– So you have seen my
Q and A video series. That has been out. We’ve got video number one where I answered all the homeschool
questions I could find. Q and A number two, which I thought it was gonna be more
about my current business, but I ended up having several questions more about back in the day, when I was a nurse, and no one asked about my old 20-year-old
computer college degree. But I got it, paid for it, so
I had to bring that up too, and that ended up being the second video, where I mentioned how now, in my business, I make more than if I
ever would have been able to complete my dream
I had for a little bit of continuing on to be
a nurse practitioner. So today I will tell you more
about my online business. One of the mommas asked, “I know “you sold your online business. “What are you doing now?” One of the blogs that I was known for, or that I created back in 2012, it just really exploded at that time. It was called Free Homeschool Deals, and I sold Free Homeschool
Deals in middle-ish of 2018. I didn’t share right at
the exact time I sold it. In fact, I really only
shared a few weeks ago. It has new owners now. They’re doing their
wonderful, amazing things, taking it to new heights, and new levels, and all of that, but that
blog wasn’t my business. My business is a publishing company, LLC, and the business has many aspects, and that blog was one of the blogs that my business owned,
and my business sold, but that blog, in and of itself,
was not my entire business. If you would like a larger version on how I built my business up until 2015, I do have a video, and it will be linked in the description below,
where all the links go. And it, at the time I called it How I Support My Family
of Nine on the Internet. When I did that video in 2015, my husband had already come
home full-time in 2013. We were already walking this out, and in that video, I shared
multiple income streams I had developed, one of
which being that blog. So since 2015 to this
time, I have continued, like any wise business
person in any business, not just in online
business, I have continued to develop multiple income streams. And so YouTube now is
one of my income streams. It’s not my biggest income stream. It’s not my only income stream. There’s other income streams out there. I also have another blog. I also work with sponsors and advertisers. That blog also has passive ads. There’s email marketing. There’s speaking. There’s a lot of opportunities. There’s so much more I could be doing. I do a lot, but I also try
to do the bare minimum, because if you didn’t get the point in any of my videos, especially in my video number two,
my heart is to be a momma. The Lord has me operating in this, we’ll say, Proverbs 31, heart at business. Never thought, I’m going to
start an online business, and I’m going to provide for my family, and we’re gonna do this
for many, many years. And so there’s another
question (baby babbling). Benjamin’s talking. “Do you and Travis have a backup plan “if when the day comes “that YouTube blogging is
no longer a viable source “of income?” And that’s a great question. Here’s my thing. This has never been my plan. Again, I shared, I had
the computer degree. I had the nursing license,
and a further vision with my nursing. Travis went to college for four years. Travis was working as
a licensed electrician. We are not rich by any means,
but we have been walking out Dave Ramsey’s Baby
Steps for several years. And I also get questions,
people wanna know, ’cause it’s interesting, it’s different, what our budget is, how
we break our budget down, exact details and budgeting numbers, and I know, and I watch
’em and read ’em, too. There are people online who share their blogging income report, share financial tips and strategies. Besides this video, I haven’t done a video like this since 2015. It’s been four years. I only have so much I can
get my mouth open about. I share about motherhood. I share about homeschooling. I do get my mouth open about that some, and I share a whole lot about food. It’s just a big, big part,
a big part of my life. If I start going down the financial and hardcore budgeting side, I just, I don’t have the bandwidth for it. I don’t have the emotional bandwidth. I don’t have the time. A lot of times, when I share things on YouTube, people want the recipe and I get it up on the blog. I have products that I’m working on. I have email funnels that I’m working on. I have online business-related things I’m working on, and so I do talk about being frugal-minded, and things I’ve learned over the years, again, the vinegar spray, and cloth diapering, and boiling chicken, peeling the chicken from the bone, making soup
from the chicken broth, making homemade yogurt, making
homemade laundry detergent. But the upgrades in our life is now we have central heat and
central air conditioning. We have closets now. At our farmhouse, we had
six-foot ceilings upstairs, and my husband’s six foot
six, and my 15-year-old’s like six three already. So when people want to
know, in the question, focus Jamerrill, in the question
of what is our backup plan? We have continued to walk
out Dave Ramsey’s ways. We’re walking out financial choices that will only benefit
our family long-term, and if the internet turned off
tomorrow, we would be okay. Travis could go back to work
as a licensed electrician. I can even, there’s a
process nurses go through to get their license reinstated. I’ve talked to many moms who, maybe they haven’t worked for 20 years, I would go through the process to get my license
reinstated if I needed to. I think, honestly, Travis could go back to work and I could
be full-on focused mom, and I would start getting all my frugal, super frugal, and dig for even
more frugal tips and tricks. But as long as there’s the internet, this is where we are during this season. When my hobby blog got to the point where I was like, okay, I’ve
been doing this for a year. It’s taking 15 to 20 hours a week. I really need to double my grocery budget. These kids are getting bigger. I wanna be able to buy fruit. If I want a box of
bananas, I wanna be able to buy a box of bananas. I was going to go back to picking up a nursing shift here and there on the weekends, just to
help with the grocery budget, and I just prayed for the Lord to show me. I was meeting moms that were making part-time incomes online. I heard of a few who were
making full-time incomes online, and I prayed for the Lord to show me how. He walked me out on that path, so much so, to where, by 2013, my husband came home full-time. Now, when he came home, we
did it on a trial basis. I had just had Amelia, and so what we were gonna do, and what we did, was that, he was coming
home for three months for the Family Medical Leave Act. He could be home, within
a baby in our family, for three months without
pay, but his job had to hold a position for him. So we thought, you know what? On paper, it looks like I’m making enough to where, if we continue to pay attention and attempt to make wise choices, we might be able to make it work with him being home full-time. I needed help. I needed to hire a
full-time personal assistant to come to my house to
help me in business, and/or do mother’s helper stuff. To pay someone else
would be the same amount if my husband came home full-time. We were already having issues with his job working him on mandatory overtime, overtime we didn’t even want,
70 hours a week-type overtime. And so he came home for
us to test this out. We felt like we had the safety
net of his job being there. At the end of three
months, we had made it, but there was still a lot of fear there. We really felt like the Lord was telling us to do this, but then we really felt like maybe this is not right, even though, financially, it had worked
out for three months. We even had some income streams that changed during that time, and we thought, well, maybe you should. Maybe. So he went back to work for a week. I was a wreck. The house was a wreck. He missed us. We missed him. It was really, really hard. And so in June, he put his notice in so he could always go back, and June, 2013, he came home full-time. And at that time, I was making enough to support the business,
and I was making enough to provide for our family. I thought, for whatever time it was, if I was doing this, if I was building this business and running this business, and at that point, I was even getting on airplanes, and traveling, and speaking at conferences, and
flying around with Amelia. She was four months old. We weren’t sure how
things were going to look. We just knew it was a unique opportunity for our family to be together, and now we’re in our sixth year of me working online and my husband still being home full-time. Another mom asked, “What do
you do for health insurance? “Are you happy with the coverage “it provides when you receive healthcare?” She says, “I’ve always been hesitant “to stay home and use a
Christian sharing network.” So that was one of the
things that we considered in bringing Travis home full-time. That was another step of faith thing. How would this look like if
we’re paying for healthcare? And so we decided to go with a company called Christian
Healthcare Ministries. So far, with Christian
Healthcare Ministries, we’ve had two babies. So we used Christian Healthcare Ministries for both of those pregnancies. We’ve been very happy with
the coverage that we received. I did a detailed video
about our experience with them thus far, when I had Daniel. I will also link that below and I will put the Christian
Healthcare Ministries link down below so you can read
more about their coverage. I don’t work for them. I do use them, but I don’t wanna say their benefits package
wrong, or anything, for you, except that we used them. We’ve been very happy with them, and you can read more about them in the link in the description below. And so Taming the Frizz, she
has a great YouTube channel, by the way, she says, “I
know you’re a dreamer. “Yes, we know that, and would love “to do all the things, but what are some “of your goals and
aspirations for this year, “personally, spiritually, and business.” So personally, it’s hard in the winter because I love to get out and walk. And so personally, I’ve been trying, even when it’s cold, even if I have to get up and go out with just one or two of the older kids, I’ve been trying to get out
several mornings a week, and we do this hike that ends
up being about three miles. And one of the many
things that Travis does in being home full-time
is he’s watching the house and doing everything
with all the other kids so I can go out and get that walk, and I sure appreciate that, Travis. And I’ve been doing tae kwon do with them for about a month now. I tell you, I get back, it’s an hour and 15 minutes, we go
nonstop, start to finish, and I feel like I’ve
had an amazing workout, and learned great skills, and it’s great for hand-eye coordination,
and problem-solving, and all of that, so I’ve
really been enjoying doing that with them two evenings a week. I wanna walk more. I wanna continue with tae kwon do. I have been, on Trim Healthy Mama, will be a whole other video,
and the keto questions, and all of that, for
well over a month now, probably hitting close to
probably in my fifth week now. So those are some of my personal goals. Spiritual goals, I want to continue to keep myself in a season where I’m getting in consistent
quiet time with the Lord. Not a requirement. Not a basis for salvation or any of that, but I sure would love to have a year where I’ve been able to make
that a priority most days. Business goal-wise, so I’m coming out with Large Family Freezer Meals, packs seven, eight, and nine. So I have about a
two-month plan right now, where I wanna get those packs out, and I’m having my blog redesigned, of course, since I’ve changed
the channel name to my name. I’m just gonna have the URL
be jamerrillstewart.com. Yes, we’ll go back to that. I’ve been working with some logo designers in trying to get a logo with my name. I have about 20 recipes that have already been developed, and
I have the pictures for, and I have to get those up. So all of that, when I talk about my work time, I honestly
don’t count the time I put into making videos as work time because nine times out
of 10, my videos are shot on the fly, real-life vlogging style, just taking you along and chatting with you while I’m stirring my chili, or shopping, or taking a walk
down the road, or something. These videos, where I sit and have to form complete thoughts,
and answer Q and A questions, this has taken my afternoon and probably will end up
being, yeah, it’s 8:00 now. This has taken my whole
afternoon and evening. But by the time I’m done with this, I will have done three videos. In general, I don’t count
YouTube time as work time. When I talk about going to have my work time, I’m on the computer, working on blog, and email,
and product development. I’ve had some questions in here
about schedules in general. I will get on a schedule that
works really well for awhile. Usually, how our pattern has grown, we have had, I was talking to a friend the other day, I have had three
babies in the last eight years. Well, at the beginning of that, I had just had Liam, so four, in the last eight years, three of which once my online work
became a full-time income. And so that is where I would get into, I got into the pattern of
having a dedicated workday, because if I couldn’t, between naps, and sleeping more at
night, and homeschool, and then raising children,
and running a house, and making all these
meals, if I couldn’t find any time on a daily basis, I
could take a dedicated day. So I’ve had seasons where I
will have two workdays a week. I’ll work Wednesday
and I’ll work Saturday, and I’ll just go to work in the morning, and I’d get done about bedtime, going back to those nursing shifts. I can work, sit and work, 12 to 15 hours. Now, I do have to watch my neck and how I’m sitting,
how I’m holding my neck. Now, because I said that, it makes me feel like I have to crack my neck. Okay, another momma said, “Honestly, “I would love for you
to do a video describing “your daily schedule. “Now that the holidays are over, “how do you schedule read-aloud
time, cleaning, meal prep?” I like the workdays, but I
don’t like doing two in a week. I will if I have to, but right now, we have basketball games on Saturdays, and I don’t wanna miss that. Travis would take all the kids without me. He runs ’em a lot, so doing a lot of the basketball dad stuff,
but I wanna be a part of that. So I’ve been working Wednesdays. We had a schedule we tried. I could call this video Schedules I Like, or Schedules I Tried, But I’m Not Using. Like when you see the baby name videos, Baby Names I Like, But I’m Not Using. We did try a schedule a few weeks ago that I thought was just gonna be amazing. Get up in the morning, have my Jesus and coffee time, get myself ready for the day, and then I would go into my office and go to work, and I was gonna work, we’ll say, 8:00 to 11:00, or 8:00 to noon. During that time, Travis
would have kids get up, do their morning routine,
and get school started. So by the time I came out of my office at noon, kids would be three-quarters of the way done with their school, and I could help just be a part of the family life,
help finish up anything, maybe help serve out lunch, and then roll into our read-aloud time
and go on from there. I thought I would really like that. I tried it for a week and I missed being a big
part of the homeschool. And so we’ve had different
schedules that we’ve tried. I think this time last year,
I was trying a schedule where I worked Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday straight,
I did four days straight, but then I had two weeks off. And you know my off time,
I’m real busy all the time. It’s not like I’m here eating Bon Bons, or on a beach resting, it just means I’m making meals, and homeschooling kids, and making videos, and all of that. So I was gonna have
eight workdays a month, basically four days every other week. I tried that and I got burned
out on that real quick. I have, I don’t know, it might be up to 12 different schedules I have worked during different times over these last eight years. I have a blog post about it. I think that blog post, at the time, was seven different
work-at-home mom schedules for homeschool moms, and I
shared different schedules. I had walked out during different times. Organic Momma asks, “Can
you please make a video “about starting an online business? “I know you have one, but maybe “you could make an updated version.” So my kinda nitty-gritty
quick tips would be that, once you start making
money in your business, you need to set it up like a business. With mine, people get confused, ’cause it’s not brick-and-mortar. You’ll want to get your tax ID number, ’cause you’re gonna pay taxes. You’ll wanna set up your
separate bank account because you’re gonna pay
your business expenses out of your bank account. I would suggest reading Entre Leadership because a lot of his nitty-gritty, how it all started, what
it really looked like, and how he learned and
handled the finances, and all of that is in Entre Leadership. So this is a great just starting out at any point in the
game entrepreneur book. And if we’re speaking about blogging, and YouTube, and
Instagram, and online work, and all the various ways that
mommas can make money online, I know a blog is not necessary. I am from the blogger days. Lots of successful mommas are out there. They don’t have a blog,
but I think setting up the pillars of online
business are important. I think you should have a blog even if you don’t have the dates
on there or post often. I still think you should have
a blog presence, I think, and so as a YouTuber, have the blog, and I think you should have an email list. Email lists are super important for online business, no matter what form of online
business you are doing. If you’re in online
business, you’re saying yes and amen, I cannot give you
an email marketing course or email online business course today, at this moment, sitting in this chair with my family, wanting to each chili, but just research, Google. Google your way through it. That’s how I figure out most things, and how I have figured out most things. Search “Why it’s important
to have an email list”. Search “What you do with that email list”. Search “How you make email funnels”. And at some point, whether you do this at the beginning, at the end, in the middle, you want to tie in doing your own products to whatever platform it is that you are building online. But I think why most people are not successful online, in general, is because they don’t get started, and once they do get started, they don’t keep picking away at it. Don’t just start something
and then let it totally set. There’s little steps you can take, little ways that you can push on it that will add up over time. So I hope you enjoyed
this business update, business tips, with Jamerrill. For those who have been concerned how I provide for my family online, long story short, multiple income streams, multiple income streams over many years. I will gladly talk with
you in the comments below. Anything I’ve mentioned,
like my schedule ideas, and how I make money
online, and all of that, I will have articles and
other videos linked below, and I’ll chat with you
in those comments below. And remember, do what John Acuff
says, and just get started. Bye-bye.