Here we are at The Okura Prestige- Taipei!! Now we are in our room Wow! Gorgeous! Wow! Cute paper crane from the hotel! They also prepare the welcome pineapple cake here! Actually ~ Very sweet of them! The Hotel also prepared the scale here! What’s this one? as what I have guessed “hair dryer” Yea! Check out bathroom! Wow! We got big shower head up there! And we got bathtub We have televesion here!! Here in side is the toilet, It’s separated from the bathroom! Wow! The Seat Cover will lift automatically! Big wardrobe! There are Bathrobes as well. Nesspresso coffee machine Wow!! Actually You are in the Video honey! Say Hi~ Hi~~~ Here is the control button! Press Open! So you can get some light by opeing the drape and close the sheer to have some privacy Press Sheer Open Inside we got the saver! Wine & Beer Glasses! Coffee & Tea Cups! Beer & Beverages! Sashimi Sushi Fresh Squeezed Juice Prawn & Crab!!!! Japanese Sukiyaki Tasty Roast Beef Famous Fresh Made Pizza Variety of Desserts What makes me feel shy is…. It’s a open shower room! People can see you while you are taking a shower!! Wow!!!! Guys!!! Are you getting excited!!!! Sorry to put you down~ I thought it is a open shower room, but it’s not! Check it out! The hidden secret!! Feels GOOD!!! Welcome to my Runway show!
Don’t RUN AWAY! Let’s call it a day! I’m going to bed now! Good night! Sweet Dreams!