I have a nice hotel in Yeongdo, Busan. It’s called Laval’s Hotel.
There’s a pretty good cafe on the top floor, so let’s go there. Maxim de Paris and if you’re a little more French, then Maxim de Paris.
If you go to a cafe in a hotel, No
You don’t have to stop what is xe If you go by car, take a picture of the navigation.
You will arrive in 10 minutes by bus 30 from Nampo Station on Line 1. The place is Yeongdo Bridge and the place to get off is called Yeongdo Police Station.
If you do not know how to pause this screen or look on the Naver map I think it will be
It’s been a while since I visited the cafe for a long time. Anyway, what you see in front of me is the Laval pot and Maxim de Paris is on top of the hotel.
The rooftop cafe Fried sesame what are there books
I need to stop Does not stop
I can’t take my goodbye How hard is this video?
What do you live Ah, there’s more law sihyeong
You can see me underneath I didn’t spread it again.
The time I visited was at the end of the evening, There is not
The hope that there will be a seat in the parking lot is folded in the first place and shared under the bridge. You can go to the parking lot, but public parking is not available.
You must park There’s a nice place next door,
I think you can infer it through the video Anything 2 4 Ah, you can see me first
Because you’re going to sleep To tell you honestly,
It’s tight, but do I have to see it? I know it’s a distant meaning.
Beyond the same number Vengeance Bongsu Big is my first broadcast ty
I love you, but I live with memories. I don’t know the rice
It is state of lobby Go through the hotel lobby and take the elevator to the top floor of the 28th floor. Ew vaccine elegant example ceo son
Like a penthouse, the elevator doors open and a cafe comes out. Let’s take a look at the atmosphere
oo ah Uhh cool Ugh Americano 6,000 won Café Latte 6,500 won, Brown sugar latte 7,500 won
It’s a hotel coffee shop, so the price is terrible. That’s not enough
But it’s not cheap, but I ordered green tea latte Please draw your cart pretty
Yeah what are you looking at 4 to 5 1 it tastes like green tea
There are 10 people who went to the palace alone I think I can be biased
I don’t know if it’s toxic only when I went, but the cafe’s interior is only for 20s It looks like it’s coming, but there are a lot of different ages
There’s a window seat, so let’s move around. Ah, this is my gun
Why aren’t you in front of me? I think this place is a bit dark and a very bright with a counter
I feel The interior was so pretty that I wanted to stay longer
If you like desserts like cakes and breads You can eat Open this door and go out to the 29th floor rooftop. Beautiful view of Bosan
Oh, of course, if there’s another guest in front of you, Anyway, it’s pretty classy and nice enough to want to know when it happened in Youngdo. I’ll go up to the 29th floor d is blocked because it’s 29 thousand roofs,
Available It’s winter now, so nobody’s coming out.
I think it’s going to be huge Oh really cool 1 Ah, I’m the type who wants to see the scenery alone
Although Americano costs 6,000 won, more than half the view value I thought it was a nice cafe
If you come to Yeongdo, Busan, we recommend you to visit. The parking ticket will be cut off like this.