– So, today is the day. It’s the day that we
should probably be getting school started. I think this is gonna
be our annual tradition. Last year, instead of
gettin’ school started, we went to IKEA. And so, we’ve had so much
goin’ on like everybody else but just lots going on that
instead of starting school this week, we’re going to IKEA. Yes, we are. We’re actually, I know I
just got off the video where I got all my school
stuff ready and I got my home school room organized and
I’m so glad we got that done. Now, we’re doing, gettin’ a
whole lot prepped and ready because I’m getting ready to lead the live freezer cooking challenge. When you all watch this though,
it’s gonna be wrapping up, but don’t worry, there’ll
be another opportunity for you to join that as well. All that to say, we’re
now not startin’ school til the day after Labor
Day, like good Americans. So, let’s go to IKEA instead. I can’t wait to tell ya what
we’re gettin’ here today. It has been a solid year since I’ve been. There’s probably been five other times where I’ve put it on the
calendar and I wanted to, there it is, and I wanted
to take an IKEA day but today, it’s happening. If I lived up here, this
is what it would be. There’s a Costco there and IKEA’s here. I would just come every week. It’s an hour and a half
for us to get up here but it will be worth it
and it’s also a direction we don’t normally go, so– (kids chattering) OK, now we gotta get kid’s shoes on. Different configurations. Oh look, someone’s got a moving truck. They know what’s right. Just bring your moving truck here to IKEA, load it up. Benjamin, are you excited? We made it? No, it’ll just ride for right now. Hey, push your headband back a little bit. – Hi. – [Jamerill] Hi, do you see yourself? Say hi, Benjamin. Whoa!
– Hi! – [Jamerill] 79 cent plates
and we’ve got kid’s meals. You see the eat, eat, it’s exciting! Yeah, those are the kid’s meals. It’s gonna actually be dinner time. It’s after four. Zion and I are gettin’ food carts. We needed two last time. So here’s how the car turned out. Lots of chicken tenders
and fries and meatballs. So, I am definitely leaving
here with new chairs to go around our kitchen
counter because the two that I found at the thrift
store before we moved over three and a half years ago, they’re just falling apart now. They were great for 14 months but, I’m hoping to get new
kitchen counter chairs and then I got some list of other stuff. So we’re gonna have lots of fun. How was lunch? – Good!
(laughing) – [Jamerill] And then here’s
some fun lunchbox containers. Oh my goodness, these are like, it looks like a big sheet of paper but it’s a dry erase board! I’m shaking. Just like we did last year and they have some of the same toys but
they’ve got a lot of new ones. Every kid is getting to
pick out a new plushie because it’s been a
year, get a new plushie. Even though Naomi is a big
girl now in her fantastic hat, she might need an elephant. Do you need an elephant, Naomi? – I think so. – [Jamerill] I think
so and then, look Liam. How are you not looking at these? – [Boy] The wolves, or the wolves? – [Jamerill] Or the wolves,
what are you thinkin’? Oh, look at that, that’s great! And these little finger
puppets are so cute. I’m getting these for Benjamin. What do you want, Benjamin? He just said monkey or shark. Which one do you want? Oh, is it a kitty? With a backpack! Does the backpack open? – Yep. – [Jamerill] Daniel is in
his socks because his shoes were hurtin’ him. – I like the dog! – [Jamerill] (laughs)
I’m gonna get more kids plasticware definitely. Kits and bowls and I love these. Just the best play food ever. When I’m a grandmother, when I’m Grammy, I’ll have this play
food, but not right now. Then, the tent. That’s cool. – [Boy] What is it? – [Jamerill] Well, it’s like a playhouse. Here it is. Isn’t that cool? So we’ve got our toys to
carry and now we’re gonna start at the beginning. We’re gettin’ girl room
and boy room redo ideas. Oh, you’ll be okay. All the things, all the things. (gasp) Look oh. I love all these chairs,
especially that one there with the stool, that’s nice. The new kitchen is installed, guys. Only Liam’s cookin’ lettuce, I don’t know. We went wrong somewhere. So now, I’m lookin’ at chairs. I also wanted to get
one of their highchairs while we’re here. All the chair options, I
also honestly like this one. This is the other one
that I like right now ’cause it’s small. I mean, I could fit three
or four on one side. I think I might go with these. Of course, I could see
something different. We like these too but they’re so wide, we could probably only
get two on one side. Oh, they do have a nice bench. Yeah, I’ve had an idea
to replace our current dining room table to get two IKEA tables. Okay, Mommy’s gonna do some
measuring and some thinking and some math. This is only 199 and
that bench is only 129. So we decided that I really
should go home and measure before I go home with two
new dining room tables that I’m trying to extend and yeah. So I’m gonna use some sense but still shoppin’ for other stuff. Beautiful. The closet, ah, the organization. Oh, I like that storage, lovely. The ones I want you to
look at, look over there, the ones that have like a
little desk area underneath. Those look really neat. It’s like a you and little Benny bed. Of course, everyone loves
the room with the tunnel. Isn’t that wonderful? – We could both fit in.
– Oh man. Just get some good old fashioned
two-year-old coverings. You can hold em, you can hold em. All kinds of kitchen stuff. Look at the cute little baby colanders. Look at that, so cute. So up here, this is the
pot that I got last year and I’m still thrilled with it. It’s a $39 pot, so those of you who asked the pot that I have, there’s
the name and the price, and I believe it’s 14, oh
it’s 15, 15.9 quarts, okay. And then, how, that’s 15.9. So, I always say it’s 14, so apparently I was wrong
on that but there it is. I love it, use it multiple times a week. Those are nice. Here’s their full collection. Beautiful, beautiful. Lots of pretty blue cups. French press coffee maker
and then these little tea pots where you can
do your own herbs, oh! Lookin’ at cutting boards. Daniel thinks he’s now gonna get a second of the same snake ya got last year, right? One was gonna be his dad or his brother. – [Boy] I got a elephant! – [Jamerill] You’ve got
an elephant and now, probably of course, the dish set that Mama should’ve bought for $39, 18-piece set, lots of white to go with everything. Here’s some pretty colored sets. Oh, that’s fun. Bamboo poles. Yeah, we just got more for Christmas. I was just thinking, do
we need more silverware? Always seems like we run out. Look, we could have school lunch trays. Very practical thing but
I think I’m gonna get new toilet scrubbers for the bathrooms. I know it’s all fantastic but I was saying this basket is fantastic. Okay, they’ve got a bigger
one and a smaller one. I love these. Look at that, so cute. They’re little knobs. – [Boy] Wait, these are knobs? – [Jamerill] They’re
knobs, isn’t that precious? Okay, I’m lookin’ at these. You know my dog food and cat
food kinda sit out in the way. These can be recycle bins
but I’m also wondering, I didn’t measure the space. 16 gallon, huh. I’m thinkin’ if I got two of these, I could use em for toy
storage if it didn’t work for my cat food and dog food dreams. I might give it a try. Look at that, look at that. It’s just, it’s all
amazing and this one too. Wow. So now’s the time where
we’re gonna find our chairs and our high chair and then be tempted at all the other beautiful things. Okay, I went down the wrong aisle, but I got our high chair stuff. Now we’re looking for
aisle 19 for our chairs. We’re at aisle 19. We need 19, bin 17. So we got nine, it looks like it. 12, 14, 15, we’re almost to you, 17! Ingolf white and they have four of em. Okay, now I think I’m gonna get all four. We can definitely put three on one side and then the other one’ll just be extra. Okay Liam, can ya handle it? – Yep. – [Jamerill] Okay, yeah, I like these. Let’s get a couple for
the deck, what ya think? How bout I cook in this hat? My latest cooking hat. Okay so, we’ve got flatbed,
a full cart, another cart. Hey Benjamin, how’s your ice cream? (laughing) Gettin’ everybody all sugared up. Okay friends, we are back from IKEA. It is 9:36. We have all the kids doing a
thing where everyone takes, older kids, take a basket of laundry, fold some laundry and Mama
is filming this IKEA haul. So let me just dive in and
show you what we really got. Well first off, here are the
four new kitchen barstools. I got them in that kind
of off-white color. Gonna have Zion build em, gonna
show you what they look like when they’re done and
these were my biggest IKEA investment tonight. They were $69 a piece. Got four of em, so they were $279.96. This is why I was so thrilled
when we first moved in, I got these two chairs
and you see the state. I got two of these for
$14 at the thrift store and then we also have
our kitchen barstools which just look super
cruddy now and tonight, we are also stain mopping the floors. But this has inspired
me to get fresh ones. They are structurally in good shape. Benjamin wants some peanut butter. Naomi is so smart and creative,
she wants to recover em. I’m just gonna pass em
back to the thrift store and get some other chairs put up. Now Mama’s too tired for that. So, that was Mama’s upgrade in life. Let’s have four fresh chairs
for around the counter. I don’t know. I may love em so much, I
might decide to get rid of some stools and go all four. We’ll just see, we’ll just see, yes. So these are the three
components to Benjamin’s new highchair. My friend over on her
channel used to be called Art of Home and I think now
it’s called Feed a Tribe. She’s a mom of 10 or 11. So I know she’s expecting another one. Anyway, she has really
liked her IKEA highchairs. I think I heard her say that before. So, we just, we needed a new one. His other one’s kinda
grubby and the tray’s not staying on it anymore. I think this whole thing, like
you buy the three components separate but it ended up being, what was the price tag? Did it say $21, something. Okay, so then these are the
two, the big storage bins I got. These were $12 each. I’m not sure if these are
gonna fit where I needed them for the cat food and dog food storage. So I may end up using em, I’m
kinda doing some downstairs toy storage in the foyer now. And there’s one of my IKEA
baskets from last year. Anyway, I may end up using
them in here if I need to. I don’t know. I will find a place, I’m
sure I can use some big, just try to think positively
for the $12 investment. This could also work for some toy storage. Then we got kid stuff haul. So, we got, that was my bottle of water. So I got two new of the
rubber bibs for Benjamin. It just seems like he’s been
extra, extra fun messy lately. This pack of bibs, we didn’t mean to get. I remember one kiddo had em
and now I’m trying to think who do I know? I do know someone who actually
just adopted a new baby. So maybe I’ll just pass those on to her ’cause they’re really cute. They’re a little too
small for Benny right now. So that was a, oh I didn’t
even know we bought it. So then, all kinds of little plasticware. I can not find a sippy cup in this house. So, as they say, if my
life depended on it. So I just got some of
these little sippy cups. These were a dollar. And then, these, now these
don’t look spill proof, but again, Benjamin is two now and so, I think he can handle these just fine, the little puppy dog cups. Actually, these I know are
gonna be a hot commodity. So I’m gonna have to say come
on, just for Benjamin now. Also got some more plastic
tumblers and then these cute little plastic bowls. These were all in packs of six. So I got two of each to have 12 total. Got some more little plates and then, we really enjoyed our two
packs of this plastic. It’s a knife and spoon and
fork in differently colors from last year. Last year, it was translucent colors. This year’s theme must be solid colors. So I got two bundles of those
and then, also for Benjamin, this looks cute. So a little froggy catch bib. I mean, I don’t know if he’s
really gonna keep it on or not but it had a little froggy
bowl and then another froggy sippy cup, so Benjamin has the sippy cups he needs in his life. Now, at some point during the confusion, you can see we got all the
kid’s stuffed animals there. Oh, and look what’s behind the tree! Amelia likes to sit and listen
to me filming these hauls. – [Amelia] And I’m the one
that set up the animals. – [Jamerill] You did set up the animals and she set up her
elephant like he was there enjoying the trees. We’ll talk about those trees in a minute. So, Benjamin’s monkey at
some point got put back. I think that second time
that we went through all the toys, something
happened to the monkey but he had also picked
up this pack of cars. So I got that for Benjamin. I also got him the finger
puppets which is so cute because okay, so this
must be an IKEA theme. It looks like this is all the same animals that they sell in the store
are the finger puppets and he is certainly at the finger puppet stage of life right now. I got this, I mean, it was a whole dollar. This little napkin holder. I don’t know, I haven’t kept
napkins out on the counter but I thought, well for
a dollar, maybe I will. I got three new toilet scrubbin’ brushes. I thought our other ones,
as I like to joke and say, they can go be with Jesus now. So I’m gonna pitch our last three and we got three fresh ones. Now Daniel and the big
toy decision of 2019. This is the same snake he got last year, but this is now his other snake’s brother. This snake’s name is cutie
snake and his other snake’s name is Snakie. So that’s how that works. This is the big dog that Liam got. That’s the elephant Naomi got. Now, Gabriel and Zion
did not pick out any toys and nothing else there
really sparked their fancy. So, that’s just how it goes. It was offered. I also got some more of these plants. I have, you can see, I
have some sitting around from last year. I have em in bathrooms. I just have these everywhere. So I got two more like I had. And it’s the single plant
and then you buy the pot. When I talk about like
referencing this year ’cause I’m hoping to go back. I need to go back every
three or four months but in case it’s a year, in
case this turns out to be an annual haul, I told
Travis though and look, now we have talking fern. I told Travis (laughs) take me back every three to four months. I mean, come on. So anyway, I got some ferns this time and I got also one in
a metal pot and then, this pumpkin, we’ve started
a pumpkin collection. This is glass. And then I’ll show you over here how, I think I showed this
to you in a recent video but see how my little like accidentally, on purpose, that pumpkin collection that I got from dollar tree
were my dollar tree decorations. Then we’ve got, the kids have
had fun puttin’ stuff out, so there’s some more
dollar tree all around, more of the pumpkins. So we’re just gonna continue
the pumpkin collection around here and I know I get in trouble for saying pumpkin but this
is me, I’m not gonna change. This is how Jesus made me. Okay so, these bushes are
all my hopes and dreams, aren’t they Amelia? They’re just similar to these. They’re in little plastic pots and then I got the metal containers. So I’m going to go put these
on either side of our door. I’ve always just wanted
some bushes like that. Actually, at our first house, I did have bushes but we
had more of an open porch and they were real from Home Depot. So, here’s a look at the haul. We managed to fill the table up nice. This total haul, are you ready? You all wanna take any
guesses on what dent Mama put in at IKEA? Well, the chairs were almost half of it. Total was 586, so yeah. All of this stuff, a little 300 or so-ish. But yeah, it was fun. Probably about $100 of
that was stuffed animals. But all good things we’ll put to good use. Now let’s get those trees put out. I like em by my door. They’re one of those
I’ll see em and I’ll say, “Thank you IKEA bushes. “You make my heart happy.” So, I’ll sign off here
with my new IKEA bush. It can be my friend. We can have talking bush in the videos and don’t miss this very
first time I went to IKEA and we bought my dream, big
heart coming outta my eyes, dream bookshelves. I’ll talk to you in those
comments below, bye bye.