Once you are outside you will find the SIM card shop A4F: Hello, I wanna taxi for this place Man: Janpura
A4F: Yes Man: 450 Rupees, Please Man: Your Name
A4F: —— After buying this slip you need to head to the Black Colored Taxis Well this is the Room It looks decent Let me show what you can find in Snacks bar Ofcourse, you won’t have a Beer We have something here, what is this, welllll that’s just some envelops We have a small Sofa here We got here the Restaurant Menu for dining in Room We have a hoisted Indian Flag We have a Temple in front of the hotel and this is the City view We have a safety locker inside the wardrobe with Instructions on how to use I wanted to use the locker but then I found its not functioning well its not loaded with Batteries if need we can ask the front desk they will provide the Batteries OMG, this is the first time I am seeing a Fan inside Bathroom OMG and yet have a TV, I don’t know who will use this but its OK a soap and a Comb from here you can call the Housekeeping by pressing this switch and also we have do not disturb switch which will be notified in front of the door outside we have air conditioner and the AC vents are over here