hello everyone and welcome back let me
ask you a question how do you travel the 48 hours straight without wanting to kill
yourself in this video hopefully you’re going to find out so as you may know I
am back in Mexico I got back to Mexico about a week ago I arrived in
Guadalajara and now in Mexico City and I’ll be here for about the next week
before going to Oaxaca for Dia de Muertos I’m excited
and believe it or not I did not arrive back in Japan as if by magic or in the
style of Captain Janeway you know getting the USS Voyager back from the
dollar quadrant through a Borg transwarp conduit yes I’m not Captain Janeway
unfortunately the trip back to Mexico was long it was eventful and it took
about 48 hours as you can see in the thumbnail and in this video I wanted to
do something a little bit different because the thing is with YouTube when
you do it by yourself is that it’s just not possible to show absolutely
everything you do and actually a lot of generally you don’t want to see that you
know you want to see this person with this fake youtube personat hat you know
you have to put on all the time I’m joking
no I’m not so yeah I’m gonna put some Instagram stories on here so a lot of
the stuff I do in terms of showing what I do in terms of travel is on Instagram
stories you can follow me down below if you would like to see some behind the
scenes stuff and I’m going to describe my trip how it went and the second half
the video is all about some tips that I use to kind of make my trip a bit easier
than it could have been and hopefully this might help you as well if you are
planning a ridiculously long trip like that and you know you’re equally as
mentally unstable as I am so without further ado let’s get going
so my travel day slash days began in Hiroshima in Japan and I needed to get a
bus from there to Fukuoka g’day mate today is Friday morning however in
my world it’s now Thursday night because I’m back on Mexico time at least I have
to be I have my bag which is probably overweight but of mind
first job is to get a bus then this happened I can’t see anything I’ve had
the first drama of the day my bank card was not working again to pay for the bus
or when an ATM but this wonderful lady has literally saved my life so Family
Mart has n placed my card works so this lady has gone out of her way so leave
her work walk down the street with me not only to go to Lawson first but also
family yeah to find a solution for me what
other country would this happen in nowhere arigato gozaimasu definitely
lovely yes so thank you to that wonderful lady I actually have a
business card somewhere she was the most helpful person ever and if it wasn’t for
her I would have missed that bus I wouldn’t have been able to get to the
airport and I would have missed all my flights and lost hundreds of pounds so
thank Christ for that woman she was my savior and I then got to Fukuoka I
got the flight to Korea had a quick layover where I continued to moan and
complain about the fact that my bank card wasn’t working right I’m in Daegu
South Korea everything’s fine except the fact that my bank card doesn’t work in
any ATMs any shops I’m not slowly starving and the next
time I’ll be able to eat will be in about 12 hours on the flight from
Beijing thank you to the lovely Koreans who let me cigarettes
gave me cigarettes that kept me sane sure stop honking
Mexico City noise right and then I got to Beijing if you’ve seen previous
videos you’ll know that I’ve used the free China transit visa now on three
occasions the first time it worked fine second time I was refused entry, ooh I’m
swearing at you the third time it worked a tree and the tip with this if
you’re interested is you have to have everything you know laid out everything
organized you have to be able to explain exactly what you’re doing and
have all the information to hand which I did and in this case I’ve got a 24 hour
transit visa because I was only going to be in Beijing for like eight hours so it
worked a treat I then had a night in the airport and I’m going to touching it a
bit later about sleeping and jetlag and things like that but I was planning to
stay up that whole night in Beijing I did sleep a little bit I must have been
yeah it seems since the last time I was in China two years ago everything is now
QR codes can’t use a card normal way so annoying and I just forward a
cigarette please but it’s the strongest cigarette ever (cough)
good morning it continues its 7:44 a.m. Beijing time turns out even when you
wake up on the floor a cold floor of an airport you still have a Morning Glory
and I’d like to thank all the Chinese people who have been lending me
cigarettes lending giving and the water machine for keeping me alive so yeah I slept
on the cold floor without other travelers looking like and complete
homeless person with my jacket on with the hood on charging my phone and then
it was time to get my flight to Los Angeles which was 12 hours long and I
was really concerned by this because I do not fly well one of the things I
dislike about traveling full-time the most is the fact that you have to travel
and get flights believe it or not but you know what it was okay and I’ll touch
on the reasons why in the tips part I think got to LA in the morning sometime
on Saturday morning and my flight to Mexico was in the evening so I had the
whole day in Los Angeles I wasn’t gonna leave the airport you know what my cycle
of sanctions traffic is like no way and so I stayed in the airport and I must
admit the the sleep did start to hit me at this point the jetlag is hitting me
I’m not completely immune after all meanwhile gave her head of us all these
amigos what I think hearing there’s no even anyone there yet to check him in
bonkers then one last little flight to Mexico and then there I was in
Guadalajara fantastic like on Saturday night hola amigos bienvenido amico estoy
en Guadalajara esta muy cansado obviamente sin dormir sin dinero sin comida it’s hilarious my previous record for travel day is 43
hours that was a similar trip across the Pacific but this one was longer yeah 48
to 50 something like that and but but yeah it was actually a good one I
actually quite enjoyed it and I think the reasons why I enjoyed it were due to
these tips the first one isn’t so much a tip about surviving a trip like this
it’s about planning it so probably one of the questions you are dying to ask in
the comments dying I don’t know and is why didn’t I fly directly from
to Mexico and the reason is purely the cost you know the cost of flying from
Japan or even Korea can be up to let 700 British pounds I can’t afford that and
one of the things you learn from traveling for so long is certain routes
and which places you can fly from which are more affordable so I knew that
Beijing it’s cheaper to fly from Beijing to Mexico there are flights like 208
pounds from Beijing to Las Vegas direct that Los Angeles is a little bit more
it’s about 250 and so I chose to go via Beijing so I booked one flight from
Japan to Beijing with a stop off in Korea I booked a separate flight from
Beijing to Los Angeles and then and then another flight to Mexico and the thing
with booking flights that I always do is that I find that it’s more expensive if
you just put into Skyscanner or something you know Tokyo to Mexico City
it will give you all these different options which are ridiculously expensive
and I always find that booking flights separately usually comes out a bit
cheaper it may result in longer they overs I’m fine with that if you’re fine
with that that’s great but you know overall I spend about 350 British pounds
on all of that crossing the Pacific which is you know 50% less than what it
could have been the next point is about your final destination no not the
American sexy teen movie series but getting your mind and your body on to
the time zone that you’re gonna end up him so in this case Mexico so when I
left Japan I was immediately on Mexico timezone this is so that I could have a
word jetlag I don’t really suffer from jetlag anyway because my sleep patterns
are normally quite erratic anyway and but I didn’t sleep much before my flight
to Korea so I could sleep a bit on the bus because you know it’s like nighttime
in Mexico Japan morning and then when I got to China I was planning to stay up a
whole night you know yeah I did sleep a little bit in the airport but it wasn’t
too bad I was then planning to sleep the whole flight to Los Angeles I
little bit but I’ve got be honest I watched x-men Dark Phoenix those are I
can’t believe Jennifer Lawrence died she’s the best I would marry her and
some movie about a dog I cried at the end then it was time to get my flight to
Mexico I arrived about midnight on Saturday night and pretty much I arrived
fresh as a daisy you know kind of so the key with that is
it’s just planning when you’re gonna sleep you know the worst thing you can
do is just have a normal night’s sleep before you leave and expect to not have
jet lag when you get to your destination do whatever you can to see if you have
to sleep in the airport you know on a bench or on the floor that’s life the
next point is having a change of clothes so I am one of these people I cannot
travel for that long in the same minging t-shirt you know I always have a change
of clothes with me I only have carry-on so even if you have checking baggage as
well I’ll just put a change of pros and you’ll carry on along with some
toiletries so that you can get changing the toilet you know give yourself a bit
of a wash change your pants I mean underwear for British English speakers
and you know it just makes your trip a whole lot easier you don’t feel like you
stink especially when you get on a flight after been traveling for 40 hours
and though you don’t want to be stinking in front of other people something you
can do to stop you’re so stinking is use a business class lounge which is
something I did in China it’s the first time I’ve ever done it and oh my god it
was a godsend it was the best thing ever so despite traveling economy I have a
revolut card now there is a link down in the description down below somewhere
where you can apply for a revolut card basically if you get one I get a little
bit of money for it like a referral thing if you’re from Europe EEA country
or from Australia that applies to you and it’s basically like a bank card
where you don’t get charged for withdrawals or using debit card
transactions and as one of the perks of being a Premium Member of Revenue and I
can gain access to airport lounges around the world for 15 pounds and a
shower it was amazing it was the best thing ever I paid 15
pounds for lounge access and a shower because I’m absolutely mean wonderful I
don’t know what I didn’t know about stupid demise it shows how much of a
novice I am with the own luxury travel there’s food in lounges just free oh I
have to wait around like to see if anyone was paying but no one was so I
just went out like a hamster with my bag and I you know put all the food in my
bag so I had been eating food to eat and absolute gem of a tip you know if you
can gain access to a business class lounge on that kind of trip it makes all
the difference someone just messaged me on Facebook the
next point is about eating so one thing one mistake I think I’ve always made
over the years is thinking that I need to start myself before a flight and not
eat anything on the flight because I’m always worried about going to the toilet
and getting stomach problems which I often get on flights but you know what
this time I ate like a flippin elephant constantly eating I ain’t so much in the
in the business class lounge I hate all the food on the flights and I actually
felt top-notch absolutely brilliant you know I didn’t have a problem at all so I
think if you if you think that you need to starve yourself that’s not the case
you know eat eat eat drink plenty of water and one thing I’m always reluctant
to do on flights is to go up and I help myself to tomato juice or mango juice or
something on that flight no problem you know and I was keeping myself hydrated
keep myself full of food and it was top-notch
don’t be afraid to ask bags to drinks on flights and the last thing I did was
about preferred seats now obviously if you’d booked a flight
online well where else are we gonna book it and you can choose your seat for an
additional cost and sometimes when you check-in online you can then she just
see then for free with all of these flights there wasn’t an option to
check-in online so I have to check in at the check-in desk and this time for some
reason that I don’t know why I thought this I asked you know are there any
aisle seats because I’m like window seats
I get very claustrophobic and yeah every time there was and they gave me an RC
with the exception of the flight from China to LA where the woman lied to me
what a bitch and she said there were no aisle or window seats I have to have a
middle but when I got on the plane there were so many empty seats including
our seats but I moved so I think if I was in window seats and I hadn’t are
I would have had a much worse experience much worse experience is that right I
think it is and that’s mostly it really and I hope some of these tips have been
useful they definitely work for me I didn’t take them from anywhere I just
thought my myself but the key is planning a chip like that you can’t just
blow into it like oh yeah everything will be fine no problem you need to have
some sort of thought process about when you’re gonna sleep when you’re gonna we
change of clothes you know you don’t necessarily have to be a stinking
minging mess just because you’ve been traveling for 48 hours so yeah I hope
find it useful let me know what you do in the comments down below if you can
add anything to my list of tips that’ll be great and I will see you next time in
Mexico City lovely catch you later