I’m going to apply a tone-up cream to brighten up my skin to copy IU’s very pale skin tone. It will even out my patchy yellow and green skin. Put some concealer on the pimples on forehead and eye lid Then apply a very thin layer of concealer to cover dark circles and other dull areas. Then I’m going to apply the lightest foundation that I own on the center of the face. Since it’s a light shade, I blended it out thin and set it on to the skin with a foundation brush. Blend out the concealer that I applied on the blemishes Then get rid of the brush mark by patting it with wider side of the brush. I tried to refer to Jang Manwol’s overall l styling in the show But in particular, I focused on this photo to copy her look! I’m going to chisel out my face with Etude Contour Duo which is a great item to reshape your face as you want Since I have very wide and chubby face, I couldn’t quite copy Manwonl’s sharp face line. I’ll make my nose look smaller and chisel out my wide forehead. Blend out the contour lines. Gently set the skin with a pressed powder to get rid of shine and stickiness. I had to put on a lid tape on one eye as my eyes are in different shape. It might come off later… lol I’m going to contour my face one more time with Rare Kind contour. Chisel out the face with more intense contour. Start the nose contour from the front of the brows, then contour just on the tip of the nose. I thought I might as well contour my aegyosal too. Draw a dark guide line on the center, then blend it out to create different shape of aegyosal for each eye. I’m going to use all the 4 shadows from this palette. Add a bit of depth on the eye lid with the lightest beige color Go along the lower lash line as well. Then add more depth with a red brown shadow. I had to contour all the way down to the lower lash line as her makeup was heavier than usual. Take the darkest color and line the eyes to define them. Define around the top and bottom water line too. Curl the lashes. Then grab the shimmery glitter from the palette and add that just on the inner corners. I’m going to use two eye liners. Thoroughly fill in the top waterline with a dark brown pencil liner first. I extended the tail of the eye in a straight line by connecting it to the eye line. Sharpen the line with a liquid liner. Draw a flat line on the front of the lower lash line. I blended it out with a small brush so that it doesn’t look obvious. I put on multiple coats of mascara to add volume but I didn’t emphasize lashes too much. IU has very clear bottom waterline. Since I have very small eyes, I had to extend the ends of the waterline with light beige. She often goes for natural, straight brows that get thicker towards the arch. I drew a guideline with a brow powder to make it look natural Then combed brows with a spoolie to blend out any harsh edges Then I used a slim pencil to fill it in with little strokes on the ends. Then I added texture on the front with a brush fixer She often wears bright red or pink on her entire lips when she wants a glamorous look. I also used a vivid tomato red color tint on the entire lips to go with the rest of the look. It added juicy shine and vivid color to the lips. I faked her mole with the slim brow pencil and liquid liner that I used earlier. I made it look more three dimensional. I think I did a good job on the mole. I like it lol She often skips blush But sometimes she’d wear something subtle just on the outer part that connects to contour So I added muted apricot color on the outer part of the cheeks. I have to prepare a wig that doesn’t fit I’m going to cover the hair line and empty spots with Easy Peasy Hair Cover Stick. My face is a lot bigger than her. This hair line cover is a very important step. I know I should bring the wig a bit lower to cover my forehead more. But the wig was cheap and my head was big. I had to make it just sit there cause it was too painful. This wig had very full fringe too lol So I had to move it to the sides and set it with hair pins. What a mess. That’s it for the big full moon-like Jang Manwol makeup. I look forward to see more variety of Jang Manwol’s style in the show! Have a sweet day! Bye!