hi today I have a new addition to my
wardrobe it’s from Exlura – it’s a pair of more
lounge pants I’m going to take a look at as well as this nice sweater top also
from Exlura first I’m going to take a look at these
nice pants that’s I call them lounge pants because they’re not exactly
yoga pants they’re kind of loose and flowing they are very soft and silky
kind of material but not see-through they are on the thin side that they are
not see-through it which is important because I hate getting pants that are
see-through they do come in all kinds of pretty floral colors I really love these
pale pink roses they’re very nice the material is actually 85 percent
polyester and 15 percent cotton they have elastic on the waist as well as a
drawstring so they’re very nice you can use those here and see it has a little
tag with the care instructions here it does recommend machine washing gentle
cold cycle or hand washing and then to hang to dry just to get the maximum life
out of them keep this nice silky material well I’m gonna go ahead and try
them on and see how they look well here they are they are really soft and
comfortable and silky and they’re just free-flowing
I like you know the bottom you can wear with any shoes really you know you can
use the drawstring if you need to they are very nice silky pants very
comfortable I really like these pants you could definitely wear these out
where their culture went up to just wear around the house that’s the best part of
them you can wear them home come back and lounge on the couch and you’re still
comfortable it’s not like trying to strip off those jeans at the end of the
day now I’m going to take a look at this nice sweater I actually got this for my
sister but looks like it goes pretty well with these pants it’s a very like
soft knit material the actual makeup looks like it is 60%
cotton 35% polyester and 5% spandex all right I look how it’s nice and stretchy
and soft not itchy at all some sweaters that look like this or actually itchy
material this is not which is great and the care instructions prove this one you
can do the cold machine wash but this one you can do tumble dry low on this
one well you could or you could hang it to dry this looks really comfortable so
let’s go ahead and try this on and see how it looks well this is the lovely
sweater talk you can wear it different ways I just put a simple tube top
underneath super comfortable you know loose baggy and soft you can do you know
one shoulder up and down either way you can have both down I think it looks you
know really cute either way also the arms you can have it down or if you just
want to scratch them up like this that’s also a very cute look it’s comfortable
and flowy and I really like it it looks good for these pants too so I might just
keep it for yourself I would definitely recommend this
sweater and this color would actually go good with a lot you gotta have your your
basic grays and blacks Exlura does carry their clothing brand online on
their website we’re on Amazon is a great place to get
it please check the description link below and so that you can find their
products there we always appreciate any likes or comments or subscribing to our
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