Hi , this is Leeby! For today, Well, it’s a vlog, but it’s a vlog featuring 24 hours of my daily life, which means I’m gonna turn the camera on for only 24 hours, no more than that. It’s Wednesday… or Tuesday… (Now that sums up how a freelancer lives) Is it Wednesday, today? I’ve checked the time, and it’s Wednesday today. I’m gonna do a 24-hour vlog today. I wonder how long the film would be if I shoot it for 24 hours. I’ve just washed my face and brushed my teeth. It’s not been long since I woke up. I went to bed earlier than usual yesterday, so I woke up slightly early today. It’s 11:17am, right now. I’ve worked on subtitles yesterday, but I was too sleepy, so I went to bed. I’m gonna work on the subtitles now while having some breakfast, and then doodle around a bit before start shooting a video, and I have to do some editing too. I might show you myself working all day. Well anyways, it’s a 24 hour vlog. Though I feel like I might just stay at home all day long. Alright, I’m gonna have some breakfast now. Ramen for breakfast Ramen works just fine for me in the morning. I never felt greasy for having breakfast ramen (It’s ghost pepper powder) Cooking a hella spicy ramen for breakfast, COMPLETE! Sorry in advance, my stomach! Showing off my ramen The white ones are baek (white) kimchi leftovers from the previously delivered food. Leaves nothing behind It’s still steaming hot. It’s hot! Checking Youtube comments while having breakfast. Thanks for your lovely comments, but I’m gonna hunt you down if you leave flaming comments. Slurping ramen Refreshing morning breeze: ramen soup Going all the way down to the bottom…
Cares nothing about my dignity. I somehow feel like the food at the very end is the most delicious. Having some fruits (tomatoes for today)
with sense of duty. I know my diet is not healthy usually,
so I try to eat fruits whenver I can. Having some tomatoes while working on the subtitles. Hey Leeby, You have quite a text neck.
* Forward head posture I’ve finished it at last. I started from where I left behind, but it took more than I thought. It took an hour and a half, almost full two hours. It’s 1:24pm, right now. 24 min. I have to do some filming now, but I’m too sleepy, so I’m gonna take a nap for an hour or two. Let me have my lunch around three or four, and meanwhile, I’m gonna take a nap. I feel too sleepy. The pain of wrong biorhythm. I’m too sleepy. I mean I gotta sleep after having a meal… And then I doodled around with my phone for about 321,320 minutes. You know how people do everything they could with their phone before going to bed, right? Okay, I’m gonnna sleep now for real! I slept for three hours. Too bright Why is it too bright? Okay. I said i’m gonna take a nap for two hours, but it turned out to be three hours, so it’s 4:40pm, right now. I was really surprised at how much I slept. I had my mukbang food delivered just now, and I did my makeup only on my eyebrows, lips, and my cheeks with a cushion makeup. I’m gonna start filming like this. I will have the table ready once the food is delivered. I’ve got braised fish eggs for today! This one is a subscriber’s pick. I have zero aesthetic sense, so it’s hard for me to choose which bowl I should use. Well anyways, after working on food plating, setting up cameras, and checking mics, now it’s time for showtime! “Hi, this is Leeby” just never ends with a single try. Fast-forwarded 60x
(Thumbnail & mukbang) The reason why I’ve got a mini sized mirror on the side is to check whether I’ve got any food on my face. Of course, I take this kinda scene out when I do editing. (Motorcycle sound) Though the sound may not be loud as it overlaps with the camera sound, but it’s louder than you think. Especially when you hear it with a mukbang camera mic, it’s way too loud. So, I usually edit this kind of stuff out. Sometimes when there’s construction going on outside or when I receive a parcel, I take a break for a minute or two. Fast-forwarded 60x Alright, the mukbang filming is finished. The camera I’ve put here got turned off in the middle, and I didn’t know because it doesn’t make any sound when it gets turned off. Or it could be the case where there was indeed a sound, so I might simplly edit it out later when I do editing. You know when there are scenes that are not seamless, it could be either the boring eating parts, or it could be some random noises like a motorcycle passing by, or cars honking, which I cut ’em out during the editing process. I think I hear a lot of noises today. I don’t wanna have more, but I could use some bean sprouts. (I’ve finished my meal) (I guess I have to clean things up now) (Dunno how much it will take) (I make decisions quick) Washing dishes It’s 6 o’ clock. I’ve cleaned things up, and sorted out computer files and… it’s around six. It’s 6:10 PM. Now it’s time to edit some footage. but umm… I downloaded Sims recently, ’cause it was on sale I bought some expansion packs. I mean when you work for a company,
there’s this lunch hours, doodling hours, and then working hours, right? Well, I’ve done some works here since shooting is my work, so I guess I could take a break. Let me play Sims real quick (You must be looking excited playing Sims, but why do you look the same compared to the look you make when you edit some footage!?) I played Sims for about three hours. I’ve turned the game off now. I’m gonna leave some comments on the video I’ve uploaded earlier and then start working on editing. (Good job: self-compliment) (At least I didn’t do it for five hours) Checking some comments real quick. It looks like today’s vlog will be me sitting on the chair all day long. Now you know why my daily step count is
sometimes only 17. That’d be pretty much what you will
get out of this vlog I think I mean today’s daily step count is… 84, which is a lot more than usual. Why did I walk this much today. 84 steps for today. I’ve walked a lot. (NOPE) (Editing: Fast-forwarded 100X) It was too long. I’ve worked on editing and it’s 11 o’ clock, right now. I’m hungry, so let me order some food real quick. I am surfing through my delivery app. Well, this is not sponsored for real. I guess it might be called sponsorship…?
But I didn’t receive any money for these. I was told I don’t have to use these in my video. I’ve received 10 coupons from Cheogajip Chicken. (They DMed me, saying thank you for the video reviewing their chicken) The coupons are worth 15,000 won each. Since I’ve got these coupons, well, I don’t have to use them in the video. They said I can do whatever I want with these, so let me use this coupon for dinner. I watched a yangnyeom chicken mukbang video not a long time ago, so I’m craving! (The thought came into my mind when I was placing an order: I want to give these coupons to you guys) (Check the comment section for the coupon event) I’ve got these coupons I’ve received from… The chicken has arrived. The setting of the table is similar to that of mukbang. It’s 11:36 PM right now. Some of you may wonder when I would go to bed if i eat the food now. Well, you know how I woke up around 4 ~ 5 PM, right? I’m gonna sleep in the early morning. This is my dinner for today. Cheogajip yangnyeom chicken! Going for the cartilage For this disposable wooden chopsticks, I don’t know why they give you these chopstick for chicken, but it’s how it is. And do you know how there’s a disposable item checkbox in the app these days, but they still give you disposable chopsticks like this even if you don’t check the box. This part is chicken thigh meat. The thigh part is the most delicious part I think. Quenching my thirst with a sip of sparkling water. It’s so good btw. I wanted only the chicken drumsticks, but they didn’t have enough drumsticks when I placed my order, so… It was dry meat in disguise.
(I thought it was soft meat) When I mentioned how I would give out chicken coupons to you guys, I know it may have sounded like an advertisement, but it’s not. I mean if the coupons are sponsored, I promise I will never use bank loans.
(Which means I will get stuck in this place) For those of you who leave your email address, I will randomly draw three for the coupons. I want to give these coupons to every one of you if I could, but… Don’t feel too bad if you don’t get the coupons. I have 9 coupons left but the reason why I’m giving out these coupons to only three people is because… when I used to shoot a mukbang video with Hyobee, I tried to give out small gifts to as many people as possible, and I found out… I’m really sorry but it was too much work. I mean if I could, I would very much like to give all the coupons to a single person. Munching at sweet and spicy yangnyeom chicken I’m stuffed, so after finishing this chicken drumstick, I will have the leftovers tomorrow. I mean if you have these dry meat parts with rice and kimchi, it tastes amazing. Hmm… I want to film that food. Should I extend this shooting till tomorrow morning? The drumstick is the best! After finishing the drumstick, I’m finished! Delicious! Wrapping the leftover chicken and then now it’s time to edit footage again. Finished at last! I’m done. It’s 2:11am, right now. I’m done! While the video’s in the encoding process, let me take a shower, clean things up and then I’m gonna play Sims! I will take a shower real quick. So much for Sims…
The laptop got turned off when I finished taking a shower, so I worked on editing again and went to bed at 5 o’ clock in the morning. Why am I sleeping like a starfish? (Alarm ringing) Looks like a jelly fish when trying to wake myself up. When I turn the alarm off, I don’t usually wake up. I think I will sleep for about another thirty minutes or so. (30 minutes later) (Hyperrealism art) I look scary… Good morning. It’s 11:18am. 24 hours have already passed. I was gonna do a 24 hour vlog, but the time’s up already. But I want to show you this food, so let me fix my breakfast real quick. While microwaving some rice and the leftover chicken, slice some kimchi with scissor…to a size of a mouthful. And then with the leftover chicken…., oh, it;s hot! Put the microwaved chicken, and then… The rice is ready Put the rice, chili pepper paste, I think about a spoonful? Put it as per your preference. And then… FYI, you can put as much as you want for the ingredients. (There’s not a fixed given recipe) It would’ve been better if it were fried kimchi, but you know, it’s just not possible to stir-fry kimchi in the morning. If you have stir-fried kimchi, you can use it. Leftover chicken bibimbap! If you get lucky, you will be able to find soft meat among the dry meat, or some bones as well. Today’s gonna be very much same compared to that of yesterday. I will do some shooting, repeat the same schedule…, and I decided to hang out with my friends in the evening since it’s 31st of October, Halloween! I’m gonna hang out with my friends. So, it’s basically the same schedule with an appointment with my friends in the evening. That means little less work for today. I dunno if I could call myself eating before a table, a vlog…, but since it’s already past 25 hours,
this is it for today. I’m gonna repeat the same schedule for today, Good bye! That’s it for today!