We unloaded luggage. Now we will check-in Follow us on registration. Special person escorts. Give hands to wipe. Listen, and this package may have to give? Is that a face towel? No video please. Ok Only Photo? youtube It seems that there is a reception. Here, we are accompanied by a personal … Concierge, or what is it called? Payment directly in the room. All procedures in the room. Are there any celebrities here now? I can’t tell to you. Secret information? Yes, we can’t talk to you. There is someone here, but you can’t say the name. Someone is from the stars, but they cannot say. We have already booked dinner table in a restaurant I see that tonight will be at seven. And here they have their own reception desk. Thank. Welcome to Burj Al Arab. Enjoy your holiday. As if in some palace of Aladdin. Wow, come on in. Is this our room? Yes. Is it the second floor? Bedroom on the second floor. This is the living room. Two-story room, bedroom on the second floor, count up. Is the bathroom beautiful? Ask. And the bathroom? Bathroom one here, one upstairs. And where is it? No, here is small. And big? Here’s a jacuzzi. Up there? Well, what fee will you take with taxes? And how much will the deposit be? The deposit is 2000 dirham. And in dollars? Because I need to pay a cash deposit. So it is possible? No problem. $ 600 is a deposit. Okay. So, I’ll pay for the room with a credit card. And the deposit is in cash. You want to pay for the room now. The total amount is 7820 aed. Here we have an iMac computer. Your only need to accept the terms of the agreement. There is no password here. You can just enjoy it. Add a phone button for you? You do not need to pick up the phone. If someone calls, you just need to press a button. There is a scanner and printer. If you need to print something, you can do it. Here there is a kettle and coffee machine. There is also a mini bar. Have some snacks. This is a price list for your personal bar. These cocktails and red wine are compliments for you. Enjoy. A bottle of wine brought as a gift. And fruit. Specially made for the hotel Burj Al Arab This fruit basket is for you. Plasma. Your TV is controlled by this remote. You can also open the door using the remote control. When someone rings the bell, In the right corner you will see who is outside. It is right? That is, you can open the door. You can open the door with the remote. If you want to close the curtains, you can also click on the button. Blinds are closed too. So good? Yes thank you. TV message What channels are there? I’ll show you. Do you have a Youtube? You can enable Youtube from here. This app? This is from the internet. You turn on the Internet and use. LG Telecom, as we have, applications like Youtube, etc. you can watch. We have Arabian sweets and local magazines for you. This is a compliment from the hotel. A small selection of magazines for you. Such as …., Jumeirah Let’s go to the second floor. There is a climate control. You can change the temperature with the buttons. You can also control the light in this area. Warm you can do the same? Can it be warmed up? You can only turn it off. Look, there is a clock, a projection. You can put your empty bags here. No lock. What is there? For luggage. Luggage we deliver here. If guests come to you, they can go to the toilet here. To not go to the toilet to the top. Guest toilet. If you want to listen to music in the bathroom, you can do it here. You can listen to music in the toilet. Most importantly, we have an emergency exit. We have two of them. First in the corridor, next to the elevator. About 5 minutes. Just follow the directions. Rise up? Here you can control the light from the chandelier. Hold on, now you can remove me from behind. Let’s go to the second floor. Is this your first time here? Yes, we shoot video on Youtube. We will advertise you. Thank you very much. This is the light control for this zone. After you. There is still a second floor. Well, this is a mansion, emae. How do you? Like? Like the Sultan … Sheikh? Yes. This mirror is for shaving for you. Personal hygiene products. Madame, and there is toilet water for you. Hermes perfume gift, look. Perfume for women, men, emae. This is a shower for you. You can control the pressure and temperature. Here we have everything for the soul. All accessories Jacuzzi for you. If you want a jacuzzi, you can use it. In addition, we have scales. Cabinet? But no, this is … There is a makeup mirror and a hairdryer. There is a laundry bag, and a list. For laundry. When you want to use the laundry. We have two types of service: regular and special. Special provides a quick wash. But it is 15% more expensive. If you quickly want to wash. That will be 15% more expensive. Most importantly, we have a beach bag for you. Bag for the beach. You can walk with her to the beach Can we pick her up? Or should we leave her? You can pick it up as a souvenir. Here you can hide your luggage. What time will the luggage be? I will check and refund you. There is a safe for you. Here you can keep all things valuable to you. Read the instructions before using. This is for a passport of something else valuable. This is a closet where you can also leave things. Another locker for things. And this is the bedroom. Just as below, there is a climate control and light switch. Can you do more? Is it colder or warmer? Warmer Good. Will be 25 now. Or even turn off, Ol? Turn it off better. How to turn it off? Turn off? Yes. Here. How do you see the view from here? Beautiful view. You can see the whole city from here. And a view of the city from other small rooms? I mean the view of the city. This is a view of the city. This room overlooks the city. And it’s very beautiful when the lights come on. These are the ones we can use? Yes. And here we have … Oops, now will leave. Special TV for you. Even here the telly leaves. No one can see you outside. Outside, who, when they clean the windows, who inside, cannot see even at night. There is some kind of special coating. On the sides of the bed there are lamps, you can turn it on and off by touching. If you want to be disturbed at night You can touch. You touch – the lamp lights up. Ol, well what do you say, how are you? Your birthday is in this room, in this hotel. Very beautiful. Did you expect him to be that number? Not. So do I. I thought it would be one floor, just big. But it turns out that it is two-level. Thats crazy. Mansions that, sheikh mansions. As he said. Feel already inflated. Inflates air conditioner here. Go straight. Inflates, aha. Warm air blowing. Birthday girl rejoices. Two, they say. One with salt water, the other with unsalted. Weather in general, of course, class. You go and get high. You somehow run there. As you like. Here is a club place, you can hang out. Cocktails sipping. Residence. Check, look, check. Number we have or not. Thank you sir. This salt water pool? This one is salty, and the last one is not. The second with salty. And the beach? Beach front. Well thank you. In general, only those who are allowed here … Booked hotel rooms .. Two pools, one with salt water, the other with fresh water. Look at the infinity pool. Oh let me take a picture of you. Immediately you go and forget, how much money you paid. For the sake of it at all. Do not mind spending money. Tomorrow is hanging out? And do not say. Rescuer on the nix, suddenly someone … Re-celebrates Water is normal. Not cold. Take off as I enter, Zhen. Here, we take pultik. Op Click here. And the whole Dubai in front of your feet. And eyes. There even Burj Khalifa. It is not even visible because of this haze. Burj Al Arab forces to match the level. And do not sit still, and do not sit out … The fifth point on the couch. Something to think and invent. To once again visit this hotel. And similar places of this level. Here i will shoot you. Carefully, do not kill yourself though. This is Timberlake. Suit and tie. This is the wall you are shooting now. You will insert some Arabic music here. Called, Deineris conquers Dubai. Near East. Happy Birthday! (Happy Birthday) Go shorty:
Its your birthday. We gonna party like its your birthday. Well, say something? The best birthday ever. Happy Birthday to You! Surprise! You can give it to a girl. Hold on, I love you so much. This set. Postcard still bought. Cake for you. Do you have candles? We cannot use them. In a restaurant? Everything. Dressed up. Let’s go to dinner, to arrange a festive dinner. We had dinner. Let’s go for a walk, see what is interesting here. In general, if you have Thick wallet Be sure to come. Restaurant Al Mahara. Restaurant with a huge aquarium. And fish. For Olya in honor of the birthday table provided Right by the aquarium.