First, I want to share my favourite sushi burrito place in downtown, Toronto. A sushi burrito is pretty much exactly what it sounds like and it is a mashup between sushi and burritos that is kind of like “Ehomaki.” But they also put TANGERINE!!! (WHAT!?!?) To make it, you just put whatever you want on top of rice and give it a firm squeeze before rolling up the burrito, and even some ingredients that didn’t fit in, this person was trying to squeeze them in from the side like how you pack up the super loaded suitcase lol I ordered Classic Salmon Sushi Burrito but asked them to replace carrots (allergy!) with edamame. And my friend ordered a customized sushi role with chicken and shrimp tempura. As you can see, there is a lot of stuff inside so it was quite hard to eat but it was SUPER GOOD! After dinner, we stopped by at Second Cup which is as popular as Starbucks and Tim Hortons and bought Coffee. And from now, this is the main part of the video – What I eat in a day – I usually don’t eat breakfast but on this day, we had a fire drill at 8 in the morning so we were forced to wake up. Since I got up early, I decided to go to cafeteria. First, I got a cup of coffee and then I got 2 boiled eggs that I wish were Japanese Onsen eggs. There were different kinds of yogurts but I picked the most ordinary looking one and I also put some pineapples. Oh and add extra yogurt on the top! With caution, I carefully carried my plate and thought I made it but then this happened lol This is my breakfast. I picked up a muffin too. What you see is my lunch. I usually eat a bunch of vegetables for lunch. but carrot is an exception since I’m allergic to it. Dinner was delicious since they had my favourites: pizza and cookies! Some of you requested me to make what I eat in a WEEK but I really do eat almost same food for every meal and it would be boring so I decided not to. Thanks for watching!