6th floor Door will open. Can you read this? Can you read? This
This is not the Inari Sushi. It is rolled sushi Buy a meal ticket of buckwheat. Chinese noodles is good. However, Japanese people love Wa. Color of buckwheat flour is favorite. (Warm gray) The meal ticket here?
Yes! Please
Wa soba Please Spectacular views. Can I eat on the balcony?
Yes! Be careful because the cold. Allowed? Recommended to eat on the balcony. Black-tailed gull Wa soba of Onomichi City Hall staff cafeteria. I guessed wrong This is Chinese noodles. (Yellow) I was expected that contain buckwheat flour. Fresh tenkasu of Onomichi Not Allium wakegi, green onion. Kamaboko Made of plastic. Heat-resistant notation. Itadakimasu (Let’s eat) Seems to be Chinese noodles.
Noodles. Like a school cafeteria Ah! Very gentle taste. Maybe udon soup? Style of the shop “Miyaji” in Onomichi. Only 220 yen. Everyone. I want to say. I thought it was like Wa soba, Zarusoba. If so, is cheap 220 yen. I found a Zarusoba in the menu. Is it this noodle? Do you put this noodles on the colander? Occasionally received “I want to go Onomichi” comments. Please come, Recommend weekdays rather than weekends. Here is open on weekdays. Teraminato-san Recommended. Cheap and good view dining room. Again, Seems to be a high school cafeteria. Topped with pepper too. It was pitch black. Does it compliment? Uh?! Sunday of elementary school age. Went to the game center in Fukuyama. Quick-serving soba-noodle stand was in the station. I shook 2 times the pepper the supply. Competitive friends shook three times. Friends are absent from school the next day. So worried, I visited friend’s house. His lips were swollen like sausages. This soup is Higashimaru feel like. Gochisousama (Thanks for meal) Please use, if there is a public dining room in city hall in your neighborhood. Probably is less expensive and good view. Stingray occasionally fly.
Really? zooooom! Fly Stingray!
OMG! looks like a cushion, is Stingray.