First winds of autumn gently blow Hush of the forest. Leaves transforming from green to shades of red and yellow A Hotel deeply nestled in the mountains of Hakone A Restful space of comfort Chirping songs of birds Gentle winds Murmuring sounds of flowing hot springs Natural hot spring open-air baths Relaxing moments “Mitsui Suishoen” was established as a Mitsui family villa in the Taisho era This registered cultural asset has been transformed into a place for culinary wonders Stepping into history Overlapping of time and space Did the same autumn rains shower down and times pass? Relishing the beautiful seasons of Japan This is also a luxury only found here The clinking of ice whiskey in a glass gently inebriated by autumn Trees and flowers patiently awaiting their transforming colors just as they did in times past Hakone SUISHOEN