Hi guys, and my Ryunas It’s Kyung-Ah from Ryu’s Penna
(Fashion Youtuber traveling life) Today, I finally brought Bikini Haul, an overseas shopping mall! Wooow!!! Actually, whenever I do bikini haul, I get a yellow ticket. So even though I was wondering if I should stop bikini haul, if I read the comments in my video, my video helped a lot of people. When I read those comments, I felt very proud. So I brought them this year! I used Ali Express! I’ll show you some shopping information, so if you search the information, you’ll find the product! Then, Shall we start my bikini Haul? first, TADA I actually bought this separately, not as a set. So, if you put it on like this, the tone is different, right? It’s the same white, but the top looks like ivory. It’s really white. So I’m a little sad, but I can’t help it. So, if you look at this, there’s a cloth made of swimsuit. And there’s a see-though in the arm. I think this sissru part is made up of organza So it looks like some hot And There’s a frilly detail on the forearm. But if you look here, as I said, there’s only one fabric. So if you don’t put on a silicon bra or nipple patch, you don’t care overseas, but in Korea, you care a lot about what nipples look like. That’s why you have to check it out. And I bought a very ordinary one. If you look in the back, there’s a shirring on the hip bone, so it makes your hips look prettier. TADA Isn’t it pretty? It’s a white color. And It’s made of organza’s puff and sleeve. So I think the atmosphere is pure and pretty. Right? I was worried because this color is slightly different from this one, but it doesn’t look that different when I try it on. There’s a ribbon detail on the side. And this is what the bottom line feels like this. The back is supposed to be simple. What’s bad about this is that I wore a silicon bra before I wore it, and I had a problem. First of all, you can see a pin that gathers your heart in the middle. And since it’s a swimsuit material, if you wear it on top of a silicon bra, it will continue to slip. So when you wear this, you should wear a sticker-type ripple patch. Other than that, it’s really pretty and pure, right? And next is, TADA It’s like a white spot on the red, right? Actually, I thought it was a one-piece dress. It’s a two-piece dress. First of all, if you look at the lower part, it’s high-waist style, so you can hold the lower abdomen. When I look at the top, the white part looks similar. So This is part of the feeling of unity. The material on the top is made of good shape. Besides, it’s very soft. Can you see it? So I think I’ll look pretty when I take a picture. And if you look at the material inside the top, it’s made of just a piece of cloth. There’s no telling where the pad is or where the chest is. There is only a hole in the arm and head that can tell where it is. So if you try this on, you’ll find out. But if you feel burdened by a slight nipple, you need to use a patch or a silicone. This isn’t a dress, it looks like a dress. Some people are short or very short on their body. If you wear a dress swimwear, you usually have a waist problem. So if you want like one-piece, you can buy this! One thing to note is that it’s very well shaped and bulky. So if you really enjoy swimming, it’ll be a bit of a distraction. Isn’t it so pretty? My hair is red color, so it might look a bit assimilated. When I wear this, I’m going to dye my hair a different color. Don’t take that into account. It’s really pretty just looking at this swimsuit. These points are well-shaped, so you don’t have to worry about breaking them when you take them on a trip. It doesn’t have a pad to cover the chest. So I was worried that I could see the nipple, but It’s okay I don’t think you need to pay attention to it because it covers you like this. In the lower case, the belt is wide and holds the waist tightly, making the waist look thin. This is what the back looks like. I’m covering it up to the point that it’s not too much. This ruffle detail makes this swimsuit even more lovely. So if you look at the whole thing, this white point! I think the white point on the red color is so pretty. I went to Switzerland recently.Haha So I think Red and White look prettier. What about you? And next is TADA It’s a stripe style that’s not in trendy I wouldn’t have bought this if I had a simple stripe. It’s not a necroline. It’s a bit of an off-shoulder. It’s a bit V-shaped, so it’s very unique. In this case, there are wires and some pads. But you can’t use the extra pad. You can only use the basic pad. The pad isn’t that thick. It’s just the basic style. I don’t think the shape of this wire is that good, so please refer to it. And if you look at the lower part, the side is tied with a ribbon. This ribbon has a gold point at the end. So when you wear this, I think it’d be nice to give you a point with gold accessories. It feels like a Marine look. I think it’ll be really pretty if I wear it on a yacht or go to Greece. Of course, it’s not that kind of place, but don’t you think it’s really pretty to wear it when you go to a rest area or swimming pool? The shoulder and off-shoulder part are neat and the stripe is very neat. And the lower part is covered with a high-waist style. I think it’s pretty to wear this long necklace, right? The back part is quite simple. I just want to wear a striped bikini, but I want to recommend it to those who don’t like being too plain I think it would be really pretty if I wore a white cap. Next is TADA I bought this because I liked the rough details. I bought it because I wanted to make it look like Tinkerbell. I bought almost everything off-shoulder. If you look at it, it starts from your neck and goes down to your shoulders. There’s this stitch detail in the cup. It’s just that it’s okay overall. You can’t put extra pads in here. You have a basic pad. This is also wire type! And the bottom! There’s a Frill Detail. I think you can look like a fairy if you wear it well. Isn’t it pretty? What do you think? Isn’t it so pretty? I’ve seen this design since last year, but I didn’t buy it because I was thinking about it. I bought it this year because it took me a long time. It looks so pretty. This frilly is green, so it looks like a leaf. Doesn’t it look like Tinkerbell? In fact, most Koreans may not prefer this style because they prefer a breast-collecting style. Because the middle part is just like this. It’s not a breast-feeding style. The bikinis I picked this time have a pretty atmosphere overall? That’s how it feels. And I bought things to wear when I went to Bali, so I bought them to suit the feeling of Bali. It looks good on me, doesn’t it? This is what the back looks like. It’s also high leg style, so please refer to it. The back of the bikini looks like this, so please refer to this too! The last one is, TADA This isn’t actually a set either. I have to buy extra skirts, but I’ve bought extra skirts. First, if you look at the swimsuit, it’s a total of 4 pieces. These two are the arms. It’s top and bottom I bought it because it reminds me of Princess Jasmine. I feel sexy with bottom rope, But It’s just a bandage. So I don’t think it’s really pretty. And this is the upper part. This is more serious. This is a real one. The previous swimsuits had one more layer in the back, so I didn’t see any finishing touches like this. It’s really one layer, so I can see all these things. The back part is just like this. I’m also going to wear a silicon bra or nipple patch inside, right? If you look at the skirt, it’s like a simple see-though You can wear it as a cover-up on the bikini, but you can wear it as a bohemian style or as a vacation look. And this is also a bandage on the waist. I think it’ll be prettier if you add a belt here. It’s different from the white bikini. It’s on the shoulder. Because it came down when I put it on my arm. So I think I wear this on my shoulder. And this one, like White, comes down on a silicon bra, so you have to put on a nipple patch and put it on. And the lower part is like this. It’s a really high leg, right? I don’t think my butt is as big as I thought it would be. It’s just the right high-leg style. I’ll try on a skirt here. The skirt is pierced on both sides like this way. I can’t show you because the space I’m using is too small, but I can see both legs. Like this? So you can think of it as a cover-up that you can wear sexy enough. I want to look sexy, but if you feel pressured about the lower leg, I think it’s okay to wear a cover-up skirt like this. Besides, it’s a bit like a see-though And this skirt and bikini are the same material. So if you wear it as a set like this, it doesn’t look like a swimsuit, it just looks like a vacation look. And it feels like jasmine. It’s green and red sequenced. It’s really pretty. I showed you the bikini I bought at AlliXpress, how’s it going? This shopping trip was done for my trip to Bali. So I’m going to show you a video of my trip to Bali in early September, and I’m going to wear them in that video! So look forward to it! I hope you like this video. Well, this is the end of this clip If it was fun or useful Likes and subscribes please!
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