Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf Hotel There is a closet next to the entrance Ironing board and iron What is this Here is the dryer There is a hanger There is baggage And when you go inside There is a diagonal window like this There is a picture like this on the wall Chair and table TV is quite big And here is the refrigerator And here is the refrigerator. There is nothing in it and it’s quite big so it looks like you can have a drink This is a safe and Safe and Ice cup and cup And this is Starbucks coffee There is a Starbucks coffee. This is USB Power supply I’ll try later if I can use Japanese things This is the Golden Gate Bridge, right? How about outside Bus You can see the bus stop and parking There is a proper power source on this bedside, right? USB and normal power supply It is a washroom Mirror with actress light Cup and towel There are both plastic cups and glass cups. this is Lotion, conditioner and shampoo Soap and tissue This is a towel and a trash can Towel toilet There is a picture like this on the toilet There is a shower curtain Is the shower fixed? Bathtub It has a large bathtub. This time I stayed in three hotels in San Francisco The first is San Francisco Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf It ’s a Sheraton hotel in a place called Fisherman’s Wharf. Fisherman’s Wharf is a place where shrimp and sharks are abundant It is a very famous and lively place as a tourist destination. So I stayed here for one night. The Sheraton is quite big It’s old, but I stayed because it was renovated. To the room For the time being Wallpaper and furniture The baths were new so I was able to stay clean. But the window was a little dirty so it was hard to see outside. Just in front of me because of the location of the room At the bus stop Because there are a lot of bus stops The morning was noisy The room shook when the bus passed. But in terms of location, it is a very recommended place. I can go to Fisherman’s Wharf right away I’ll go shopping and go home again soon. There is also a cable car in the place called Fisherman’s Wharf It is convenient because there are various transportation such as trams. I’m not on the train this time, but there seems to be a train station nearby. So I thought it was a great hotel for sightseeing. Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf Hotel In front of the room in this way There is a bar After all Starbucks There is a set of coffee and Cup Plastic cup and glass cup This is the same as Sheraton And here There is a big closet And safe There are safes here and two places to put your luggage. Ironing board Here Iron here This is quite wide, right? Probably the size Compared to Shuraton Sheraton was two-thirds of this size There are twice as many as normal hotels Close this next Here Bathroom There is considerable area It’s already 11 o’clock, but I have already checked in. There is a big bathtub Yesterday’s Sheraton had a slightly shallow bathtub. This is also deep enough Is n’t it big? And the shower is fixed There is also a hand shower There are two. It is a shower curtain San Francisco hotels have many shower curtains And toilet There is no washlet bath towel Hairdryer and toilet paper tissue Glass cup and plastic cup You have both. And this is amenity Shampoo conditioner body wash lotion I stayed at Sheraton yesterday, but Westin has more amenities than Sheraton. As expected, it is Westin And here towel and hand towel There are 3 pieces each. mirror There is a big mirror Big mirror I want to go to the room. There is a big mirror here. Two suitcases are enough space The room is quite large. King size bed There is electricity There are two chairs The TV is not on the wall but on the table And here on the phone and picture Under this TV Here is a drawer And here is the refrigerator Transparent door Where can I open it from The inside feels like this It doesn’t contain anything, so you can enter it as you like The front is made of transparent glass. There was a refrigerator in here. I wrote that the view from the window was so good, but I ca n’t see anything. The feeling of building only It ’s a little disappointing here, but it ’s not good. This hotel is The Westin St. Francis San Francisco Union Square in front of Union Square Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco And here Westin Saint Francis And finally, we are going to stay at another hotel near the airport. This is very venerable It’s an old hotel, right? It was old but I felt that it was kept very clean and clean. However, If I tried to take a shower on the morning of the second day, there was no hot water If you turn it around, the hot water won’t stop. The hot water doesn’t stop anyway I called you and called me to fix it After all, it was old, so I thought that might be the case. As expected Historic old hotel Because it is a prestigious hotel, the service was very fine and fine. This is the Westin San Francisco Airport Hotel The room is big About half of the room is space. The TV is on the table It is not a type that hangs on the wall And here is the ice container This time there is no glass cup It ’s casual, right? Just a plastic cup. And Refrigerator It is the same refrigerator as Union Square This is a container Refrigerator Same as Westin St. Francis There is great dust There is a lot of dust. This is entirely glass. And drawer After all Starbucks coffee is placed And there are two bottles of water. paper cup And there is a stand and there is a mirror here One chair And here is another one There is such a bed on the bedside It is a picture of the wall and the view from the window This is a shuttle to the airport He seems to be running a lot. I plan to leave at 10:00 tomorrow It seems that you can take the shuttle without making a reservation Garbage can This is the same as St. Francis. Here is a picture of the wall There is a big mirror on the left side of the door And here The bathroom is relatively small But the bathtub is big. Oh, the curtain is the same as Westin St. Francis This shower is the same as Westin St. Francis It is a type with a hand shower There is no washlet, right? bath towel Hand towel and plastic cup There is no glass cup Shampoo Conditioner Body Lotion The Westin St. Francis There was something like a shower gel, but there are only three There is no shower gel And here is a mirror There is a light around the mirror And here is a magnifying glass There is soap Power supply This is it Japanese appliances can also be used The voltage is different The bath is also soap, right? This is where hot water comes out. And this is the closet It ’s so narrow Is it about 1m? Hanger and iron The ironing board is a place where you can put your luggage. And here there is a safe. I don’t think there are so many people who stay long because it’s near the airport. Even in the Westin, there are significant differences between hotels. On the last day we stayed at a hotel near the airport This was because the next day’s flight was around 12:00 I thought I should go to the airport around 10 o’clock. Then I thought it would be better to get closer to the airport. I chose a hotel near the airport Because it is near the airport, there is a shuttle bus to the airport. Shuttle buses are quite frequent, so you can get this for free It seems that you can ride almost without reservation So when I arrived at the airport or the next day when I returned from the airport, Staying near the airport is also recommended. Surprisingly, it ’s cheaper here than in the city. I feel like that’s OK. But after all, the Westin is quite small and it feels a bit old. The service is a little different The feeling of the front and the feeling of the amenity And the closet is quite narrow You feel pretty casual, right? I chose it because it was cheap and it had good access from the airport. This time Sheraton and Westin This is a Marriott series Marriott bonvoy You can make a reservation with the app It is recommended that you make a reservation after registering for free, as you will earn points. If you make a reservation at or something like that, Wi-Fi will be charged The price should not change that much, so it’s better to book directly If you book directly, the room is good and the service is good. This time from San Francisco Then again