– Hi guys! My name is Denis and I’m a real estate agent in Dubai. – Today we will continue to explore the city and I will show you one very famous area. – As you already might be guessed from the name of this video and from the map behind me … – we will talk about Palm Jumeirah. – It’s a very famous landmark in the city. – People all over the world know about it … – and it’s the biggest man-made island. – Obviously deserves our attention as an area and today we will discuss some basic information about it. – We will not go very deep into the details of different projects … – we will just talk about the area itself. – As an area, I can say that it’s more oriented towards the end-users. – For the people to buy and live in the property themselves. – There are only a few projects that we can consider as an investment. – But obviously, it’s an amazing for people who want to live this lifestyle that this community offers. – And you can’t find any other place in the world that can offer you something like this. – So let me go to the map and I will show you some information about this area. – Ok guys, so over here we can see the Palm Jumeirah. – Just an amazing project. – So just to give you a better idea over here is Downtown Dubai with the Burj Khalifa … – Here is the Dubai Marina and over here we have the Palm Jumeirah. – Very easy to recognise it from the map. – We can say that the Palm Jumeirah consists of 3 main parts. – It’s the trunk … over here – It’s the fronds and crescent – So let’s talk about the trunk. – Obviously here we have the main entrance and the exit from the Palm … – and on the trunk we mainly have residential buildings. – So one of the most famous projects on the Palm is the Shoreline Apartments … – and we can say it’s the first project you can see once you enter this area. – One part of the Shoreline Apartments is on the right side of the road … – and another one is on the left side of the road. – And obviously, these units that are in this buildings, from 1 to 10 are more expensive than these … – because they are on the beach and they have an open view of the sea. – Even they will be able to see the Burj Al Arab. – The view there is really amazing. I really like it. – And the units here are quite big and I definitely like units over here. – Another famous residential project on the Palm is the Golden Mile – You can see it’s here. – We have as well Oceana, Marina Residences, Tiara Residences … – Over here is the Fermont. – Fermont is the hotel and there 2 blocks of residential units and here as well are the hotels … – and One at the Palm is the residential building. – So this is the trunk. – Important part of the trunk will be the Nakheel Mall. – It’s under the construction now but it’s about to be finished. – They build it quite quickly. – So, on the trunk we have apartments. – On the fronts we have villas … – And people who invested here in villas since the beginning they made tons of money. – We can say that there are 2 main kinds of villas on the Palm. – It’s a signature villa and garden villa. – So the garden villa is slightly smaller than signature vills. – The BUA is around 5,000 sqft and the plot size is around 7,000 sqft. – Signature villas have BUA of 7,000 sqft and the plot size of 13,000 sqft. – So just to give you an idea during the launch the prices for villas For example, of the garden villa were around 2.5-2.8 mln AED. – And upon completion the premiums there were around like 300%. – So starting price there was around 10 mln AED. – So people who bought here they made tons of money. – So even when the crash happened they still were in plus. – Basically, the main idea of prices on the fronts is that the closer a villa is to a centre the less expensive it is. – The further it is to the tip the more expensive it will be. – And obviously, the most expensive villas are on the tip, the end of the front. – And obviously, what is important it’s the view which you have from the villa. – Some of the villas that are over here they have a really beautiful view of the skyline of Dubai Marina … – And some people prefer to have it here – You still can find some plots on the fronts where you can buy a land … – and build your own villa. – You can customise your own design and do whatever you want – Well, obviously with the permission from Nakheel. – But it’s a very good solution if you want to have something unique, something really personal and exclusive for you. – And you will as well save some money By building it on your own rather than buy a ready one. – So this is what we have on the fronts. – Over here, in the beginning, we have as well townhouses. – So let’s move the crescent. – On the crescent mainly we have the hotels and one of the most famous ones is the Atlantis. – So if you are in Dubai, definitely visit this place with your family there is a beautiful aquapark and the hotel itself is amazing. – Excellent place to take pictures and enjoy the evening. – As I said mainly we have here the hotels, service apartments but still we have residential buildings as well. – What is interesting that as I said in some of my previous videos over here will be the Dubai Harbour. – It’s an outstanding project that is coming up. – It will be build by the Meraas. – And this project will be linked to the Palm with the pedestrian bridge – Over here … and over here. – And as well there will be a ?? that connects it. – So guys, basically that’s it about this area. – We went through the basic information of the Palm. – Now you know that there are 3 main parts of the Palm … – It’s the trunk, it’s the fronds and it’s the crescent as well. – And that on the trunk we have mainly apartments and some hotels. – On the fronts we have villas. – There are 2 main types of villas and some townhouses as well. – And on the crescent mainly we have the hotels including the Atlantis. – And as I said in the beginning Palm Jumeirah is more oriented towards the end-users people … – who want to live in this amazing community and to enjoy this excellent lifestyle that Palm Jumeirah offers. – But still, there are some projects, very few of them that we can consider as well as a good option for the investment. – Basically, on this, I will finish this video. – If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with me. – I’ll be happy to answer all of your questions … – and please let me know which area would like me to highlight in my next video. – Thank you for watching … – and I’ll see you in a next one. – Goodbye!