where you can
spot the three sisters rock formation there it is right there you’re gonna
ride the world’s steepest railway before stopping for lunch
at the top pretty darn nice day there back to Sydney and you’re gonna get
ready for New Year’s Eve you might fly some of your family
members down here to spend Christmas and New Year’s with you but on New Year’s
Eve you’re gonna be watching the fireworks off the bridge right there in
the harbor just like we see on TV every year once we leave here on the 2nd of
January we’re gonna take another private plane to Auckland New Zealand
we’re gonna stay three nights at the Auckland Sofitel viaduct harbour hotel
and we’re gonna have a day of leisure we’re gonna take a private waitomo caves
and hope Aten tour I’m trying to say it correctly I don’t know if I’ve said it
right but we’re going to enjoy the New Zealanders such as the waitomo caves and
Hobart and visiting world-famous glowworm caves during a boat ride along
the underground streams before heading to the Hobbiton movie set for an insight
on how Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogy z– were made so
if you’re into the Lord of the Rings you’re gonna love this private exclusive
tour that’s on January the 4th 2022 welcome to a whole new year now once we
finish with Auckland we’re leaving on the 5th of January 2022 back on the
Regent explorer for a 30 night cruise back in that beautiful suite we just
enjoyed 4500 square foot suite the region’s suite with our own personal
Butler our restocked bar every day we’re going to leave Auckland we’re going to
go all around New Zealand back across Australia and we’re going to end up in
Bali and once we end up in Bali guess what we don’t get off the ship we stay
on the ship and keep right on going for another 32 day cruise
and we’re gonna enjoy all the amenities on the ship going from Bali to Jakarta
to Singapore for a couple of nights to Bangkok back to Santa Saigon or Ho Chi
Minh City gonna be in Hanoi we’re gonna be in Hong Kong we’re gonna end up in
Japan where we end up in Tokyo and in Tokyo we’re going to stay for five
nights in the Aman Tokyo hotel this hotel is kind of famous if you’ve
ever seen the Bill Murray movie where he falls for a younger gal you might
remember the name of that movie a little bit of trivia for you this hotel was
shot it was used for the movie scenes in that movie you’re also gonna get a day
where you’re gonna take a helicopter tour to Mount Fuji this should be a
fantastic tour this is March the 11th 2022 going to Mount Fuji for the day and
a helicopter ride take your camera man are you gonna see some great stuff then
we have a day of leisure on the 12th of March and then it’s all over
March the 13th 2022 we’re going to leave Tokyo gonna leave Japan behind we’re
gonna get on a Singapore Airlines flight and we’re gonna go first class all the
way back to London not a bad way to go but unfortunately it’s over 1.2 million
dollars is the cost of this entire adventure 122 days works out to five
thousand dollars a person per day if you’re not rich now and you become this
rich overnight it might take a bit of adjusting to kind of get used to this
lifestyle I for one would love to try it see if I like it can I handle these
kinds of opulent surroundings on cruise ships and the first-class service on an
airplane I might I’d be happy to give it a go I hope you enjoyed this video if
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