Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab
Emirates and is located in the south-west part of the country along the southern coast
of the Persian Gulf. One of seven emirates, it is a well-ordered,
industrious city with a pretty waterside location. First inhabited in 1760, the settlement remained
a small fishing village until oil was discovered. The revenues transformed Abu Dhabi into the
modern city of today and a bustling centre of government and business. Abu Dhabi, is full of incredible attractions
that will impress all visitors with everything from cultural experiences to great shopping
malls. Before we get into the top 10 things to do
in Abu Dhabi, we’ve included links in the description to various discount codes and
links to resources of things to do, so make sure you check those out. 10) At number 10 is Ferrari World Abu Dhabi One of Abu Dhabi’s most thrilling attractions
is Ferrari World. The theme park is inspired by the world-famous
Italian car brand and is an ideal place to visit with the family. With everything from kid’s rides to car
exhibitions, there’s something for everyone. However, this park is best known for being
home to one of the fastest rollercoasters in the world, Formula Rossa, which reaches
a speed of 240 km/hr in only five seconds. There are numerous rides for children and
interactive experiences such as simulators, so the whole family can enjoy a brilliant
day out. 9) Number 9 is the Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Abu
Dhabi The Hop-on Hop-off Bus Abu Dhabi is the best
way to see all you want in this large capital city, home to stunning architecture, world-class
museums and great attractions. Visit all of the highlights in and around
Abu Dhabi like Marina Mall, Ferrari World, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Yas Waterworld, and more. Hop-on and hop-off at your leisure, sightseeing
and relaxing with air-conditioned buses providing a cooling relief from the Abu Dhabi heat. 8) At number 8 is Emirates Park Zoo The Emirates Park Zoo is a wonder world that
combines a zoo, aquarium, petting zoo, animal shows, interactive sessions, cultural shows
and a lot more, all in one place. The Park was opened to the public in 2008
and is Abu Dhabi’s first private zoo. Home to 1700 animals, the Park boasts wild
cats, birds of prey, sea lions, zebras, reptiles and more. There are several shaded areas within the
Zoo and an innovating misting system that keeps visitors and animals cool during hot
summers. 7) Number 7 is the Etihad Towers Observation
Deck Ascend to the top of Abu Dhabi’s towering
skyline and look out over the sparkling Arabian Peninsula with a visit to the Etihad Towers
Observation Deck. Visit Abu Dhabi’s tallest building where visitors
can stand 300 meters above the city and take in the beautiful panoramic scenery. See the Persian Gulf, the city-state of Abu
Dhabi, and the Arabian Desert sparkle below. This spot also offers high tea with delicious
snacks and refreshments to accompany the view. 6) At number 6 is Yas Waterworld Yas Waterworld, with exciting rides for all
ages, is a great place for the entire family to spend the warmer days in Abu Dhabi. This is one of the world’s best water parks
that has 43 rides, five of them world firsts, like Bubble’s Barrel, the largest surf-able
sheet wave in the world. There are also plenty of lazy, chilled-out
attractions and lots of fun for the kids. It’s 37 acres of wet, watery fun and the best
way to cool off in the sun. 5) Number 5 is the Desert Safari There are many different options for visitors
to explore the Desert. The typical way for tourists is a desert safari,
where you can try out sand boarding, camel riding or dune buggies to name just a few
activities. Seeing the sun rising over the glittering
dunes makes an early start worth it. 4) At number 4 is the Souk Central Market One of the best places in town to shop for
souvenirs definitely has to be the Souk Central Market. Built in the same spot as Abu Dhabi’s first
souk, a traditional Arabic open-air market, the Souk Central Market is a bustling shopping
area offering charming antiques, perfumes and several traditional shops selling everything
from fabric to spices. 3) Number 3 is Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is definitely
one of the most famous attractions of the city. The mosque is made almost entirely out of
15 sorts of white marble from several different countries and is richly ornamented. The main dome is one of the largest mosque
domes in the world with a diameter of over 100 feet, and there are more than 40 other
domes. Visitors can walk across the world’s largest
hand-woven carpet, gaze up at one of the world’s largest chandeliers and admire this most majestic
building. With its stunning architecture, it’s certainly
one of the most beautiful mosques existing. 2) At number 2 is the Louvre Abu Dhabi The Louvre Abu Dhabi opened its doors in late
2017, making the city an even more cultural and artistic place. With beautiful and awe-striking architecture,
the structure of the Louvre building itself is a work of art. Conceived as a ‘universal’ museum that’s accessible
to all, the collection includes stunning original works by Da Vinci, Matisse, Monet and more
and is arranged chronologically, not geographically. This means you’ll see works from Ancient Egypt
alongside pieces from Europe and Asia. Celebrating the connections between people
and cultures across the globe, the Louvre Abu Dhabi is an art museum in a league of
its own. 1) And at number 1 is The Yellow Boats Abu
Dhabi Tour This 90-minute Yellow Boat Tour is one of
the best ways to see the real Abu Dhabi. Ride the waves around Abu Dhabi’s shoreline
and beyond and see the city from a whole new point of view. With this amazing panorama from the water
see the under construction and the finished skyscrapers, pass palaces, fishermen, opulent
houses, beachfronts and more. So that sums up our top 10 things to do in
Abu Dhabi, we hope you enjoyed, if you did please leave a like and if you’re new here
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