Yes I want to go and see. This is the place that is coming today. Ahh… This place will begin Say this Where a lot of trash is falling Homeless are likely to live in A little creepy I’m likely to be here May live now In this way, you collect trash and leave it. Later, we sell them separately and make money. Like an empty can The possibility that someone lives is high. The bedding is also left as it is. It is a mosquito repellent. Ahh… Bathroom In particular… nothing… The strange state No The hair dryer is still there Cosmetic jar Remains as it is Hi EMAX The bath Like this Oh The room From the bath You can see Because this hotel is small I’ll finish watching right away About The creation of the room is the same Weeds There are many The door will not open What is it? Closed with rope I wonder if I can not There is no evidence of anyone entering here Let’s enter OK, open This was homeless lived Oh! There are homeless personal belongings This may have lived Say hello to everyone in Taiwan. OK Good evening everyone is EMAX hallo 大家 晚上 好 It was EMAX. Wow this is Is there a flea? No fleas Here also… There seems to be something Sealed with a wire This is hard … (There is a sound over there) What this Why so severely Is it doing? Probably everyone here May not have entered I see, This is There used to be people who used to live here Good evening Excuse me I see Things are organized I will enter I see Homeless is the trace of living here I lived completely … Like tea Things you want to drink As it is There are also sweets I wonder what I was doing … It’s already garbage It ’s been like this for years I haven’t come back here … Have notes Resume… Some characters are written What is it? Look at this What is this? A dating woman Physical condition obesity Obesity Fairness Long hair Ronville? (Missing lips) What is Ronville? Lol What a terminology? In such a place To the people who live I wonder if there is a woman who goes out with me. . . ? Is n’t it? Let’s live together here Is n’t it? Probably, dating was successful From life here Did you escape successfully? I wonder what to say I’m not sure There is a lot of sweets I guess I was sleeping here It ’s totally trash. what’s this Something There is a knife that seems to be a weapon Shoes this is… I ’m a manual worker. Who was here If you look at the luggage you have, you can imagine it. There are also objects here It is as it is. This is also closed Look inside Socks are dried Nothing This room (Mr. Ogura) I finished shooting the building. Communication verification with spirit Yes do you live? Yes, thank you. Are you male? are you female? 2 times for men Once for women Please react. Female You are probably in this hotel Passed away are you female? Wrong? Is that so? I see, your cause of death … Ah! I’m gone. . . It ’s gone. . . I’m sorry, if you come again, it will be saved Is this room where you passed away? I’m sorry, please come again I’m gone It can not be helped In the next room Let’s go and see This is amazing Machine contents It ’s like this Okay, let’s go. Huh This room too Especially unusual things There is no Wow Why is this too like this Lots of garbage Why is this happening? There is a lot of garbage (This is another shooting team) (Ghost meter PRO) Ah! Here too Bathtub In the bathtub I ’m sure you ’ll have it. The same person may have done all this They ’re all the same people OMG … OMG! Came! You are here Is it a ghost? Are you male? are you female? If yes, twice, 2 times for women If you are a man, please do it once. ? Female? 2 reactions Woman Yes, you died here Are you a woman? Even the woman who died here eh? huh? Maybe this room? (After this, the door closes without permission, the video turns off automatically, and the opening) Have you been killed? 2 times if killed that? I’m not killed I understand! Taking a lot of sleeping pills I heard that there is a dead woman That person is dead here I answered it myself It was this room that died Finally found Something may appear Show slowly (The video was turned off and the door closed … a phenomenon occurred.) This door closed without permission Closed Let’s take a look Mirror on the ceiling (Noise) The sound of someone walking oh my God … Oh … Oh shit! why? There is no wind in this room … (Signs) I can not see anything It might be a little dangerous Door closed Maybe I’m trying to lock me up dangerous Now Other In this way, various rooms There is This state Huh? sound Huh? Is there someone else besides us? Maybe … This is all around. Especially, there is nothing to see The room is over there In that room I was trapped The room is over there. That room Is it difficult to see? The tree is in the way This OK By saying today A ghost hotel in Chiba Prefecture Sent from the Ghost Hotel. EMAX. Lol Thank you very much. If you have n’t subscribed yet I want to show you a great video again Subscribe, notification button, I would like cooperation of click Bye-bye