Hi, everybody. This is Kevin. Welcome to the return of the chef on Mars. Are you like me? Sometimes you choose to travel to Japan on a cheap red-eye flight. Because some people want to buy a little more travel time. Some are trying to make the travel cost a little less If we’re going to take public transit, We’ll have to get to the airport before the last train. So there’s a gap in the middle of this. Especially on a 5:00 flight in the morning. The meeting will be waiting for a long time in the departure hall of the airport. What I want to share with you in this episode is If you take an early morning flight from Haneda to Taiwan, Where do you spend the night at Haneda Airport? In fact, many credit cards can already be Get free access to the lounge. Actually, most of the lounges are in control areas. So in the not yet got… There’s no way before the counter is open and you can do Chick In. Go to the lounge in the control area. Let’s see how we can get here at Haneda Airport. Let’s take our time. It’s about 1:30 in the morning. Because a lot of people will ride like me. A late flight. A lot of people start looking for a place to sleep. Like this. Benches like this are actually The machine is full of people. (Laughter) It’s quite exaggerated. I didn’t think that would happen. I am a person who can’t sleep very much. I’d like to take a stroll. Where is there to walk? There’s plenty of places on the second floor where you can take a break. There’s Ito Garden over here. Ito Garden can consume and sit in. A lot of people will be here. Forgive me, I’m still pushing my trolley. There’s also a coffee shop where you can sit. I think there are plenty of places to go around. For people like me who don’t sleep. There’s still a place to go. I’ve been sitting somewhere else for a long time. I want to come out and walk. It’s a long time to fly anyway. I think their international terminal is actually pretty. It’s all taken a break. It would be quite a lot of people if it was normal time. It was in the early morning. A ramen shop open in the morning. This is so sweet. There’s a ramen shop open in the morning. All the benches here are waiting for dinner. Now it turns out to be saying, Even if there is a lounge. It’s going to get stuck here now because It’s not time to Chick in yet. We can’t store your luggage yet. We can’t enter customs. What if you have emigrated at customs, then you can go to If you have a card, you can go to the lounge. The point is, it’ll take two hours before it starts. Now, everybody is really good to find this kind of sleeping place. Personally, it’s hard for me to sleep like this. So it doesn’t care so much about sleeping or not. Oh, Nihonbashi is up there. There are a lot of them here. A place where you can rest. I’d like to go up to Nihonbashi. But we need to see if there’s an elevator there. Let’s see what it looks like upstairs. Woo thought it was good. I think we can buy a horse here. You can hang it on this wall. There’s a table over here. It feels good. There’s a table here to sit. Early arrival at the airport during the day I feel like I can come and see it here. It’s pretty windy right now. Just test this microphone. Is this cat hair useful or not? I’m going to use my JCB card to go to the Sky Lounge. He’s on the way out of the border. This way. So it shouldn’t be hard to find. From the beginning… But if the location is so good, it would be a lot of people. This is open 24 hours. The other Sky Lounge is near Gate 140. It’s far away, probably less than so many people. But he doesn’t have 24 hours, but I’m in the morning. So this is the only way. There it is 7:00 ~ 01:00. This is 24 hours. Wait, take a look inside. The Sky Lounge is very quiet. A variety of drinks are available for free The point is, it’s cola. It’s Coca-Cola. You don’t hear the radio in the rest area, but you can see the flight schedule. Toilets are mixed. There is also a smoking room. and areas where you can lie relatively flat. The rest area has power to charge There are also computers that can be used If you’re hungry, you can order food. That’s how we can spend our time at Haneda Airport. I hope it will help you all. We’ll see you next time.