Welcome to Ape Amma Youtube channel. Today I’m doing another request of many from a long time. I’ll also be making the chocolate buttercream frosting sugar 200g 2 tbsp corn flour, many people use a lot of baking soda when making chocolate cakes.. but I’m using corn flour instead of that, this will make the cake even softer. 200g eggs 2 tbsp of milk first I’m going to prepare the cake pan, first brush some butter or oil and since we are making a chocolate cake, we need to dust this with cocoa powder. if you dust the pan with white plain flour in a chocolate cake… The bottom of the cake will have white flour. You can use this method to prepare the tin if needed. But today I’m preparing my cake tin like this. this is a 8″x2″ pan first add some oil to the tray. Then I sliced some parchment papers into strips. I took 4 strips that are 13″x4″ then place the strips as shown. the parchment paper has to be nice and straight like this. With this method the cake will bake evenly without too much dome in the center With this method there may be some marks on the cake after it’s baked, so this method is fine for cake that you add icing because all those marks will be covered by icing. First add all the dry ingredients and sift it. Next cream the butter and sugar. butter has to be on room temperature. use the spatula to gather the sugar around the bowl. it took me only about 2 and half minutes to cream this. Add one egg at a time and beat them in. now keep the mixer aside. now add our dry flour mixture little at a time and mix it only stir the batter in one direction. Now add the milk and make a nice looking cake batter. Now bake the cake in a 175 Celsius preheated oven, I’ve used both the up and down elements of the oven. It took me 40 minutes to bake this cake. if you are using a small oven, place a aluminum foil over the over at the 25 minute mark. This is after 40 minutes the cake is baked now. See now easy it was to remove from the cake tray now. the cake has to spring back up like this when you press it with your finger sometime the cake can have a dome, then you can cool the cake upside down like this. Else you have to cut off the extra because you need to add icing to the cake. if you have a cake lever it’s very easy to cut the cake. you can adjust the height and easily slice the cake like this. This is another cake I made to demonstrate the cake leveler. I’ll show you how to cut this cake using a normal bread knife just slightly cut the edges of the cake while rotating it. turn the cake while you cut it then slightly move the knife inside while still rotating the cake. see how neatly we were able to cut this cake. So let’s make the frosting now. a little less then 1/4 cup of milk. 300g icing sugar sift the icing sugar and keep it aside. then sift the cocoa powder too. then cream the butter add a portion of the icing sugar and cream it. then add some icing sugar and milk and beat it again. then add a little more icing. alternatively add milk. using this method the cream comes out really well. I’m adding another 1/2 tsp of milk and beat it again. then add half the cocoa powder now add the remaining cocoa powder and combine it well using a spatula. if you beat the cocoa powder directly it will fly all around. Now add another 1/2 tsp of milk and beat it again. don’t make it very thin, this much of thick frosting is good. in a hot climate the thin frosting will melt even faster. if you don’t have a turn table you can use this method to place the cake. stick the cake using some chocolate frosting. now add a little extra frosting and add it to center of the cake. now spread the frosting evenly from the center of the cake to all around the cake. now keep the other layer upside down on the cake. this is a little time consuming to do, so I’ll do another video on how to frost a cake. to make the icing layer really smooth, you can keep the spatula in hot water, then wipe it and it to make the icing even smooth. I’m placing this cake in the fridge for 30 minutes to add a small decoration. I’m warming a bread knife then use the bread knife on the cooled cake to form a nice pattern. I’m adding some cashews to make it even nicer. it’s my taste testing time now. 🙂 see now soft it is. really it’s so delicious. you can serve your gusts with a beautiful cake like this. send your photos of chocolate cakes to Ape Amma fan page. if you found this video useful, leave a like and share it with your friends. to watch more valuable videos, subscribe to Ape Amma Youtube channel.