(Laughing) This makes me get muscles… (lol) (Laughing) Knock it off! (lol) Your heads… (lol) What are you… (lol) Sticking chins each other… (lol) Bam bam bam~ Bamm~ Look at this, DD! (Laughing) Are you gonna just watch? Not coming? Ta-da! Ta-da! I’ll take… Oh, god… You ruined it! Hey! Phew… Ta-da! Ta-da! Amazing, huh? Are you getting in, DD? I think it’s too small for you to get in there. DD. Huh~ (lol) It’s a bit small… Oh, someone has already got in there. Ta-da! Ta-da! Your tail… (lol) May I move it to here? Let me move it. (Groaning) Alright… (Laughing) (Laughing) Capsule hotel for cats! No? What should I call them? Cats and 7 jars? Should I leave them as they are now?
Do you like them? (Laughing) (Laughing) Please come out. I gotta make a hole on it. Kitty! I gotta make a breathing hole. Come out. What are you doing? You look so comfortable. I feel even sorry. But I have to make a hole anyway. One, two ! (Groaning) OK, First of all… Get your legs… Hey… Geez! (lol) Get your legs out! (lol) What are you…. Come out! (Laughing) He doesn’t get out… What do I do? Yeah! Get your legs out. Good. POOK! Kitty, stay in here while I make a hole on it. Right here. Come on. Yeah. Umm… Stay there. I gotta make a hole here. (lol) Hey, you… (lol) Do you… (lol) Huh. Watch me making a hole sitting there. (lol) What are you licking? (Laughing) Are you eating something? (lol) Why do you keep licking? I’m a butler. Please come out for a while. POK! (Laughing) POK! Um… Sir? I’m sorry to bother you, but you should come out. (lol) He doesn’t even listen to me. Lulu: I don’t wanna get out! (Laughing) POOK! Hey! Yeah! That’s what I’m saying! POOK! Cat capsule hotels! Done! Bam! The capsule hotel that I offer you this time is designed very carefully so that each cat can have own room. Hello, chairman Momo. This is Cream butler. You got into the first room.
How do you feel about your room? Momo: Umm… It’s so cozy… I’m selling these houses to cats who want to have their own room. Each room costs 10 claws. It’s advance fee. Hello? Are you with me? Do you have cash? (Surprised) Wow! He’s a rich! Terrific! (lol) Momo: Let it go! (Laughing) Room service! (lol) (Laughing) This makes me get muscles… (lol) (Laughing) Knock it off! (lol) We should play together! You! Don’t you remember? You’ve eaten this before and made green poops! Lulu: Umm… Lulu: I’m a cool cat who makes green poops! Good afternoon, Lulu. What drink would you like to have at dinner? This one? Or… this one? Red one? Blue one? Oh, blue one! Let me put this in there. Hi, sweetie! Take this, doctor Coco. Do you have enough room for this? OK. Take it. Oh, should you come out cuz it’s too small? (Laughing) OK! Have fun here. Sir? You should get in your room. You can’t do this on the street. How do you feel, Lulu? Lulu: Well… life is… Life is…? Lulu: …like the capsule hotel in the evening. What…? I got it… (lol)