– Good morning! Whole lot going on around here. Jamerrill, why are you
wearing a hat again? Well, it’s pouring down
rain, 40 some degrees. Hat head is what you get to see. Coffee, still goin’
down, only half a cup in. We are heading out to
home school group today which I am so thankful for because of the rain,
’cause the last two days we got lots of outside time in. We’re feeling all our spring feels and so since it’s raining
I’m so glad we’re going to be with like a hundred
other kids and a bunch of moms. (laughs) and all of those fun adventures. So breakfast, kids have
being having french toast. I’m gonna do an egg thing really quick. Our van broke down. We had a whole big, like, van adventure. Jadin had to come save us. Yeah, the van is in the shop. It happens. But we have put over 20,000 miles on it in less than a year and it was time, time for a little something to happen. So it is in the shop,
getting a new alternator and a new rear heater core. Okay, okay. These things, Travis knows what this is and the van is so big, and just time wise, like, Travis can’t work on it right now. But through this, the huge blessing is, instead of having to take
our van to the dealer that’s like an hour and a half away, we found a shop that has a garage equipped to work on bigger vans, and they work on RV’s and such. It’s close to home so I’m so excited. That is a huge blessing, let me tell ya. So no van, which means
that today while we’re out and about and then tomorrow we’ve got to go out and do some things. Travis is staying at home with Benjamin, and then of course Jadin
does all his own stuff. He doesn’t go to homeschool group anymore, but I can fit myself and then six other children in our other vehicle. So yes, poor van, but very good
that we’re getting it fixed. Lunch time at home school group (laughs). Daniel’s got some cottage cheese, Gabriel’s got a second
sandwich and some fruit. No pressure. And then my stuff is
still in the microwave. Here’s some of Daniel’s work from today. They did the shoes of peace,
and the nervous system. Gee Jamerrill why do you, why do you wear a hat all day once you wear one? Flattened my hair. Got back from home school group, rested for about an hour and a half. Served up some leftovers, kids and I got our gis on, headed over the mountain for taekwondo, and there’s snow. There’s snow up there,
parts of our area today just got like six inches of
snow out of nowhere. We just have rain here in our forest, but crossing that mountain
with snow up there was like we’re going to
turn around and go home. So because tomorrow we have school and then an afternoon
roller skating party, I thought that’s fine,
more resting tonight. So I’m getting some kids in a bubble bath, other kids are doing some jobs and they’re gonna have
some chill out PS4 time. And this mama here, I’m
gonna get in my pajamas and sit in my bed and rest. Which really looks like
getting a blog post done and sending an email,
but hey my feet’ll be up. Well friends, happy Friday! We’re getting all jazzed up
and geared up around here to load up into our little smaller vehicle and go roller skating with
a whole bunch of friends. Right now the kids have
all escaped outside, they’re riding go karts and
soaking up that sunshine, since we had such a rainy day. Tons of inside time yesterday, even though we had homeschool group, it’s
great to get outside today. Sun is shining, kids are riding go karts. But, wanted to show you
what we have going on here. The daffodils are a-comin’! Things are starting to come alive up here, my big garden is too and
I’m gonna take the advice from several of you all from last year and I’m going to get a
leaf blower probably, here in the next week or so. That’ll help clear out the big gardens. Garden cart in action,
not quite a go kart. (laughs) There we go. Don’t try this at home folks. – I don’t wanna race. – No racing, that’s fine. Just drive for fun, man. Okay, so now we’re gonna go in, we’re gonna get some
more read-alouds done, now that everyone has exercised. These are real quick
throw-together lunches, I did this whole lemon
chicken in the Instant Pot. Ripping the meat off now,
but making little plates. Here’s some chicken and
cottage cheese for Liam. We just read the bible,
worked on our Narnia, read a little bit of Charlotte’s Web, now we’re going out the door for that roller skating, finally. So it is Saturday morning now. Update, we made it roller
skating, didn’t we Amelia? It was lots of fun, we had a
ton of rain on the way out. Came home, we were
exhausted but we had fun. So now we are doing some
hard-boiled eggs for breakfast. Amelia’s slicing ’em in half. Every plate gets two, okay? And then we’re putting little butter, a little salt and pepper on each of ’em. So our Saturday continues. Naomi and I are going over the
river and through the woods to pick up a freezer meal
grocery haul that you will be hearing more about and probably
already seeing videos about, because we are going to make a bunch of postpartum freezer meals for two of my good homeschool mama friends who are having little ones. It’s so sweet! And so we’re gonna feed those
families a little bit, too. We don’t just go pick up a grocery order. Naomi and I will be doing
some other fun girl things while we are out and about. There is some cute stuff at the Goodwill, lots of good houseware things. Lots of plates, lots of
bowls, look, little ramekins. Mmm, little cups, those would be cute. Oh we always need these. So, thrift store haul. Look at this purse. This is so cute, I was
looking at it and thinking, boy this is too small for me. You may not be able to tell
the size right now, but it is. It is too small for me. But it was talking to
me, it was so pretty, and look, $5.09, and
it’s a Nine West purse, and I don’t care about name brands, unless I can get them for $5. Naomi also got this paper quilling kit, which we did not pay $19 for that, it was just a couple bucks, so she’ll be able to craft and
learn how to do those. And then, brand new, not open,
it was two whole dollars, and it’s all these different
little hair clips, hair bows. So Naomi got a purse
and crafty stuff, yay. Look, it’s a cute, cute little haul for about 40 or so freezer meals. The eggs are extra, I don’t
think I needed any of those for the freezer meals, but postpartum freezer meals are going down. We are back now, I just
filmed this haul with these, with everything we need
to do these 40 or so postpartum freezer meals. The total was $279 for about 40 meals, and that’ll make it around $6.90 per meal, and that’s gonna go
between three families. So yay! Happy Sunday morning, friends. Because the van is still
in the shop, we are doing a bigger breakfast
at home this morning, taking our time, gonna
have some home church. Got some ground beef that was pre-cooked and ready to go set out,
because I’m probably just gonna pull my easy card and do spaghetti. We haven’t had spaghetti in like a month, and we love it, so I think
spaghetti will be it for tonight. And I’ve got 26 eggs on here. I almost said 26 dozen, might as well be. And then two dozen of those sausage links. And so this is how breakfast is going down for nine of us this morning. Our oldest son, for his business, he filmed a wedding yesterday,
and now he’s going to church with friends this morning, and you know, just out doing all his grownup things. So happy Monday, it is getting ready to go down in my kitchen. Super mega freezer
cooking where I’m making those 40 postpartum freezer meals for two of my girlfriends
I keep talking about who are having babies, and
then I will probably keep about 10 or 12 of those meals, just to start building
our freezer stash up. So happy Tuesday. It is Tuesday? It is Tuesday. I always have to ask
what day of the week is, ’cause when I say the day of the week, it just doesn’t feel right. I don’t know what day I think
it should be, but anyway. Tuesday, yay (laughs). Got done 40 freezer meals last night. That was a lot of cooking. Didn’t film any more for this vlog, but look for that video coming out. Here’s what’s important about today. You all ask, well do
Travis and I ever go out? So, this is a hot date. 20 years of marriage, yes. Travis just went to a new chiropractor in our area, that was fun. So like a good, thorough chiropractor. Now we’re gonna go into Lowe’s to look at washers and dryers. Our washer and dryer, you know
this if you’ve been around for a bit, we always just
replace our washer and dryers every few years with like
the cheapest one that Lowe’s, I almost said Walmart, Walmart doesn’t sell washers and dryers. Cheapest one that Lowe’s
or Home Depot has, many times that’s the Roper brand, and that brand has done us well. We can get a few years, and it’s usually, what, $300 or so? Couple hundred bucks. We do laundry all day, every day, so we just pay a couple hundred bucks, use it ’til it’s gone, but we’re thinking, we’re thinking now, and I was saying that, since I’ll be 40 this year, maybe I’ll buy a nicer washer and dryer. Anyway, just wanna go look at Lowe’s now, we’re gonna go to this
other furniture store, we’re gonna have a grownup dinner. This is our big date
night for this Tuesday. Now, here’s some wicker. I’m gonna look at patio
furniture while I’m here, so, and then a wicker chair. ‘Course, I love the white
rockers, they are 119, and I love all these pillows, too. I would like to get, of
course not that many pillows, but a nice patio set for our back deck. So this is saying it’s a
four piece conversation set, 698, it looks like you get the table, the couch and the chair. So picture that without the pillows and let me know what you think. They have the best pillows
out for this season. Those are cute. Here’s a nice table. Okay, this big table, 498. Looking at flags, too. I’m looking at all the things. Forgot, we’re also gonna
look at dishwashers. Our dishwasher, it’s okay, it’s got all those plastic pieces though. So at some point this summer,
if I can upgrade to one with the metal inside, that would be nice. Here’s a Bosch. I’ve heard good things about that brand. Do we have, see this is plastic. I think, see right now on our dishwasher, like, the little plastic
arms are falling off, and the drawers are falling apart so I think you viewers,
several of you have told me to get one with metal inside. I think it’s a thing,
I think I can do that. Still plastic. It’s a GE. And so this one’s a thousand
dollars after the sale. Sheesh! Better load the dishes for that huh? So I’ve always heard good
things about the Bosch brand. This GE, no, Maytag, is actually
marked down pretty cheap, but if this is the right one, it just inside says it has
the most powerful motor. So you know that speaks to Travis. There’s the Maytag on the inside. On sale for 549, and then here’s
the Bosch, on sale for 809. That’s what it looks like on the inside. And then all the washer and dryers. So I think I’m pretty convinced to stay away from a front
loader, but look at this one. This is 799 right now,
but it’s 5.2 cubic feet, and look, just look. I mean, I feel like I could
get my whole body in there. It’s just huge! Look at this. Yes, it would have to be huge to get my whole body in there, haha. A minute ago, I had this little top one opened, how do we do that? There we go. How fun is that? But this looks fancy schmancy,
and then here’s the dryer that goes with it, that’s 7.4
cubic feet, and look how big. Now, let’s see, Jamerrill,
can you open it? Yes, very nice. I know many of you have told
me about a Whirlpool washer. Wow, this looks really big too,
and this is 5.3 cubic feet, you can get it in three different colors. Yes, this brand. Some ladies have told me get
this, it’ll save my life. Other people have said stay
away from it, it’s awful. So who knows, but let me
know what has worked for you. This is the set, like I say, we just replace every few years, and we’re always able to get
’em for in that price range. And so, you know, they’re decent. This washer is only a 3.5 cubic feet. So this is what I do
large family laundry in, all day every day, 3.5 cubic feet. Gee what if I got a bigger one? But they hold up well, we
just use ’em to pieces. Okay, so my little Lowe’s haul. We got a new water filter
for our refrigerator, and we go a new air filter
for our refrigerator. Filters for all the things. And then I did go with this, I have a lot of little,
small garden flag holders, but one new small flag. And let’s be sensible,
Jamerrill, let’s not get 10. And then this rejoice Easter flag with the cross and the
dove, thank you Jesus. And so now we’re gonna go have dinner at a Mexican restaurant
we’ve been wanting to try. Alright, here is my massive
burrito, great big plates. There’s Travis’ steak, yum. Happy dinner. Benjamin, say happy Thursday night. Happy Thursday night. Hey Daniel. – Hi mommy. – Say happy Thursday night, friends. – Happy Thursday night, friends. – Aha, and Benjamin is
learning how to climb the play place at Chik-fil-A! You’re doing it! I see you, is Benny still in there? Oh he’s standing up. Benjamin! (excited child chattering) Woooo! I see you! Woo! And now the trick
is, how do we get him out? Wow, there you are! There you are, wooo! Happy Friday. Yes, looking at (laughs)
yes, I’ve gotta finish my good and holy coffee cup,
I’m gonna eat one of these Morning Go-Kits I got at Sharp
Shopper for 50 whole cents. So, even though it’s overcast,
it’s supposed to be 71 today. Tomorrow will be 76. I just filmed my Sharp Shopper haul from all the goodies we got
at Sharp Shopper last night and you saw that Daniel and Benjamin had so much fun in that
Chik-fil-A playground. I bet they played at
least 30 minutes in there. So friends are coming over today, and even though it’s overcast, it’s gonna be a great day outside. And I’m hoping at some point today to get my big super mega grocery order in. I’m just gonna do Walmart pickup, ’cause I don’t have time to go
out and shop all the stores. But I was thankful to be able to get in that little Sharp Shopper run. So this I think will be the
longest week in the life ever. It’s been seven, eight, nine,
captain’s vlog, as we joke. It’s been like nine days
that I’ve been getting these little clips, so I really
should wrap this up. But I’m not wrapping it up yet. I’m going to my garage,
and I’m gonna get myself another one of those little yogurt things that I had for breakfast yesterday. Today I am putting in the super mega large family grocery shopping haul. I could just eat these all day. So again, I got these for
50 cents at Sharp Shopper. But these little bars, I
just ate the first one. So there were three, and
they’re like a banana flavor, and I put this Greek yogurt
on it, and put these toppings. Even miss Amelia is over
there with hers all made up, and we’re enjoying these
in the sunshine, aren’t we? Another YouTube viewer
sent the kids a nice load of discount art supplies
they had got at Ollie’s. So this kit was $1.99. It’s a paper sculpt kit. Thank you so much for
sending these to the kids. And Liam is gonna do this panda bear. That’s what it will look like. There’s lots of directions though. He’s gotta punch ’em out, fold it, and he’s gonna do lots of gluing, so you’ll have to use
lots of patience, Liam, and read the directions
and take your time. So I got my grocery order in, but then, just like a mama who
wants to do other things, I got busy watching my
kids and answering comments on YouTube, and doing anything other than getting my order in on time. So we can’t pick it up
today, but it’s done, so we will pick it up, it’s
scheduled to pick it up tomorrow afternoon after church. Woo I got some messy, messy hair there. Very nice and breezy today,
that’s my other weather update. So what I’m gonna do now is
Travis and I are going out to do a few things this evening, and I’m loading up some
big bags full of food for one of my mama friends
who just had a baby, and then tomorrow we’re
also dropping off some food. So we’re just doing food
deliveries for folks. Okay, so here is the
state of this freezer, and now before I pick up more groceries and do more freezer cooking,
we’re gonna get these meals out to these other mamas. Got a beef stroganoff. One of my favorites, the
ham and cheese potato bake. Chicken broccoli alfredo bake. Now I’m gonna do a little
freezer organization. Okay, so you see, I made
some room in the freezer. What I have for this mama is I have nine of my nine by 13 pans. We’ve got taco bake, beef
stroganoff, baked ziti, chicken tater tot casserole,
there’s some other, oh chicken alfredo broccoli bake, lots of good things in there. And then I also have a bag of
slow cooker chicken teriyaki, and slow cooker garlic and lemon chicken, and then also a slow cooker meat loaf. So that’s a total of 12 meals that we’re gonna drop off this evening. So happy Sunday, we are
on our way to church and we’re gonna be on time, not late, not tons of time early,
but like, right on time. And this is a good thing, it’s
always an exciting start to a Sunday when we’re not rolling
into church 30 minutes late. So I’m finally gonna end
this week in the life, it’s like 10 days in the
life, or a week and a half, however long Jamerrill just
goes on filming forever. Anyway, you see behind me, I picked up a big grocery shopping haul. This one is only a $632
haul, but I’m counting this as my big, once a month haul. Doing tons of freezer meals. Got fun things, like, look
at all that apple juice. But don’t worry, it’ll be gone quick. I have to ration that out, I
usually don’t get that many, but I don’t know how to
just get a little bit and we have field trips and play days and activities and sports
and things coming up. But a little sneak preview,
so look for that video. So I think I started this
video telling you guys about our van, but I don’t think I
ever told you we picked it up. So today’s Sunday, we picked
up our van Thursday-ish? I think it was Thursday
morning we picked it up. So they had our van for seven days, they had it for a week because
they had to order a part. Thank you for watching, I’ll talk to you in those comments below. New video tomorrow, I’m sure. Good night.