– Can you believe this? I am live guys. I’m gonna wait ’cause
I haven’t announce it, haven’t told anyone that I’m doing this. And even if no one else shows up, I’m gonna go ahead and
record this live video so we have some updates for the channel. And still, 15 seconds in one thumbs up. I see ya, hi one thumbs up. Hi sweetie. I may not do very well at reading comments while also trying to go live. So I’m just gonna give you. Yay, hi sweetie! I’m gonna just give
you some quick updates. So of course, okay, so
I’m gonna go like this, like my eyes are not reading
comments for a minute, okay? Hi sweetie, hi guys. I say that and here I am. Yes, good morning, good
morning, hello, hello. Thank you, yay. I am live for the first time. Welcome to a rainy parking lot. Yay, okay. So I wanted to update you guys, first on where my videos
have been this week. It’s been wonderful and it’s
also been sad for the channel. We have been on our fantastic road trip. We still have a few days left. Don’t worry, there’s a house sitter and security at my house. How do you like that? I’ll say that on the internet. Anywho, my oldest son edits all my vlogs. And he, of course, has been
traveling all around with us because we wanna get him in
on as many trips as possible. And we have just kept that
boy so busy sightseeing, and doing all the things
and having all the fun, his mama hasn’t given him editing time. So there you go. That’s why we have no videos right now. Plus we had some excitement. Whenever we left one of our destinations, which don’t worry I’m gonna tell you all the places that we’ve
been in upcoming vlogs, it’s been a whole lotta fun. One of our destinations we
got four hours down the road, it was like an eight hour stretch. So we left one hotel, eight
hours to the next location, right in the middle we
realized we left his hard drive with over five years of important, just important clips and videos
and things he’s worked on. He’s got a lot of it backed up
like on the cloud and online, but he also had a lot of like
my video editing templates and end cards and things that he uses to edit my videos really quickly. All that to say, that’s why we got no, we’re only gonna have
a live video this week. Next week is gonna start the
whole slew of roadtrip videos. Enjoy family time, yes I see that. Anyway, good morning from Buffalo, good morning from rainy Virginia. Next little thing I wanted to share is just a little positive thinking tip. So you see the rain. You know we are at one of my
favorite amusement parks now, for the last few days. And it is supposed to rain, rain, rain. But we are making the best of it. I told the kids we may not be
able to control the weather but we can always control
our attitudes, right? So we are just gonna have
as much fun as we can have at this amusement park with rain showers. We’re supposed to have like
little breaks in the rain. This park has a lot of live shows. We will still make the very best of it. It’ll still be lots of fun. But just wanted to share that, even though it’s raining
on our parade a little bit, we’re gonna make the best. And then lastly, hi sweet, hi Jenny. On Instagram, excuse me
you’re gonna get my ums ’cause we’re live in
the parking lot, right? (laughs) Good morning from Texas, good
morning from hot Arizona. Anyway one of the questions
I received on Instagram, I have shared a few pictures
from the road over there is people are wanting to know what we’re doing about laundry. And I mentioned and I
think it was my roadtrip like our snack haul, which the snacks have been
going super by the way, I mentioned that what my plan was is each, we would pack two outfits for each person and then plus the outfit we were wearing, which would be three. It ended up by the time
we got out the door everyone had packed three outfits plus the outfit they were wearing. So each of us have
about four outfits each. Of course Benjamin’s got like 10 outfits. But his laundry’s cute and little. And so what we’ve been doing
is about every three days whatever location that we find ourselves, I just run a load of laundry. And it does end up being
like one trash bag full, a smaller trash bag. And we wash that laundry and then I fold it and hand it back out. And so we’ve done that, last
night was our third time and we’ll probably have
to do that one more time and then we’ll end up back at home. So hello from Kentucky. Yes, wonderful. So those are my little updates. And unless you guys, good
morning from North Dakota, yes. That is all I had on my
livestream agenda this morning. I was gonna update you guys on where the videos are right now and then also let you know
about laundry and the rain and how we’re making the best of it. So I guess that’s it. If you guys like these live videos I will try to do more of them. And right now Mr. Travis is in the room. We’ve done two rooms at each hotel. We’ve tried to get more suites that have like the fold
out couch bed and such. He’s in the room with the younger kids. Benjamin is waiting for me
to feed him another yogurt and then my mom is in another
room with the older kids. And oh yeah, so you’re
not, it’s Mrs. Mike. She says have fun, this
is my husband’s account. So I’m gonna have to go through
and read all these comments and I will try to answer you
guys in the comments below. If you can think of any other topics you would like for me to jump on and try some quick
livestreams, we can do that. I thought hey, this would help me get some other videos out too,
if I just hop out here live. I will say hi to my mom. So I’m gonna go guys. I’ll see ya later. I’m gonna hit this X. Okay, bye bye.